Try to understand this> There is nothing to fear. Fear is false evidence that appears real. The orb being of awareness observing behind those eyes is who and what you really are! You have been around a long time. You are not the human you think you are, or the ego little voice you call I! I. You are so much more, and I realize few can step outside themselves for long enough to see this fact. I is made up of all the various ego experiences one has under their belt in the natural hyper aware state of your true self before taking on this vessel experience. .

While you are here experiencing in this vessel you may see what we define by our ego ID as horror and negativity as well as beauty and love. You may see death and suffering and react just as most do, that this is terrible! How unjust, how unfair and so on, and you will divide life into good and bad, up and down, negative and positive. Let that go please hard as it is, it is nonsense> Nothing dies.

Nothing is positive, nothing is negative, it just is until you manipulate it because that is what we do. We are the manipulative fingers of the one, aspects of the one light. This light feeds us, it sustains us, it links us and we communicate and live in and around it.

Your energy was alive before this life. You may remember past lives and glimpses here and there of experience in another vessel. What’s more you know that you have never actually died or you would not be reading this! You didn’t die before and you will not die now or when you step out of that shell.

Like all energetic life forms you will change, transform, learn and grow and find that the ego is a tool and that is all it ever was. I would tell you everything you read here on my death bed. To the best of my ability I share with you the real. God the one, feeds on himself this way, recycled time and again, but never dying. The purpose of it all is simply to live, to be. We will always be. We have always been. The light of plasma energies created this world with conscious manipulation and will do so again to recreate it as it has done time and time again.

We will sleep once more, after awakening again, and then sleep again to rediscover our new self all over again. One can see where the concept of the trap came from, but the trap is life itself. Outside of life is no life. We live, we reproduce, we eat each other and other beings and we die but not before we ourselves have created more aspects of self to continue on. In this way, god the one, feeds on his own tail so to speak but at the same time is immortal, never dying, just changing and being over and over and over……….add infinity