Interaction Signs

by Dana donlon

General signs of abduction/interaction that I have

experienced or heard of in no particular order are the

following. (Yes many are vague but when put together they

form a pattern). This is MY list.

I have put an OMV for “others may verify” behind things

other people have verified for me. By that I mean others


WITH me in real life experienced these things also. Not other people interacting with IDs experienced them. I believe

in order to keep a sane mind it’s really important to have other people who can verify these things have happened

otherwise it becomes a game of can I trust myself, am I sane.


Missing Time (OMV)
Things missing or being moved in your home (OMV)
Smelling smoke
Large bang noise like a large shelf falling over (OMV)
The lights going up and down like during a storm (OMV)
The lights going off and coming back on (OMV)
Scars appearing on your body that go away, or scoop type scars that stay(OMV)
Your clothing suddenly being on wrong, wrong side out, backwards etc. or stained, or waking up with them this way. (OMV)
Suddenly finding yourself in a different place (OMV)
Time getting away from you a lot… like dinner cooking in 5 minutes (OMV)
Having memories of other people saying or doing things they didn’t do…those are cover memories
The bed/couch shaking while you are in it but no one is there (OMV)
The covers moving again no one is there (OMV)
Lights in your room
Something touching you but no one is there (OMV)
Children telling you about the little men
Feeling you are being watched
Seeing things out of the corner of your eye
Seeing black or white “flecks” around you
Seeing light changes once your eyes are closed, Like a light or shadow across your eyelids (OMV)
“something” sitting on you or moving around on your bed (OMV)
Sharp pains that last a second then don’t come back
Leg pain for no reason that you can’t get rid of
Numbness or tingling on parts of your body
Soreness on the top of your head
Sinus headaches that had a definite spot of origin
Being “frozen” in bed
Not being able to wake others up when you experience something.
Ringing in your ears that no one else can hear.
Seeing a flourescent blue color when your eyes close, or flashes of it when awake
Feeling of spiders crawling on you
Hearing medical type noises as you fall asleep (drills, suction etc)
Feeling of floating while resting
Small pixie like lights in the bedroom at night
A dislike of mirrors or glass
Strange phone calls where someone speaks in another language for a few moments, when you call the number it does not exist
An itchy nose especially around the nostrils, especially when going to sleep
Sudden eye problems, vision becoming blurry for a time then no more problems for months
Hair growing extremely fast
Pains you have not had before you believe the interaction began disapearing when you ask for pain relief.


If you are here on this site obviously you believe that either you or someone close to you has had interaction. Whenever possible verify these events with a physical check of yourself with a blacklight and a search of the area where the interactions may have occurred.