I have been asked to look into a specific aspect of the abduction phenomena. This is strictly directed towards males. As you can see by my profile picture, I have a massive beard. I am a facial hair affcianato, and spend a lot of time around other men who have extravigent facial hair. I was approached by an on-line friend suggesting there might possibly be some research into abductees/Contactees, who choose to grow facial hair. I know this is possibly an odd branch of the tree to go out on but why not??? Why not pose these weird, off the wall hypothesis, they just may lead us down a new road! So my question to ask the males on here… Do you have facial hair? Do you have a particular way you style it? Are you meticulous with how you shave? Have you always grown facial hair, or is it something you all the sudden just decided to do??? If these items apply to you, I hope you message me. I am not trying to be silly, I am tying to just go on a different path-which may go nowhere….
You can message me here, but I prefer a direct email if you can. My email is-