2015 Note -It was at this point that I became aware of work being done in real time, where I was. At first I thought I was quite insane. Then I would check the area and see, marks or scars or needle marks. I could see the skin raise up or a part of my body that I cannot move being moved. At one point my little toe was pulled away from other toes, no muscle tension or stress. It was just like a human had taken a hold of it and pulled it sideways. I could see the veins pop up while I felt pressure and pain and go down when the pain stopped.

At this point I was also alone. No one believed me my husband thought me quit mad. I was completely freaked out 24/7. I never knew when some invisible thing would begin touching me. I would be in bed and the covers would move like their was an animal on the bed. Lights would flicker on and off, I could see them through my closed eyes. There were big crashes in the house like a bookcase going over. And of course there were the tones my ears that no on else could here and the voices like a radio station just out of range to hear the words.

I could feel parts of me being worked on. The scoop scar got larger and that arm hurt 24/7. There were intrusions into areas that are not discussed in polite company.  At times I was incredibly weak for no reason. Some days although I drank plenty there was no need to relive myself. I hurt all over. It felt like torture. I tried everything to stop it. EVERYTHING. nothing helped. I still have no idea “who” was doing this.

In one experience I was at Merespell alone, it was in the late evening and I was in a nightgown.  I was simply sitting on my chair reading a book. Something began to touch me in very inappropriate places. I refused to react and imply ignored it but I did observe. I watched my flesh sink down under the touch, I felt the pushes and the prodding. It lasted about 15 minutes. Then it was gone.

The large scoop scar that appeared as described below later disappeared over night along with some large and ugly surgery scars. That was the thing that convinced my husband this was real and I was sane.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


What are the energy swirls on the ceiling???

What are those shadows on the wall? you can grab this I believe and blow it up.It’s much cooler bigger.
Here are some pics I took of “Them” when I knew they were here

and where they were in the room.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Since the 12th of this month I have really been under some serious stress abduction wise. I have decided to share, not to get sympathy (although suggestions are great) but to help people who come here by giving them more information. Information is power in my book.

I don’t know how many have had abduction experiences but if you have had in the past maybe this will help give you some info.

People think of abductions as ET’s coming into your home and taking you somewhere but that’s not always limited to that. Many times your home and your body are invaded at your point of reference no matter where that is. These are parasitic beings who require our energy or actual body parts/fluids etc in order to feed and stay alive. I think a lot of people make the mistake of not recognizing symptoms that they are being “used” for food as they go about their daily lives. They assume it’s in their head or ignore the signs. Some like me who for some reason are staying under constant PHYSICAL attack can have real problems. I have actually been able to feel them draining fluids (I assume blood) touching me, putting the whatever it is they use up my nose etc. In my case I have angered them and they are being purposefully cruel. I have been raped to the point where I could not walk the next day without stooping over and it took over a week to be able to move without pain. I have felt them cut me open, break bones, pull teeth etc.

The point of this is to make the human target (me) fold into self destructive behavior like depression, suicide etc. which is not going to happen. It gets rather technical with the fact that the etheric body (the aura body not the astral body) is something they can remove from us with technology. Twice I have woken in my etheric body while in their presence, the first they were using a series of electrical shocks on me to keep the etheric body split from the physical body (it’s not a thing that we humans do naturally) I was not able to break away, the second time I woke before a rape was about to occur and did break free staying in my etheric body and beat the hell out of the ET. So I am on the “rebel” list I am sure. I have been through hell the last few weeks and although I’m now semi functional it’s still not good.

I know this all sounds completely nuts however if you think about it it’s not so far beyond what we think they are doing now. Now we know they do abduct people’s physical bodies and they can move inter dimensionally.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Last Month Update


The last month I haven’t posted much but there has been a lot going on. I have had continued visits almost 24/7 from what I assume are Greys. I can see them at times. The black flecks that move about the room and the small flashes of light are obvious. (To see this pay attention to the small black flashes at the corner of your vision or try letting your vision relax as though you are really tired and look at one spot. It may take some practice but you can see them.)

I can feel the pressure on different parts of my body. My husband and a dear friend can feel my body move under the areas they are touching. Muscle will ripple in areas that it is not possible for me to move those muscles at will. It feels a bit like moving ripples in the flesh. Twice at night they seem to have inserted a tube into my lungs, the sound was quite obvious, I could hear the eco of my breathing through a tube, it sounded like when someone has a tube in their throat at the hospital blowing air. I could feel the thing going down. Made it difficult to get a large breath.

A new scar appeared. A very large scoop scar inside my left hip bone on my stomach. It’s about 1 1/2 inches wide and about 1/2 inch deep at the center. It is very obvious. It was done while I slept I had dreams someone was poking me with a stick and remember scratching it in my sleep. I will probably post a picture if I can get past the idea of sharing my stretch marks with the scar LOL.

Also had 2 UFO sightings 2 weeks ago about midnight. We had our daughter and her family at the cottage for the weekend when it happened. The other adults were out for a moonlight boat ride when I walked outside and noticed what appeared to be a large craft in the sky. It displayed red, blue and white lights and seemed to be a triangle. The red and blue lights seemed to be interspersed with white ones at the tips because there was no consistency in where the lights flashed from color wise. I could see the bottom of the craft quite plainly, well I should say I could the triangular bottom frame of the craft. It had three shiny stainless steel looking beams flat against the bottom in the triangle shape.

It hovered in the sky for about 20 minutes then a lake patrol helicopter appeared (which is not the norm I have not seen them out at night, so I assume someone called or they spotted it). It moved straight up in the sky in response to the chopper and took on the characteristics of a star.

I went in and out watching it until about 3am when I noticed another “star” with red and blue and white lights in the other direction. I woke my son-in-law and he observed the same thing about the second craft.

I did take pictures. I was shooting the pictures into a dark sky with stars. I got one photo of the craft but it appears only as a spot of light (I really need a better camera!). The second picture however showed something rather surprising. It appears to be an energy signature of a craft that was moving to fast for the naked eye to see. I certainly didn’t see it. I also caught a bird flying low. The other pics were blank, just dark sky.

My son-in-law also had an interesting experience to relate when we arrived. It occured before we joined them at the cottage. He was attempting to fall asleep (sleeping where I usually sleep in the bedroom there is a picture of below) when 7 greys appeared in the beroom. He said only their outline and their eyes were visable. They approached the bed and he was quite frightened, he said “YOU HAVE THE WRONG PERSON!!”. (He is aware of what’s going on with me) He said they then stopped but did not leave. Now he is a big guy about 6’6″ and a healthy weight with plenty of muscle. He repeated what he had said and rose from the bed at which point they jumped back into the wall and disapeared. He would not sleep in the room again and chose the smaller bed and put the kids on the couch.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well my planning worked out. I had lent my blacklight to a friend to get it out of the house. Went and got it last night but didn’t think about it. Got up today and sure enough I was marked. A Large x on my hip it’s about 10 inches across, looks like it’s from Monday due to the fading. My pillowcase had the same blue plasma marks and blood stains but there wasn’t enough contrast to get a decent pic. The bedsheets were also marked with splatters of it. Here is the picture. Wonder if the marking will stop now that I have the blacklight back?

Monday, June 13, 2011

A new close enounter??


Friday night I had an interesting encounter with “something”. Hubby and I were at the lake cottage. It was between 10:15 and 10:30 PM. Hubby was asleep. I was headed to bed but decided to take the dogs outside and take a look at the sky with my night vision monocular before I crashed.Here is a shot of where this happened;

You can see the road, it circles around and is parallel to the house as it heads up a slight hill. There are about 15 feet of grass before the road begins. I was standing about halfway to the road while the dogs trotted towards the lake (in the distance).
It was dark, the sunroom and porch light were off and the house’s wooden blinds were closed. There are street lights around the area. One was about 25 feet behind me but facing the other way. The others are down by the lake.
I had been standing there only 30 seconds or so, facing the lake when there was a flash of light beside me. For those who have seen the old instamatic cameras that you had to buy flash bulbs for that’s what it was a like, a FLASH, then it was gone. It was to my side so it didn’t effect my night vision.
Then almost instantly I heard something run through the dense woods across the road from where I was standing. It made more noise than a deer, as though it was something with arms pushing the brush aside as well as stepping in leaves/twigs. It was moving VERY fast, faster than a deer or person could move.
My little dog immediately turned and ran towards me. The other dog a middle size mut didn’t seem to notice which was odd since usually I have to yell at here to stay in the yard when she hears something in the woods or she will go after it.
It sounded like whatever had appeared (It felt like something appeared in the flash rather than left) ran about halfway to the lake which would be about 6-75 feet then froze. I could not see anything.
I didn’t feel frightened but was a little alarmed so I called the dogs and put them in the sunroom.
I had been carrying my monocular in my left hand so I took a look around. Didn’t see anything (but I have no heat sensor) so I simply waited a minute or 2 to see if anything else happened. Nothing did. So I began to scan the skies with the monocular.
I didn’t see anything over the road area but stars so I turned and looked between the huge trees behind the cottage. There was an interesting star, it looked like 3 lights in one.
Anyone who has used binoculars to look at the night sky knows that the stars are hard to see in the perfect round because any movement of the binoculars distorts them a little.
There were clouds on each side with a clear space in between, centered between the trees. My clear view was from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock if you mentally place a clock over me that goes from head to toe and is round.
So I was just messing around looking at the star with the naked eye then the monocular picked up something very clearly. It was a craft, saucer shape, it appeared to me about 1/3rd of an inch in diameter. It was larger than the star by far. It came out from behind the cloud, it was going slowly. I got the feeling very strongly that whoever was in it was just looking around.
It had NO lights, when I looked at it without the monocular I could NOT see it. It looked grey and looked like metal, I could see a pattern to it, like the underside (which is what I was looking at) had been etched like a record you would play on a record player. In the center there was something round, it looked like the end of a bullet, if you divided the bottom diameter of the craft into 7 parts it was 1/7th of that diameter.
It was actually really cool to see. I have seen many things with my monocular but never anything as absolute as this. It went slowly across the open area, twice I checked to see if I could see it without the monocular. I could not. It was NOT on a straight course, it made a slight arc downward. I am not sure how long I saw it. Somewhere between 20-30 seconds am guessing. It was going very slowly. I was quite pleased to see it, then it seemed to ENTER the cloud on my left, where it had seemed to come from above the cloud on my right. It seemed to be headed east or slightly NE.
It made no noise at all, no smell, no lights Like I said I got no ill feeling from it. I had no physical reaction from either experience. There were no physical marks that I could find the next day from the flash of light.