I was living in Hubbardston Ma on Barre Rd at the time.
I had built my home several years before.It was a nice area.Not many people at the time.Only about 1500.It was a large area of a town.People waved as you went down the road.Not like where in Waltham Ma I had just come from.I bought a horse then another and another.I had 12 acres of trees.So to have peace animals gave that to me.I eventually had 7 horses some chickens and turkeys for pets.I am a man who just cannot hurt a animal.I love them and see them as my children.Just innocent beings .Doing things not to get you upset.But relying on you.And loving you.With no hidden agenda. One of my horses was towards the back of the property. He was a stallion.So he had his own area to run around.He was a very kind stallion.Not as some wild ones trying to show who is boss.But to feed him before going to work.I would carry a 5 gallon bucket of water his flakes of hay and some sweet feed .It was always very dark.And having my hands full.I never carried a flashlight.I knew after so many years where the tree stumps were to not hit one while walking.His area was about 500 feet from my home.I feed him as always.Then as in the past I felt something.Something that made me look up.I looked up and saw a big white light slowly drop down.As I looked at it.It made no sound.It then pulsed once as it them made the light seem to grow 5 times the size.Powering up.But then back down.And slowly flew away very slowly.I had been seeing these things off and on my whole life.In different places.I was happy to see it.And had many things in my head about it and questions.But went on to work and forgot about it.That night when I went to bed.I awoke but could not move or open my eyes.To the feeling of something climbing up on me.I was not thinking ET.I was just nervous.It felt heavy.Like something about 40 to 50 pounds was putting pressure on me.Then it was gone.I opened my eyes jumped out of bed.I found nothing and saw nothing.I then eventually just went back to sleep and forgot all about it.Several years later I got married.She had no interest in ETs or anything.Not a fan of star trek or anything.But I did not marry her for believing in ETs or not.It was and always has been just a personal thing for me.I only write about any of it.Or take photos to pass the time.What others want to believe or not believe is their life.And they have the right to their indivuallity.One night my then wife suddenly wakes up hits me yelling almost crying.Something just was crawling on top of me.I could not move.I do not know what it was.It was big.I said I had the same thing happen to me years before I met her.She said what is it.I just told her the truth.I have no idea.Why something ET or other would freeze your movement and crawl on you.Only whatever ever it is knows.