I was working at Community Home Oxygen in Helena MT.One of my coworkers was always on youtube looking at UFO videos.I did not get along well with this guy.He was a very jealous man.Any time someone would mention they bought anything.He would get all upset.Instead of being happy for them.One day I felt that feeling I get when a ET craft was around.Many times hearing a signal in my head.I was a truck driver.So I kept a pair of binoculars in my truck.In case there was a road jam.I could look up ahead and see what was going on.I went outside focused my binoculars and panned the sky.In less then 5 minutes there was the ship.I mentally in my mind asked.Would it be ok to show Jack you are up there.I heard why you do not even like this person.I aswered.I am just doing it for a reaction. I was then told it is ok.I went in and made up this story.I said Jack if I told you I was a alien from another world and my ship was in the sky.Would you go out and look at it.He said sure.I knew he thought I would be showing him something like a joke.We went outside.I got the craft in line with a telephone poll standing at the right angle for him to follow the pole straight up to see it.I said go
up straight with the pole very very slow.My boss then came out to get something out of the shed.Jack then screams out I see it I see it.I then said I am going back in.Jack stayed out.The other driver comes back from driving.He says whats Jack looking at.I said who knows.Then Jack comes in says when you came in.I could not find it again.He then says go show Mike.So back out I went out.Lined Mike up.He finds it.He says what the f is that its freaking me out.I said it will make no difference what I say it is.You will believe it to be something else.I then for lunch went to the bank.As I was leaving the automatic doors opened for the guy in front of me.I was in a good mood.And said must be magic.The man says aliens.I then said I want to show you something. He says sure.I take out the binoculars.I said look up there.He then says what in the sky.I said yes in line with the corner of IHops.He then freaks out.Says no buddy I got to go.I could tell he thought I was a nut.I did not even mention what he would be looking at.He rushed in his car and took off.I am now thinking this is not good.I like the people in this bank.What if he says a nut from your bank bothered me .So I go in said to a lady loan manager.Do you have a minute.I want to show you something. I tried to show it to a man who left.And he might think I am a nut.So at least if you come out and see it.You can say you saw it.She said ok but I only have a few minutes.I line her up with IHops corner.Then say go straight up at the corner stand over here.She is nervous.My eye lashes are getting in the way.Then oh wait I see it.That white triangle. How do you even know its there. I just said who knows.She said if someone comes in saying anything.I will definitely tell them I came out and saw whatever that thing was.I just still do not know how you knew it was there in the first place.