Privacy on Stellarpax

For many of us it is just not time to open the door and yell out to the world that we have seen a UFO or had interactions with an ET. Here at Stellarpax we respect that in every way possible.

Right or wrong there is still discrimination against those of us who speak out. It varies from odd looks to someone else getting the promotion we have worked hard for.  Here are the things that Stellarpax does to protect your privacy;

  • We do not sell or give away your email address or information to anyone.
  • We do not allow outside advertising or outside access to our site. The advertising on this site is put up by the webmaster no other site is allowed access.
  • We do not add tracking cookies to your computer. This site will leave cache files on your computer to remember who you are and what you have saved but they are not used to track you on the internet.
  • We do not require you use your real name.
  • We do not allow copy and paste or right click functions for non-members.
  • This site is a privately held domain hosted by a private hosting plan. The software is owned by us and the software developer does not have access to our site. The polls are done from an outside software company using a private account shared by this site and FREE.

Unlike many other social sites we are not a part of a another site. Look at the address of the site you are using, if it is like this   stellarpax/a social site then someone has set the site up  as a part of another site and has no real control. It’s probably a free to set up community. Many of these begin to charge the owner as the site gets larger and when this happens they shut it down. We are here to stay. No extra charges if we get bigger.

Your information, posts, images, music and videos are as safe as we can possibly keep them. We cannot promise that no one can find a way to copy them but we have done our best to prevent it.  If you are truly concerned with privacy and feel that allowing others to know your true identity would be harmful to you in a personal or private way we suggest the following precautions;

  • Create an email address just for posting about your experiences. It should be completely different from your other addresses. Use this address only for Stellarpax and other related sites.
  • Create a unique user name that you have not used before anywhere and use it to register with.
  • Don’t use family names or pet names when posting.
  • Don’t reveal your location except for country.

We appreciate our members and take every possible action to protect their privacy and well being. If you have any additional questions about this topic please drop us an email at