NO, You are not a Reptilian!

by Dana Donlon

There seem to be post after post out on the internet with people living in fear after reading just a little bit about Reptilians. They walk away with just enough information to be dangerous. Then there are those who have a need to be special and decide they are a reptilian. “Am I a reptilian?” they ask themselves.

It does not work that way.

Even if a person has the purest reptilian compatible bloodlines they will not become a reptilian unless a reptilian entity inhabits their physical body.

For those who WANT to become reptilian (mostly silly teenagers and the like), do you really want to be possessed? To lose control and even be forced out of your body? Your soul/consciousness removed and perhaps enslaved? Be careful what you wish for.

We all have choices about destiny. The best and easiest ways for a bloodliner to avoid the issues that may come from being one are the following;

Keep your vibration high. Live in a state of kindness and love. See things from other people’s perspective and be compassionate, don’t judge.

Know your own thoughts, if thoughts that are not yours especially hate filled thoughts pop into your mind recognize them as not yours and reject them.

Make the soul choice to be on the side of light. Feel this choice and reaffirm it until it is a conscious and unconscious part of who you are.

You do not want to be a reptilian, you do not want to pretend you are a reptilian, you do not want to invite reptilian entities into your life.

Over and over I hear people claim to “be” a reptilian or claim that people are shapeshifting physically into a reptilian form. It’s time for those who have an interest in this subject to understand how this all works.
First, humans do NOT shapeshift. It is impossible for a human body to rearrange it’s atoms and become another type of physical mammal or reptilian. It cannot and does not happen.
The word shapeshift has been used over the years because people have seen a change in what appears to be the physical form of other humans. So how does this happen?

Each human has at least three parts to them; the physical body, which is what we use as a conduit to access this reality. The energy or astral body which is an energy field that is an expanded duplicate of our physical body and the soul which can take any form and includes our consciousness.

The interdimensional reptilian entities cannot access this reality in the physical without a conduit. (see note at bottom about physical reptilians). That conduit is a physical body, a human body. So how does this part work?

There are several ways a reptilian can access or use a human body. One way is a human with compatible DNA. There are certain humans with genetics that make them more easily accessible by the reptilians, these genetic families are called bloodline families. It is commonly believed that many eons ago the reptilians manipulated our DNA and in doing so created a human bloodline that was accessible to them. These human were either already in positions of power or manipulated their way up to positions of power. If you look at the history of the world you will see royalty intermarrying with other royalty. This was done on purpose to keep the bloodlines compatible for reptilian use. There are many many people all over the world who carry DNA and bloodlines that make them useable by the reptilian entities.

The second way is access through the energy/vibration of the human. People who live in a state of negativity, fear, anger, violence, aggression and or abuse of drugs or sex are creating an energy within their body that is compatible with the reptilian energy (which is based on many of these traits) Just as humans draw to them other people who have similar energy to theirs other Beings do also.

The third way is the most complicated. It may be a combination of the above two. It is created by the reptilian and includes the reptilian entity targeting a human who is not quite compatible, usually a bloodliner who is not pure enough in lineage to be directly accessed. The reptilian then begins the grooming or manipulation of the person to change their energy enough that they may become a useful conduit. This many times begins with the dream world, mental manipulation or physical illness/torture. Once the reptilian has found or manipulated a human into the range of compatible he will do one of the following;

1) Ride-along. This means that for large periods of time the reptilian will actually hop into the human energy field and ride along with the human in the human body. When this happens the degree of control reptilian has is quite varied. It depends completely on the individual human nd how much control they have over their thoughts or actions. A very self controlled person who chooses each thought, action and reaction will allow the ride-along reptilian very little control. If the person who is “hosting” the reptilian acts only with love, kindness and similar thoughts/actions/reactions and has a high vibrational rate the reptilian will be very limited in what control he can establish and how long he may reside within such an incompatible (energy and will wise) human. However if the person is weak willed and has a negative nature and personality such ride-alongs tend to allow the reptilian more and more control.

2) Attempt to take over the Human completely. Begin to invade the human in total, this means as attack from one or all sides. the dreamscape may be first to be invaded with amazing sexual dreams (the norm for women who are wanted for astral/interdimensional sex, this turns into torture later) or amazing sex dreams that begin well but then turn into nightmares with the sex partner in the dream turning into something repulsive (usually done to me, this is the beginning of impotence and a change in attitude, energy towards the negative reptilian attitudes). The other common invasion technics are the reptilians projecting thoughts into the mind at random times and sudden angry energy bursts/transfers that result in bursts of anger form the person. Again these are attempts to change the basic vibrational energy of the human to allow the reptilian access.

Humans may block the reptilian interference at this point by recognizing what is happening. A choice on the soul level not to accept the dreams, thoughts or energy is paramount at this time. Absolute refusal to bend in any way to these manipulations in needed. If the human becomes involved with the reptilian knowingly (such as a sexual relationship in the dreamscape) or unknowingly (such as the allowing the violent thoughts and lower base energy to override the personality) then it can be very hard to end the invasion. These are examples of the “entry level” techniques used by the reptilians they rarely give up easily but one imbedded and encouraged they can be very very difficult to get rid of.

For those people who accept the dreamscape fantasies and or allow the negative personality traits and energy to take over there will be a progression in manipulation until the will is taken over. When this occurs one of two things may happen. There may be a “possession” in which the reptilian completely controls the human’s three aspects; physical body, energy and will. When this occurs the human is no more than a puppet being controlled by the reptilian. There is not enough information at this point to know if the human energy body is replaced by the reptilian energy body or they coexist. It may be an either or situation. The other possibility is that the human energy body and soul are removed (with technology) and the physical body is inhabited by the reptilian energy body and essence (soul) full time. The many reports of negative ritual energy manipulation seem to indicate that in order for the reptilian to remain in the human body shell there must be certain energy consumed by the human suit wearing reptilian entity. This would explain the blood and sex rituals which are done by the elite families and those in power. It is not about the physical act of sex or the physical use of blood but about the energy extracted during those rituals. This energy allows the reptilian to remain in the human body.

So back to shapeshifting, what does actual happen when a person sees another change form?

Humans have a very limited access to the worlds and dimensions around them. Most people only see and experience a small amount of what is happening around them. Much of what happens is not within the parameters of what our physical body can interact with, it’s not within our visual light spectrum which is very very small. Some people however can see more than others can. Think of a radio station when it’s on the correct numbers it comes in loud and clear however if it’s slightly off the dial you may hear other stations. Some people can move their perception slightly off the station (or are that way all the time) and pick up NONvisable light or spectrums. These people may be able to control their perception, it may be there all the time or only once in a lifetime, but when a person can see into the energy fields usually hidden they will see things the way they really are. This includes seeing certain reptilian traits when a reptilian is inhabiting a human body. When a reptilian is under great stress or great emotion they seem to have the tendency to push their true energy body forward. When this happens it may become visible to certain people.

There is no shapeshifting, no physical change. It is the energy body being recognized within the human form. This same phenomena happens many times with humans also. During times of great emotion people are seen to exhibit different energy when the human energy field comes forward. Think of the glow of the pregnant woman, how a person who is very angry gets bigger or how during times of great spiritual ecstasy people have been seen with halos or they seem to glow with white light. It is the same thing.

So are people reptilians? Nope. They may have the bloodlines that make them an easy target but a human is a human. They may have a reptilian riding along or their body may have actually been taken over by a reptilian entity but even if that is so there is no physical shapeshifting.

The other question I see asked is “Are there “good” reptilians?” I do not believe so, however many people do. I believe these creatures can act as though they are benevolent however in my opinion it is a ruse.

So beware, do your own research from far away if you wish. These are not Beings to toy with, you do not want to meet them. Keep yourself positive and feel compassion for others, if you want to live in a kind world then be kind, it will help protect you and will change the world bit by bit each day.