One night while sleeping in my home while living in Hubbardston Ma.I woke up in the fetal position.As my eyes opened and I was looking down to the base of my bed .With a little light shinning threw the window.I saw two small figures at the base of my bed.I did not jump up.But was afraid to move.Even afraid to breath thinking the beings would hear me.Which at the time was not rational. Because obviously the beings were their because of me.They just turned and looked at each other.I then blacked out.I woke up the next morning.And had a small scoop mark from bellow my left knee.I did not think much about it.Only when I kept looking at it once in a while.But then in only 3 days the scoop mark was gone.Not even a trace left.No scar not even a mark.A few years later another scoop mark appeared in the same place just bellow my knee.But this time it was the right knee.And again as in the first mark.This one also not only heeled but completely went away not leaving a mark in a few days.