I was tired and in pain. My mom had her hand on my back and her voice echoed though out my head. Push . I focused all my energy from the universe, to the top of my head, to my pelvis. Breathe. Bright white lights. I close my eyes. Push. I open them. My husband. My mom. My god-mom. Breathe. I close my eyes again. Push. I open them. Doctors and nurses are tall lean grey figures, their boarders blurred by light. “My Love focus”. Yellow warmth surrounds me. Calm. Strong. Energy. “Sit up, just a few more pushes”. I close my eyes. Push. I open them. My husband “Boo you’re doing great”. I lay back and sob. Sorrow. Pain. Exhaustion. “Baby please keep trying.” Breathe. I close my eyes and relax. Yellow warmth. Strength, Energy, Power. Push.

A small cry fills the room and everyone is for a moment quiet and still. Then a sudden flood of noise monitors beeping, machines roaring and shifting, tools drop to the floor. Time sped up as the hysteria from the staff rose.

“What’s wrong?” my vision starts to blur “Bubby don’t let that baby out of your sight”. I was to weak my hands tried to chase after the nurses that rushed out the door but them became lost in a white abyss.

I sit in the grass. A bright golden glow embraces me. “Congratulations Mummy, you did it. Relax. Heal. You’re safe. He’s safe. You’re all safe.” He rests his head on my shoulder, kisses our cheeks together. “In time you’ll know.” My head felt rushed and swimmy. The sky above started to twirl.

“Can you get up?” A hand slid under my back to prop me up, another lie on my shoulder. “I know you are tired but you need to walk. Got to make sure it’s all out.” I come to and realize time has lapsed nearly an hour. And the nurse proceeded into telling me how I need a cat scan. They believed I ruptured a few blood vessels pushing. After I had passed out my nose began to bleed and the doctors feared I could be bleeding or clotting somewhere else.

I was the last one to hold my baby. It had been several hours passed and I didn’t even know what he looked like. I was nervous It first. Even guilty feeling. After all our first time ‘meeting’ it tried to squash him and chucked it aside. I held out my hands and my mom placed him in my arms. I watched as she continued to look down on him and wipe a tear from her eyes. My hands glide around this baby burrito and slowly folds into my arms… This wave of energy just booms through me. Stronger than any reciprocation from any explosion I have ever witnessed. I looked to his little face. These chubby cheeks and rounded face, this blocky little nose and tinny tiny ears. I feel a resignating vibration that is almost like a hum. And it fills me. I become so overwhelmed with joy, love, calm, happiness, content. I just love holding this little being it just warms my heart and fills me up.

After a while I set him in between my legs and unwrap him. I reach down to grab him but he catches me first. Both his tiny little hands wrap around my ring fingers. He pulls my hands in close and yawns.

I read up on as much as I can. I am curious to find out more. If anyone has had a similar experience. If there is any proof in genetic abnormalities of specific human families. How many different types of known alien species are there. What are abduction classifications…. I try not to be skeptical. But like I said. I question everything. Logically I know I wasn’t there during child birth. I have too many people that says I was here. But could I possibly be here and there? How about a lucid awareness or an appearance? How do I even know this world isn’t a dream world and that is the real one? Is there any way to control my madness? To explain my thoughts?

Rationally I’ve concluded to several theories and have willingly objected to basic definitions for several principals. 1) Dimensional abduction of energy. My body is here my energy is there. That creates the possibility of two places at once. 2) Time is irrelevant. It is extremely inconsistent and should be used as a general reference to passed allotted amounts not current or future ‘time lines’. 3) The Illusion of Knowledge. We really do not know as much as we think we do, however we have the power to know much much more if only we unlocked the key. 4)The h