There is a deep spiritual-ethical underlying message to the contact made with me throughout my life.

On the left are the Peacemakers on the right are the warmongers. The demarcation of a lower case w for warmongers was not a typo. I digress. I would be negligent in concisely describing my off-world contact- if I were to suggest that all experiences are just negative or just positive. In remaining objective one must diligently accept that their presence is both a positive and a negative experience. I feel its dependent on how Free Will factors into the equation. If Free Will isn’t put above all else during an experiencers contact with an off-world Being no matter how positive the message, the absence of fee will is still the absence of free will.

How does one ascertain which Beings are Benevolent and which ones are Malevolent? It is imperative to have Free Will at all stages of an experience or contact- for that contact to not be some form of control, deception or hidden agenda. One cannot assume that because the contact was positive that the Being in question does not have some sort of agenda. Whether positively or negatively interpreted by the abductee without Free Will at all stages of the experience some form of control or manipulation is being employed. When an experience is against one’ will and the true agenda of the Being(s) involved is not communicated one must assume not all Beings are benevolent.

( ^ video is the First Edition A-Z of the SECRET ALIEN RACES BOOK)

I wanted to share this documentary version (in 3 videos, A-Z) of a PDF I found a few months ago about the different types of off-world Beings. Like all information I come across I am usually highly skeptical unless it is a subject I personally have done much research on, or have a great deal of experience in and even THEN I compare notes with a critical eye. The documentary or PDF may be something many of you have already encountered (no pun intended) and are familiar with it. There may be a number of you that have never heard of this ‘book’ or seen its equivalent in videos. It is a two-part reason for sharing the “Secret Book of Alien Races” 1) because of the numerous contacts I have had in my life so far with my off-world mentor Being are also contained in the book, 2) Many experiencers often confuse races of Beings with other races and hoped this would add SOME clarity. My mentor who is part of a council / federation of Peaceful Alliances had introduced me to a number of different Beings over the years. He is what some (here at our community) call a “God Species” in abilities. What I found very interesting was: my conscious observation with no obfucations (concealing their identity, muddling their identity, etc.) while introduced to a number of different “types” of Beings over the years is right in line with a good portion of the content in the Secret Book which I find to be nearly 5/8ths ACURATE. The information originally came from a Russian diplomat with a “friend” in the Russian Alien program who shared information over a number of years with said diplomat. I hope the videos will be interesting to people here and hopefully helpful. The link (below) is to a PDF version of the book, since the videos and PDF vary a bit.

My mentor Being took me to a Russian underground facility in the 70’s. We entered in from an area of this underground base that houses the aliens but without the “guards” around or seeing us. My Mentor kept a keen eye out for the guards and he had me look as well while I waited nearby. I asked him, ‘how will I know which ones are the guards?’ He relied, “That’s easy! they look human.” My mentor Being went there to meet with a race you will see in the book called the “Tengri-Tengri.” He also introduced me to Beings called Strom. The Strom are brown colored have a kind of wet slime that coats them and really at first glance he looked like a GIGANTIC brown octopus with human looking bulbous eyes. I asked my mentor if he was ‘okay’ because I thought he was sickly or something. He lay there in a pile on the floor. Right then this Strom raises up and he is GIGANTIC in height. He doesn’t move from his spot but is now towering about 7 feet tall or taller. My mentor says “He’s angered now, we’d better go.” I asked what I had done wrong, my mentor says nothing and smiles emphatically. I wondered if I was thinking the Strom was ugly or slimy or both and that that may have offended him. I felt bad.

That area had very low lighting and was amber colored light, not like your regular industrial florescent lights. My mentor Being took the meeting away from where I was to stand at and stay put (ONLY because wandering could be dangerous, both from ‘guards’ and from more ‘aggressive’ Beings.) As he was around a corner having a meeting with a different Tengri-Tengri another Tengri-Tengri came up to me from my left side- I almost didn’t see him there- he kept looking me over head to toe. I think the reason was to gauge my intent for being there as well as “our” intent for talking to his friend (but I believe they were actual brothers.) They are a mighty race of warriors. They have an alliance with the peacekeepers. But I must admit when I couldn’t hear a sound and found him all of a sudden inches from me I was scared $#!&less. You’ll see in the film why. All was fine though. When the meeting was over my mentor comes back and he can see I am stiff with fear as the Tengri-Tengri ‘checks me out’ and says, “They are very peaceful, he would never hurt you.” I looked at my mentor surprised my fear was showing. As I looked in the Tengri’ face I could sense he had hoped I would have been “more brave.” I could feel the two of them stare as we took our leave. So I glanced over my shoulder now more confidently, the fear having melted away and the Tengri who was checking me out earlier had a smile on his lips his eyes shinning and his heart showing through. I could feel a sense of the warrior rise up in me. It was like changing roles for a few seconds. They are great Beings.

[NOTE: The film comes in 3 parts- First edition, Second edition, Third edition AND if for some reason I cannot post all three in one post, I will immediately post the third in the following post again ONLY if the software won’t take all three together.]

(^ Video: Second Edition of Secret Alien Races Book)

I also wanted to share a few notes of the slight differences between my introductions over the years to a number of different Beings and what the Secret Alien Race Book contained. The First Edition also mentions the Antarcticans. These were Reptilians and Nazi SS that worked ‘together’ in underground bases. There is reams of evidence out there, numerous documentaries, articles on this very same subject but almost ALL say that it was “Greys and Nazis.” The Greys are “REPRESENTATIVES” (a front) for the Reptilian/Draco agenda. Why has so much evidence of the Greys working with Nazis come forward but no mention of the Reptilian/Dracos given they ARE the motivating force behind it all? The Secret Book of Alien Races doesn’t even mention the Greys, it says VERY specifically the Reptilians had bases there, with the Nazis (and I assume now with the Nazi successors. There are pictures on the internet an in documentries of Greys working with Nazis… why not even one picture of the Reptilians who are truly behind it all?

In the 70’s, around the same time I was taken by my off-world mentor Being to the underground alien base in Russia, he also took me to the Antarctic to meet: the Mythilae. They are nearly I-D-E-N-T-I-C-A-L to the drawings/pictures of the Mythilae in the Secret Book of Alien Races. The PDF version says that the Mythilae were once “related” to the reptoid species they are NOT however reptillians. The “related to” may have been a ‘marriage of convenience’ eons ago not necessarily a marriage literally but some kind of “I’ll wash your back if you wash mine”- because the Mythilae are allies of the Galactic Federation, have made bases there for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on those particular reptoid/Dracos. In the 70’s hen we arrived at a base for Mythilae the place looked deserted and I asked my mentor, ‘where is everybody?’ He widened his eyes and says with a wry smile, “Oh… they are around.” I start turn to my left to walk quickly back into the “frozen rooms” they had as a base (but strangely were actually pretty warm) and almost walked head-long into the abdomen of one of the Mythilae. I glanced up and the first thing I noticed was the huge razor sharp teeth (bigger than even the drawings the video/ PDF show them as) and he has goggles on. All I can figure is they are needed for glare off all that ice. Another follows in and three are two visiting with us. One takes off his goggles and they have really big vivid blue eyes that look more human than almond or wrap around shape. They are FORMIDABLE in battle, yet they seemed as pleasant and jovial as could be. They were really happy to see my mentor. It made me realize that he is well liked and respected by almost all who try to uphold peace while helping to protect. My mentor Being never ceases to amaze me.

Another group mentioned in the film are the AIRK. They have to be the gentlest and sweetest of ALL Beings I have met and I have met some very kind ones as well as formidable. They are often confused as light grey to white colored “Greys” yet are not related as far as I know. They are also known as the “Neonates.” They stand about 4-5 feet tall, have five fingers, and have pupils unlike the Greys. They are also from Zeta Reticuli (as are the Greys that are a ‘front’ for reprtillians) The Airk are an advanced and gentle group. I have seen them working alongside the Galactic Federation, on their ships and other places. There is a video on YouTube floating around the internet about a captured alien grey. He’s NOT Grey; he IS an Airk. Unlike the Greys the Airk do try to learn speaking our language, even though they communicate just fine telepathically. This video shows him filmed in a holding room in Brazil and was later transferred to the US (in exchange for quite a sum of money, the BASTARDS, as if that gives them the right to treat them like slaves and sell ANYONE to another) The two soldiers who were NOT supposed to film him and then released the film on the internet were arrested. According to the source of this information arrested, not for ‘kidnapping a sentient Being’ but for releasing that film on the internet. I will be posting that film and a more in depth analysis of his plight ‘soon.’

(^ Video is the Third Edition of Secret Alien Races Book)

Then there is the Afim. They are often mistaken by experiencers as Blue (colored) Greys. They are not. In 1969 I was taken unto a ship of theirs by my mentor Being to introduce me to some of hi “friends.” They are very blue, stood about 3 1/2 feet tall and were very cute. They seemed very sweet. The first to meet us seemed to be staring at me quite a bit. I asked why he was, had he never seen a human before and my mentor laughs and says ‘He is just curious about you.” Then this Being just disappears before my eyes and it startled me so that I yelped “Where’d he GO?” That’s when I said something like “Oh, he’s a BOY” and my mentor said “Well no, he’s fully grown.” I thought about how tiny they were and blue and just cute. Then another one comes in and this was a bit different and had some spots. My mentor lights up, smiles and says, “This is his female.. his mate.” Somehow they looked just like children to me and I couldn’t quite picture them “mating.” My mentor said of them that “they are about the BEST there is in the whole of the Universe to determine someone’ “purity” (pureness of heart.) I found it interesting that the Secret Book of Alien Races said that they are here to study “human deviation.” Which in my mind is about the same thing and again adds more credence to the information in the Book. I met them in 1969. The Secret Book was thousands of pages of papers and notes compiled by that diplomat, and it wasn’t till after 2008 that this information was compiled together to make the Book. There are dates in the PDF but they only show that the cover of the book dates back 1951. So it’s anyone guess as to how long all of this information was being gathered before 2008.

At least two times I have been asked if I would come along with my mentor Being to “join others for negotiations.” While I was pretty young and didn’t get to participate in the negotiations /peace talks I was nonetheless introduced to a number of individuals that are part of a very powerful alliance, which includes the Council of 5, the Galactic Federation and others who work hand in hand with these groups. We will call them ‘subsidiaries’ of the Peace makers.’ Three individual race groups mentioned in the Secret Book were at these meetings, as well as members of the Council of 5 and members of the Galactic Federation. The three different races that the Galactic Federation considers to be the “Big-Guns of Peace Negotiations” are the Jefok, the Matrax and the El-Manouk. The El-Manouk are a whitish-grey and are so tall even in that large of a ship they stooped a bit un-naturally to walk through. The Matrax have a chocolate colored brown skin that has deposits in its skin under layers that is jewelry-gold colored, looking kind of like the depth and deposits of an Opal. The Jefok are charcoal black, walk slowly and dignified. Everyone standing around turned and bowed as they all filed in. They all had an incredible “presence” about them but especially the Jefok. his energy field fills up the area he walks through and anyone in the vicinity with the most incredible sense of DEEP PEACE that words simply couldn’t describe the feeling. My mentor Being said he had a little surprise for me at one of the meetings and hoped he could introduce me to the Jefok. I asked which one was the Jefok but he didn’t get a chance to answer me. They had all just finished their ‘pre-talks and as they all filed out, everyone showed them reverence in a bow. But when the Jefok was walking near us he stopped. My mentor and him bowed out of respect to each other then the Jefok bowed to me, leans forward like he’s going to whisper something to me but his lips didn’t move. I hear his voice clearly: its low deep and soothing and he says, “One day I would like you to know all the things I know.” Did he mean negotiating skills? What did he mean? I don’t know. I just know that my mentor was equally surprised and said that THIS was a huge honor for a Jefok to say that. I was so excited: you know when you hold your mouth agape with a happy/surprised look in your eyes? That’s what my mentor and I both did at that moment!

The Beings that experiencers call the brown(ish) Greys are not the Greys that align themselves with the reptillians either. They are actually called Shamptbhala. They are ALSO from Zeta Reticuli like a number of other Grey types. The thing is while we think they “all look the same” (which to me sounds terrible, sounding almost racist) but each of these groups have distinctly different DNA, have their own personalities and reasons for being here. The PDF/ video says that the Shamptbhala are allies of the Annunaki and is true. It further states that Akhenaten was an Annunaki, also true. It also states that Akhenaten was removed by Dracos that “INFILTRATED” the temple priests. While Akhenaten was Annunaki that is not really their real name, but was used for THAT particular mission (Mesopotamia) in human history. Annunaki are MASTERS of DNA manipulation. THE ANNUNAKI WERE NEVER REPTILIANS, EVER. Yet many CLAIM they ARE reptilian based on very NON-scientific methodology. The method? Just looking at their image in art and assuming that’s what they were. For every mission that brought them to earth, they wore a different “covering” meaning they came in “physical forms” that they had not come to Earth in the “form” of before. Each mission is to help teach humanity many different things. The more precise name for Annunaki is the El’s. The Secret Book mentions that name as well. In fact King Anu is known in biblical texts as “Elyown Elyown El.” As for the coined term “God Species”… they are a God Species.

In the Third Edition (or third video) the Nagas are mentioned. The brief synopsis given by the Video (which is not in the PDF or book form) is erroneous at best. They state that the Nagas are Reptillian or related… but this couldn’t be further from the truth: the Dracos are their arch enemies. Let suffice to say that Nagas came in dressed in that FORM for that particular “mission” in that particular era of humankind’ history. They look as human as humans do back home on their planet. They are MASTERS of DNA manipulation. Sound familiar?