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During the spring of 2009 abductions were almost a nightly thing. I would feel something float me upwards then I had no other memory of anything. The morning and day after I was fevered, sick, my hair was falling out, Sunlight burned me horribly and I had constant headaches.

During this period the abductions also began happening when at our lake house.

Here is the tiny bedroom at Merespell. I sleep on the right. The room stops right where the picture does and 2 1/2 feet past the end of the bed. There is a window as you can see by the light shinning across the bed. The room intrance is by the nightstand on the left

Going to add some stuff I had in another file on the computer…..We have a Lake Cottage named Marespell and are there quite frequently in the summer and on weekends. It’s quite small but very charming. The bedrooms are just big enough to walk around the beds sideways and the kitchen is on one wall. But we have amazing lake views, a woodburning fireplace and the area lakefront park is across the street who could want more… I had always felt safe there until this year… sigh… BIG mistake….. ya I know… wishful thinking.

Early morning of march 9th 2009 at Marespell I dreamed that either I or someone was pulling out and inserting things into my nose they looked like fish skeletons except the bones went all the way around the spine. They were made out of very thin plastic with a more solid “spine” and the things that came out were very flexible and could flow back and forth through your hand one way and then the other. Like in an up and down motion they would change direction. In the dream there multiple of them going in and out way up into my head from both nostrils.
I woke with a bad headache which is very very rare for me and multiple bloodstains on my pillowcase (see picture) that soaked through to the pillow itself. I examined myself thoroughly but could find no marks. Later in the day around 7 pm I began having a bad time breathing and horrible pains in my body so I could not take a breath. It is 3am on the 10th and it still hurts.

The pains continued for a week, I ended up at the Dr twice and then the hospital…. all tests showed nothing. The area around my stomach (upper left) hurt so badly I couldn’t walk upright for days. This was before the black light but it was one of the nights I knew I had been visited and then poof the next morning I was fine….. wow guys thanks for coming and fixing me and screw you for leaving me that way for a week


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They came last night. ….. I was up very late with my legs hurting horribly (I have a medical condition that makes sleep difficult/impossible due to leg pain on some occasions).
I went to bed about 3:30 AM. Hubby was asleep on my pillow, it’s king size so I snuggled in with him on my side facing the center of the bed and tried to go to sleep. It started a little bit after that, the random before you sleep thoughts started and carried on a bit longer than usual because I was hurting.. then suddenly I was awake because I realized that someone was touching me on my back and hips and shoulder. Probably more than one “person” was touching me over the covers. Now I had quite few covers on, a sheet, light velour blanket and comforter on, all squished down around my body, but I could feel them touching quite plainly. I realized what was happening then realized I couldn’t move. It was as if I was being TOLD I could not move rather than restrained… I would think to myself… “I can move” then the thought would immediately come to mind “No I can’t” and my mind would simply refuse to try. The last thing I remember is Hubby rolling away from me. I “came to” later… and realized I now could move and was very cold… something had awakened me. I went back into a light sleep (my legs were still hurting) and tossed and turned for the few hours left of my night.

This morning I had to get up really early to go to a Dr. appointment for this fever that is still bothering me. The entire episode was pushed to the back of my mind… that is very typical for those of you who are new to this. Later in the afternoon I had arrived back home and the mail lady had delivered a Book I had purchased at the suggestion of a friend I had met at a UFO related meeting suddenly it all came flooding back.

In a bit of a panic I went to my dressing room and got out the black light. Sure enough even though I had showered thoroughly this morning, then wiped my face with a makeup cloth and applied face cream and powder the marks were there.

I could not get the marks on my lips to show up on camera. They were on the skin right next to my lips, a thin line/markings total of about 1/2 inch, mostly on the left and in the left corner. Very very upsetting.

On my left side about 3 inches down from my belly button (to give you a height) the picture above shows you the marks that showed up, like I was lifted.

The one my left leg 1/3 of the way up this one faded quite a bit because my skin is dry… a mark about the size of quarter and it looks like it has been slid… like a large finger print that has been pulled down?

Just now I had a thought and went and turned the black light on the nightgown I was wearing. I am very picky about my clothes even my nightwear. It is a newer nice cotton print gown with a gathered yoke (front top for you men) and elastic at the long sleeves with lace and ribbon trim it is long being mid calf in length pale green with soft coral roses.
The black light shows one stain the same size and configuration as the spot on my leg on the left side towards the bottom plus a few more that do NOT show under regular light. If I went over every inch I bet I could find a few more. This gown was freshly laundered and double rinsed with fabric softener in the final rinse before I wore it, It was laundered only with my other clothing no work type clothing. The stains show red under the light.
I sure would like to know what those stains are that don’t come out in the wash and don’t show up in regular light.
I woke up this morning with a blinding headache which is the same MO as always… still have it … sheesh

OK guys Hubby finally said OK…..I could mention his mark. The mark was very very upsetting, creepy and just damn frightening.. Much more so than any I have ever had.
It almost ringed his upper arm. It was very bright, large and very similar to what a human hand with long fingers would leave, it was on his left arm, the side closest to the window when he is in bed. It was like how you might pick up a small child when standing in from of them by grabbing their upper arms and lifting them. It was obvious to me he had been held down or restrained by the pattern that was left. I will check again tonight for any soreness or bruising but there was not any at the time. Maybe next time he will let me get a pic…. maybeThe blinding headache I woke up with clued me in… yep new marks… I haven’t gone over my nightgown or the house. I did check the chair for marks. There are some but I hadn’t looked it over before so I can’t really count them. I decided instead of more boring pics to put up a video of me trying to clean the marks off. I used a wet makeup remover cloth, I cleaned the mirror with it first to show it’s wet. Well here is the link to the very short video on youtube. I know it doesn’t PROVE anything. But the stuff doesn’t scrub off that’s obvious. Sorry it looks odd but I had to tape the silly towel in place for vanity sake.

Seeing a UFO
OK I’m still playing catch up, I’m going to put up a couple of blurry pics for ya. Do to one of my activities I tend to be heading home at the same time on the same street quite often. Last fall I was driving home in heavy traffic …. now I am in a metro area of about 500k… I was on a 4 lane road where the speed limit varies from 45 to 35 and heads due west in a straight line, the terrain is flat, there was not a single cloud, it was an hour or so before sunset. Ok stage is set.

I looked up and saw 2 triangle shaped objects due west. They were far enough away that I could not see them well except they were white in appearance. I did think it odd they were so close together and they were white. Our helicopters here are black or grey. Then one of them began to move in a way that I did not think would be possible for a helicopter or plane to move, quickly up and down and then around while the other stayed still.

I waited for other drivers to react, NOTHING!!…… Then they both headed east towards me. now they were coming from heavier traffic and a more densely populated area. As they came towards me I could see they were white the corners were slightly rounded in the center of each covering about 50 percent of total of the bottom were round brown circles. I slowed to crawl and watched…

Now my home sits just off the main street as does my dearest friend who is an amateur photographer. I slowed to about 5 miles an hour (ignoring the honks) and then the one object took off at a great rate of speed and went straight UP and disappeared. AS it took off it showed a very distinct tail with two white streams. The tail was about 6 times or more the size of the object. Right at that time I reached the turnoff for our street. I abused my poor SUV horribly getting into her driveway, and then back to the street and out into traffic where I parked.

The one object was still there. It was moving slowly south east then it too took off at a high rate of speed straight up into a cloudless sky and disappeared. It had the same tail, The visual of the object showed it to be much much larger than the pic showed it to be. The pics were very disappointing. It’s like the light bent around the objects. They appeared to be identical.

THEN in early Jan 2009 I saw one of them again for a moment then lost it in clouds. Then came the big kicker. In early March. I spotted what appeared to be the same object going down at a great rate of speed to the south of where I had spotted it before. (I know have a camera in the car) The tail was identical. I could not tell if there were again two objects or if it was a cloud reflection. But the tail was identical in length, color, intensity and had the double tail. It appeared to be falling at a high rate of speed.
The pic is bad but I will post it….. look for the dot of light….. then look for the tail in the second.

What amazed me and scared me is that no one reported this on the news… no other driver noticed…. what is wrong with people? Are we all just so oblivious and self absorbed that nothing can invade our little worlds?

I remember the story in the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, the Earthmen make it to Mars and they run and knock on a Martians door and say “We are from Earth!!!” and the Martians could care less and keep sending them on to someone else until they end up in a mental ward… The Shrink says oh so you are Earthlings… wonderful… you even are making me think you look like them… So they say they will show him the rocket… so the Shrink humors them and takes them to the ship and again he thinks they are Martians projecting the image into his mind…. then the astronauts kill themselves and the rocket is still there……..are we that far into denial??? I hope not… because if so we are in real trouble… these beings are not here to shake hands and say hi……………..they are much more dangerous than people can imagine.