Thought I would share a rather obscure video of David Ike interviewing some folks, that HOPEFULLY everyone at our community has not seen already. Some of the interview and channeled works in it, rings true of experiences I have had in the past ~ actually watching a Net cast while just outside of Earth’ atmosphere with my Mentor Being ~ but never asked WHO, WHAT, WHER,E WHEN AND WHY of it all. So when this popped up in the “channeling” I found it odd but good as I had never heard ANYONE else speak of it before. Although what I call The Federation (Galactic Federation) they call The Alliance in the film they are much the same peaceful protectors… no matter what name we give them… verses the Draco’ and their parasitic claim on Earth and Her inhabitants.

At this juncture I too wanted to channel something that has been besieging me for some time, regarding the generalized broad brush stroke term “reptilian.”

Many and I mean MANY people are under the FALSE IMPRESSIONS that the Annunaki are (or ever were) Reptilian. THEY ARE INEQUIVICALLY NOT. The Annunaki are actually AS human as ANY human on Earth. The Annunaki are actually called the EL’s. The Annunaki name was attached to them during the days of Mesopotamia. They have come to Earth since it was a molten mass. They have BEEN here through most generations of Humankind. Each time that they come in they have: 1) Come in in “many different forms or vessels or bodies, as we call them; 2)They have used different names; 3) and they have used different technology each time they have come to Earth. All of this was primarily because coming here WASN’T ABOUT THEM. It WAS abut helping humanity, whom they knew well in advance were going to be invaded by the Draco’ and the Tall Whites; and of the latter groups both are considered parasites to most ALL groups throughout the known Universe. In each case of intervening on behalf of Humankind, they have never come out and SAID nor wrote that they have been here all along… but they HAVE left clues… many of them specifically for the critical thinking minds that many civilizations appear to be started by a similar or the very SAME group. The reason for never coming out and saying it’s “Us” in so many words…. is BECAUSE all the interventions are NOT about them, not about wanting PRAISE, not even about wanting to be acknowledged for their contributions. IT IS NOT about THEM. It has ALWAYS been about the uplifting of mankind. Finally, the fact that the EL’s / Annunaki are HABITUALLY lopped into the category of “Reptilian” is just utter NONSENSE. The EL’s are MASTERS of DNA manipulation, which is HOW they have come in in so many different forms throughout Humankind’ history that most did not know it was them. They just HAPPEN to USE a reptilian LOOKING form ON THAT PARTICULAR MISSION, in Mesopotamia. Has there been ANYONE in all this time that can PROVE they are reptilian through comprehensive and widely accepted scientific methods, like DNA comparisons? Not to date. It would NOT surprise me if a “DNA COMPARISON” were possible that this would be another tightly held secret by The Cabal.

Albeit this is just my humble opinion, but WHY would such a startling revelation like DNA evidence of Annunaki /EL’s ~ be kept a secret ? Because the Cabal (there minds, their militaries and their “minion”) are controlled by the ARCH ENEMIES of the EL’s/ Annunaki : the Tall Whites and Draco. The oddest thing of all… is that the Draco’ & The Tall Whites technology doesn’t NEED ANY OF EARTH’ RESOURCES they HAD all that technology before EVER arriving to Earth… nor can they use money out in the deep vastness of space… so then WHY do they insist on “control” and basic ENSLAVEMENT of Humankind? Do you think it is a coincidence that all of this world is enslaved by MONEY, everyone requires it to SURVIVE when MONEY can NOT be use out in space and isn’t used by ANY OTHER culture out there? For the Draco’ and the Tall Whites it is ALL about revenge against the Peaceful Groups. They care NOT who is caught in the middle. Can someone ANYONE share their theory as to WHY the Tall Whites / Dracos control those who control the money… when neither money NOR resources here are needed elsewhere in space?

I would love to hear other’ theories on this particular subject of these “parasites” control over those who have all the money…

Namaste, _/\_ Nin