Welcome to Stellarpax! Stellarpax is an online community and forum resource for Abductees, Experiencers, Channelers, Authors, hypnotherapists, UFO researchers, Mufon members and UFO enthusiasts.

We offer custom profiles, private messaging, hosting of audio, text and image files, personal video, image or text blogging, full featured forum and a social wall.

No matter what type of UFO or ET you may have encountered we have a place for you in our community. No matter what alien types you have encountered, (Pleadian, Reptilian, Mantus, Tau Cetians, Feline, Humanoid, Zeta, Tall White, Andromedan, Nordic, Sirian, Large Grey, small grey, MIBs, Light Beings, Shadowpeople, Hybrids or even a little green man from mars) you are welcome on Stellarpax!

Milabs and those from the MKultra programs are welcome here as well. We value the information and wisdom you bring to us.

The community as a whole offers support for those who have had interactions with ETs, UFOs or IDs. Please come and join us! For more information on Stellarpax please click the homepage tab in the green menu.

We look forward to meeting you!

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