My Story Part 6, August 15, 1967 – Contact With ETI

In August of 1967 I was in Hollywood California playing trumpet alongside a virtuoso electric violin player in a seven piece rock band called The Rising Tide. I met up with an old friend from El Paso named Eddie and one night we decided to go up to Zuma beach north of Malibu to drop acid and quietly enjoy the summer evening. Eddie had procurred what he proclaimed to be some of Owsley’s finest laboratory grade LSD – 1000mic per hit.

We arrived at Zuma beach, got some driftwood together and built a fire up on the sand about fifty yards from the water. The beach was mostly empty but three or four couples could be seen lying in the shadows here and there near the water. It was a clear night and was just getting dark. As I recall, the moon was not very bright but the stars were intense except for a few high clouds.

Eddie and I settled down, took one hit each and about twenty minutes later I felt that usual metallic taste in my mouth. Eddie was roasting marshmellows and staring at the fire. I was feeling very pleasant and got up to stretch my legs a bit. I walked a few paces to the south, up onto a little sand dune, and immediately saw a light about two or three hundred feet to the south down on the beach near the water. The light seemed to be hovering.

A helicopter?

The thought passed through my mind, but there was absolutely no sound. As I watched, the light slowly began to rise, turned toward me and two additional lights came on beneath the first light. It was now a triangular configuration of lights. The light at the top was white — it was the first light I’d seen — the underneath light on my right was green and the one on my left was red. The whole configuration was slowly rising but could not yet be seen where Eddie was so I ran back to him and said, “Hey man, come here, you gotta see this!”

Eddie got up immediately and we hurried back to the top of the dune. There it was hovering well off the ground. “Where did THAT come from?”

“Right over there,” I said, and pointed to the area where I’d first seen the light. Lo and behold there was ANOTHER light near the same spot where I had witnessed the first one. It too rose slowly into the air and turned. As we stared with wonder, green and red lights came on underneath exactly like the first time.

“Holy shit!” Eddie was alarmed and excited. “Remember, we just took a rather large dose of LSD. This must be an hallucination.”

“Oh really,” I said, “then why are we both seeing it at the same time?”

Eddie couldn’t answer and just shook his head.

“There are other people on this beach,” I said, “they must be seeing it. It’s probably a couple of hot air ballons or something.”

I looked hard to see if I could discern the couples on the beach. Indeed, I could see them. Strangely, they all appeared to be sound asleep and not moving around at all. It seemed unnatural and a little disconcerting. When I turned to look again at the objects, a third single light had appeared. It too rose up into the air, joining the other two, and turned towards us switching on its bottom green and red lights.

Then, as Eddie and I gawked skyward, the entire configuration began to rise in unison — three triangular configurations of lights, each with a white light on top, a green light underneath on our right and a red light underneath on our left. These nine lights rose up to about a hundred feet into the air and paused. The first set of lights came toward us and suddenly a very brilliant spot light came on right above the first light. It was like an intense stage light and it was aimed directly upon us.

It appeared to be show time, or interrogation time, or both.

We didn’t feel “high” but very normal except with a faster than usual pulse. Everything was clear and when we later discussed it, we both felt as if the acid trip had been totally switched off somehow and even suspended until later when it really did come on strong. Of course, we know that such a feeling is not reliable but we had both taken LSD a number of times before and knew what to expect. Eddie and I agreed later that this was a real 3D yet paranormal experience and not simply faces in the clouds being fantasized, interpreted or visualized.

For the next two, three or maybe even four hours, Eddie and I experienced an intense phenomena and we experienced it at the same time and in almost an identical way. Here is my best recollection.

Other light triads appeared in exactly the same way until there were about twelve sets of tri-colored lights up in the sky. The spotlight suddenly went out and what followed appeared to be multicolored lasers being fired at us. The multicolored lights were either straight-line pencil lasers or pulsated oblong bulbs of light — much like the Martian invaders shot out in the original War of The Worlds, except these were in almost every color known to man. When these beams struck us we could see the play of lights on the sand dunes behind us. These lasers seemed to be frequency specific for the various compartments of our minds — to stimulate, open-up, probe, inject, release or whatever else.

When a specific color of light would strike us, everything in that area of the brain (or more likely mind) would become released and sorted into very meaningful organizations containing brand new insight, purpose and direction. Mathematics, geometry, physics, religion — a plethora of emotions, love, music, sex, every creative idea I ever had, every project I ever constructed, every day dream I ever entertained, every social situation I ever encountered, every person I ever loved, every fear I ever dreaded, every deadly word I ever spoke and on and on into refinements and specifics encoding a new perspective on every relationship, a fresh new view of the world in which unlimited energy interacts at the quantum level to spin worlds — and overall — there was a central oneness full of awesomeness and profoundness that guided this interactive intention — for we instinctively knew from the beginning that other minds were deeply involved with this event — involved with us personally. It was too beautiful and too life confirming and too humbling and too too profound to ever be called “fearful or terrifying.”

Later, when going back over this, Eddie and I found detailed consensus as to the mutual events that happened.

And all of this took place with FULL consciousness up until the missing time, no haze and no discrepancy, no stuttering and there was no lack of purposeful intention concerning the whole interactive experience.

I discovered some practical things too — that a huge and deadly cataclysm with severe earth changes was only a few decades away. This was strong confirmation of the prophecies I had already studied from the Bible and elsewhere. I saw overlapping scenes of people comforting the terrified with peaceful words of extreme power. I felt the whole of mankind stretching and reaching out for his true past and his evolutionary future to inform himself about the nature of his own being. I saw an entirely new world where thoughts came into full manifestation and materialization, sometimes instantly, sometimes progressively.

Okay, back to the story which grows more and more strange. Some of this sounds like a spiritual vision but it was more like a simultaneous awareness of things happening all at once in vertical time and yet everything could be clearly distinguished — a kind of simultaneous multi-time-travel.

After the colored bombardment of laser light, we were lying flat on our backs upon the sand, staring wide-eyed up into the sky. High above us by now were a hundred or more of these objects only now each triangular configuration had only white lights.

Then something very strange started to happen. The sets of three lights began to move into geometrical configurations in the sky above. They seemed very graceful while spelling out a language that my rational mind could not understand yet my inner being seemed to understand and confirm perfectly. The white light triads were doing this with their physical movements and configurations.

I didn’t know it at the time but it was undoubtedly resonating at the genetic level, perhaps even the atomic level. It was crystal-radiant-focused-multi-colored LIGHT and significant far beyond anything Eddie or I had ever encountered in our lives.

A term which I was totally unfamiliar with at that time now comes into my mind in 2007 as I write this — SACRED GEOMETRY.

After two or more hours of this, Eddie and I were up on our feet once again giving ourselves a reality check. There was absolutely no sensation of an LSD high whatsoever. Our thinking was more than lucid. The couples on the beach were still mysteriously sound asleep. The lights continued to form patterns in the sky and the sea continued to cascade in and out as usual.


Then, one of the tri-lights came down close. The lights were too bright to see any details although I was trying hard. Eddie and I both started walking TOWARD the thing. Don’t ask me why. It just seemed like the sensible thing to do at the time.

Eddie turned to me and surprisingly said, “they want to pick us up.”

No, you really didn’t MEAN that, did you? My mind was more than a little alarmed, yet I hastened toward the lights right beside Eddie. I felt absolutely no fear nor doubt after my initial hesitation.

This is where the missing time occurred.

One moment we were walking towards that craft and Eddie was saying “they want to pick us up.” The next thing I know Eddie and I both seemed to SNAP into consciousness and found ourselves walking north up the beach about three or so hours later.

I turned around and looked up to see that the lights in the sky were fewer in number and were apparently fading. The sun was rising. Each of us had a mysterious ring of blisters in exactly the same place around our right ankles. I have never understood the significance of that, if any.

Eddie and I did not speak but got into the car and headed on back south to Hollywood. On the way we stopped in Malibu to have a cup of coffee. When I looked at the menu, it said “Where the Stars meet the Sea.”

“No kidding,” I said.

We just shook our heads and smiled. The suspended LSD trip had re-instituted itself. Neither of us spoke for that whole day. I slept a little but in the late afternoon, I went over to Eddies and just sat for quite awhile, not speaking.

“We have to go back,” he finally said.


“Yeah, tonight.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because there is something more there for us to encounter.”

“Okay, but I sure am tired.” Now, I was feeling a little anxiety. In spite of that, I wanted to go back too. So, north we went to Zuma beach — this time in our completely rational, sober, un-LSDed but very blown minds.

This time it was different than before. It was very cloudy and a thick fog had rolled in. As we neared the area, I spotted a huge orange fireball coming in from the east.

“Look at that!”

“I see it. I see it.” Eddie was as flabergasted as myself.

The huge orange fireball was traveling west toward the ocean in a trajectory that went across the road up ahead and directly down toward Zuma beach. We lost sight of it. This thing was so close that we expected to hear and feel a gigantic impact but there was none.

Needless to say we were both astonished. We had just about convinced ourselves that the whole experience had been nothing other than an LSD trip and NOW it was happening again right in front of our eyes without any enhancement whatsoever!

“Well, that blows that theory,” I said as we pulled into the parking lot. There was no one there. We got out of the car and started walking south down onto the beach. The fog was so thick you couldn’t see a hand in front of your face. After we had gone a ways, Eddie and I looked at each other, and without saying a word, turned around, walked back to the car and headed back to Hollywood.

“That’s what we needed to see,” Eddie whispered.

Both of us knew within ourselves that vulnerability and concern (stark FEAR) had made us go back but, perhaps it really was as Eddie said, “that’s what we needed to see.”

It is important to note that this experience happened long before any discussions were taking place over a public internet and long before I ever heard about the Barney and Betty Hill case or Billy Miere — it happened long before I heard the details of what happened at Roswell or read much about contactees, except for George Adamski whose first book I had read in grade-school. This was long before I’d ever heard about abductions and missing time, Greys from Zeta Reticuli or psychotronics. It was long before I encountered ideas like zero point energy, dark matter, the time-domain, Radiant energetics, anti-matter, black holes, the Miessner fields, vertical time, genetic engineering of the human race, enfolding space, densities, ratios or dimensions of space-time, Sitchen’s paradigm and many other concepts which by now have been bounced around in movies and on TV for years and, of course, the internet which exploded into our reality and wired us all together as a planetary mind, for better or for worse.

Over the next several years, the perplexity about the missing time made me think about trying hypnosis to remember what happened during the blank out. I chose not to go that route because I didn’t want to be led on by the preconceptions of a hypnotist which might infect the whole unveiling. The “abduction experience” was growing into a “new-age” epidemic and I didn’t want to get caught up in an artificially created meme which didn’t correspond to the truth. I decided to let my own mind do the recall without prejudice, if and when the time was ripe for it.

Gradually, with a growing inner intensity to finally know what had happened, a few things started to leak through into my conscious mind about that experience. These things are most likely downsteps which my mind interpreted in order to make sense. And there is no doubt that it contains some analytical overlay. In other words false interpretations due to the imperfections in my individual mental processing apparatus.

We had encountered the Greys. It was Eddie they were looking for because he was a regular subject being involved for a very long time in their genetic engineering experiments — willingly, I might add. He had a “pre-birth” arrangement with them. I was an “innocent bystander” who happened to be there with Eddie who was subconsciously remembering his relationship with them.

When he said, “they want to pick us up” it was because he had already been through that encounter many times before. By the time I remembered this new information, I had already lost track of Eddie (whose last name I still cannot remember.) I saw him for the last time in the summer of 1970 just before I went up to Poland Springs Maine to learn from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi how to teach Transcendental Meditation.

Once I started having the new insights as to what had happened, I began to strongly sense that it was the Greys whom we had encountered that night but I still could not remember anything about the actual abduction.

I completely lost track of Eddie shortly after I saw him for the last time in May 1970.

One day many years later, in April of 2002, I felt a desperate desire to finally KNOW once and for all what had happened on that strange night. I was sensing the Greys so strongly that I decided to just talk to them directly. I just asked them to tell me what had happened. I was shocked when they responded through the “telepathic” means they use to communicate and said in effect, “we won’t tell you but we can help you to remember for yourself, if you want to.” I said “yes” and five of the critters floated through the walls of the trailer in which I then lived. They were not fully materialized and I could only see them as semi-transparent.

I now understand that they were slightly ortho-rotated away from my 4D reality. They were not intrusive and seemed to respect my right to know the answer. I was reclining in a chair. They stood around me and prompted me to relax from the toes upwards. Here’s what I remembered:

Eddie and I walked toward the lights without any fear whatsoever. We were beamed aboard the craft, which was a breathtaking experience to say the least, and then found ourselves in a circular white room. The Greys escorted Eddie into another room. I found myself alone sitting in front of a very different being whom I can only describe as an energetic being of light. He/she looked like a fourth of July sparkler spinning off its shards of light like tumultuous needles, projecting brillant lights from the core outwards. This being comforted me and awed me for how long I do not know — probably for about three hours since we later determined that amount of missing time to have occurred.

I was too flabergasted to speak even a single sentence and could only bask in this being’s overwhelming presence and allow myself to relax into the warmth of our interactive connectivity which was very simple and yet profound in a deep life changing way.

What is this very evolved being doing among those other little guys with the big eyes? I mentally asked myself.

Later I found out through a SECU (a Soverign Entity from the Central Universe) named Elia Wise. She said, “Often very advanced beings travel along with the Greys on their GE (genetic engineering) endeavors. The Greys are less individuated beings and often frighten earthlings because of their ‘hive’ mentality. They definitely lack human social graces and ediquette. They can’t understand why humans object to being abducted for their own good.”

The very high and evolved beings, like the one I encountered, do not agree with the Grey’s methods but, rather than polarize with the big-eyes, choose to go along with the Greys and act as comforting go-betweens on behalf of the humans. The genetic engineering experiments being carried out by the Greys are fully legal and approved by the Galactic Council of Worlds which seems to be stationed and centrally located in the system of Andromeda.

Eventually, the Greys brought Eddie back into the white room and we were beamed back onto the beach where we regained normal consciousness and found ourselves walking north as the sun began to rise.

This is what I remembered in 2002 of my experience on August 15, 1967.

A few weeks after that remembrance in 2002, I telepathically received a message from the Greys inviting me to meet with them that night in an unoccupied gazebo in a certain park. I did so and the same five Greys showed up — again, they were ortho-rotated and were tangible but almost invisible exactly like before. They just sat around me in silence for a while. We were sitting in near total darkness but I could see people walking on the lighted paved pathways in the distance.

The Greys began to speak within my mind. Here is a reasonable facsimile: “We want to point out to you something you already know instinctively within but have not yet consciously realized and put into practice for the sake of your desire to serve others.”

Then they showed me how I could energetically pray for people and effect their Meissner fields (their aura.) They said (mentally communicated) that the safest and most effective way is to establish a strong base intention from which to thought-vector life affirming energy. For myself, I chose that intention to be “for the highest good of all concerned” because that purpose channels and vectors the healing energies completely without harm. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know what that “highest good” specifically is for any given individual — but the Great Creation DOES know.

Right then I began to pray for the folks I saw walking on the paved pathways. I pulsed out a beam of energy each time (fully visible to me while in the presence of the Greys that night in the park) from my solar plexus area — which I now know to be my enteric brain area which includes the heart as its core and center — the beam of energy went forth to its intended target and when it struck that person’s aura, the aura “kindled” (for lack of a better term.) Their auras momentarily flashed when impinged upon by the etheric energy.

Three pulses are sufficient for the most effective interaction. When praying for a person not present, I visualize the person from three different angles, pulsing out the energy each time from my intention fueled by the strong emotion to engender holistic oneness (healing.)

According to my perceptions, this is what I was taught by the Greys and I have practiced it ever since with growing confidence and success. It has now reached a point of development that practicing this algorhithm is no longer necessary because the interface with the persons’ aura has become far more stabalized.

That night in the park, the Greys finally told me that they were turning me over to a better suited “mentor” and said they would be contacting me no more.

Since that time I often enter into a “dream council” which I can only describe as a lucid dream in which I stand in the presence of some very evolved beings that look human and who give council by a kind of egalitarian fellowship in which I participate by “allowing” my own concepts and questions to be resolved, solidified or elucidated by letting go of all my limiting superimposed baggage. They never “tell” me what, why nor how but rather allow me to reach my own solution and conclusion by guiding me with awareness through the corridors of my own mental processing grids.

This is the best way I can describe what takes place.

I spent my entire life since August 15, 1967 contemplating this experience, longing to understand it and come to grips with the meaning of it. When I think about it now, I feel an excitement and anticipation for the progressive future of our children. It would be foolish to say that no danger was here but there is always danger in every true adventure.

It is clear that a world beyond our wildest dreams is opening like a chrysalis. We will eventually become galactic citizens and interact with many varieties of biokinds.

Babylon Five, Startrek, Deep Space Nine, and all the other media social conditioning concerning ETI has prepared us gradually for this encounter of encounters. The ETI has been slowly and methodically preparing humankind on planet Earth for millenia.

Now the time has come for disclosure and it is in their hands, not ours.