(the photo above is an x-ray of a captive off-world Being chnaces are pretty good the military performed this; it’s anyone’ guess if their x-ray machines are safe to humans or ET.)

I mentioned in my last post a group of Beings called the Airk. The picture (above) I assume is not the same Being that is in the 2 videos (below.)

Regarding the video I am sure some of you have seen this floating around the internet. I found this poor Airk online and wonder if he is being treated with dignity or if he is being abused. It breaks my heart to see- any Being- in captivity. The same would apply to humans in captivity held against their will for an indefinite time.

Remember what I said about the Airk in my revious post? How they work for the Galactic Federation and other Peaceful Alliances? There are many off-world Beings that are held at facilities against their will, abused neglected and caged… or worse. My question is why do ‘certain Greys’ (definitely those that represent the Dracos get cart blanc to do their work while many of the off-world Beings that are aligned to Galactic Federation and other peaceful alliances are treated like animals, abused and kept in cages? This is the reality for them in many underground bases.

In the first video @ 0:19 – 0:23 the fear in the Airks eyes is PALPABLE. If stop and replay the video with earphones, it is my opinion he is trying to pronounce, “My Dog” The Airk are not unwise and are advanced as well, but they are so innocent they are children. When those guards came into the Brazilian holding to film him off a cell phone, you’ll notice there is a small dog barking nearby. It may just be my opinion but it appeared to me that the Airk is 1) fearful, 2) trying to make some ‘common ground’ by asking about the dog; If I were in captivity and two guards came in yelling “Speak mother&#^!@#!” I would be scared too and would want to keep the conversation light (mentioning the dog, mentioning anything) in part to gauge what the guards might be up to, etc. I feel so sorry for this Airk.

There are two videos, in the first one its explain in English text that they are in Brazil; In the second film you can see the “transfer to the US” has occurred because the second film shows the day of the week in English.

In the second film, you can see that the Airk is trying to pry something off the wall to maybe escape his fate. Then you see him suddenly stop trying to find a way out, and see him turn his back and squat just before a US guard opens the door to bring food. I wouldn’t have trusted the food didn’t have ‘something’ in it. The Airk are trusting and gentle and don’t deserve that. Neither do most that end that end up in their cages indefinitely.

Sorry this film is no longer available.