I had been in a state of sadness from the night before.I was lying in bed awake.It was dark no light was on.I suddenly felt as if I was falling backwards slightly. My mind said do not fight it go with it.So I relaxed.It suddenly went from dark to white.So white there was no contour to a ceiling.I was still on my back lying on some surface.I could not move.And could only look straight up.In a blink of a eye.A muticolored wheel of light as appeared on the continental divide appeared.I was not thinking where am I or what is going on.I could only think how beautiful the muticolored light was.Every beautiful color was being emitted off of it.Then in another second it was all white again.I saw out of the corner of my eye at my right a being.It then leaned over me looking right in my face.It was staring in my eyes.He said nothing.But some how I knew it was male.He said nothing.But I felt him.I felt him being sad for me being sad.I then started feeling bad for him feeling bad for me.I was causing his feeling to be hurt.So I started thinking how lucky I was.That all things live to feel.That all emotions good or bad is a gift.That life with its many experiences is a miracle. That all life dies.Whether in a fire or of old age.That suffering is the purging of bad emotions.That once that is over.Life is truly free.Not that it is happy at the time.But nessesary to have the energy move on to the next level.My suffering a animals suffering or insects suffering is the same.In death all life is equal.Since that connection. I feel my contact coming.I have had sevaral people come up to watch the silent craft come over my cabin.One man had tears welt up.Another girl went out buying binoculars to see if she could see them coming to her house.Another thought they must be angels.None of these people had any interest in UFOs.Not till they were up at my place seeing one.I understand much now.It does not make me any better then anyone else.I am human as everyone else.But do consider myself very lucky to have true contact.