Boys & Girls,
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Ferengies & Klingons &
Earthlings & Aliens;

This is the FIRST Official (haha) Email from Stellarpax AND

Your profiles, posts and comments are brave, amazing, cool, reality changing and astounding.
Even the avatars you have chosen are stunning, funny or amazing pics of you.
When I spent my 2k hours (ya it took that long I had NO idea how to make a a website
when I started, really!) building the site I knew it was needed, I knew people would
come but never could I have imagined you guys. Never. I read your profiles and posts
and am amazed  THANK YOU! You are all awesome!

Ok New Stuff- Announcements
  • We now can add pictures to comments!
  • We are now translated to over (be right back gotta go count them….) 29 languages!!
  •  If someone is posting in non-english, just hit the translate button and choose English, presto chango.. it’s in English!
  • I added several fields to the profiles. Check them out!  (remember to click EDIT to change and save to keep)
  • I am adding a member section for YOUR books, articles or videos. Send them to me!
  • Or PM me with them.  I need a few to make the section look right.
  • We have a new moderator! Kim… welcome.. thank you! Now you really have a choice of who to
  • PM when you need something or just wanna chat.
  • She will soon be listed on the front page with the Admins. (PS she likes to chat 🙂  )
  • The Stellarpax Banner is now on Acern, will soon be up on Starborn Support and I’m
  •  working on the Mufon Connection!
  • We will be hosting the FREE ( staff forum.
  •  It’s just the grumpy admins talking over boring stuff so don’t be upset it’s restricted.
  • A HUGE thank you to the “member” who donated our hosting fees for the WHOLE YEAR!!
  • You Rock Dude (or Dudette)!
  • We also had another sizable donation to help with the “I want” software list. Thank you too!
  • We hit  the 150 members mark today!

Adding New members

So it’s been just over 2 weeks and we have almost 150 members! That works!
Sharing and coming together is what the site is about so please send people Stellarpax way

To keep adding members I need your help. I have created a page that looks perfect on Facebook.
Just paste  this link in and presto you have a perfect graphic and the start of the article on Stellarpax.
Here she is, the truly magical, spread the word link:

Please add the link of
to forums, email lists, social media and send it to your friends! We need to keep growing!
If you have a website or blog and would put a link to Stellarpax on it, it will be greatly appreciated!
If you would like a banner image let me know, I will create one any size you like.

For the members who have not joined the Mailing List (top right home page), please, please, pretty please do so.
It will simplify the process of sending these out every couple of weeks.

Requests & Looking For!

Your work; pictures, blog posts, videos, book you have written, interviews you have done
anything original you have done we would love to have and highlight on the site.
Please send them to me via email or PM.

If you have not entered a profile picture please do so. The combined avatars
make a beautiful grid on the front page, to me it’s a symbol of the energy we share
as Experiencers. It also gives you a recognizable identity on the site.

Please when you find neat stuff on the web  put it on the social wall on the front page!
Our news tabs also has come interesting articles pulled from many different UFO
& ET related site. Check it out!

Thank you so much for supporting the site
and just for being who you are

You guys are Rockin my world! Love to you and yours!
Dana Donlon
P.S. You should save this email some day it will be a collectors item