Hello everyone, I’m just new to this forum. I posted this on another page, but I posting it again here, trying to work out how everything works, so my apologies if you have read this before. I have never been on a forum to discuss experiences before. I’m so glad to be here and read other people’s accounts. Sometimes it can be a lonely place having memories and no where to share them or even talk about them. I have had experiences since I was very young and each memory was as real to me as anything else that happened in my life, it was just no one else could understand. Now, I’m older, I believe that I came to this life and feel that exciting things are about to happen. My experiences have been with human looking beings that I was always so excited to see, it was as though they were my family, I can only describe it as a deep love. There was a male and a female mainly that would visit me they wore one piece outfits the fabric I can only describe as ultra fine mesh. One wore blue the other wore magenta colour. The visits were mainly in my backyard, my sister said I was always leaving my bed and walking out into the back yard in the middle of the night, but this is where they would come through the white light. When I was very young I remember knowing that I could go through walls, I would know when they were coming and I was never frightened, I would be excited. I was taken on board and taught to fly a ship, I was shown jelly like creatures that lived in the sky and who were intelligent beings filled with love and one acknowledged me. I was shown a round circular structure like a mirror with a diameter of about a metre, the rim had organic design and it looked like it was made of gold and as I looked through it was like a kaleidoscope that seemed to go on for ever with rims every so often along as far as I could see. this was explained as a souls journey through lives. one time when I was about 8 they brought my future husband he was older than me at the time and he thought it was funny that I was so young, but we talked briefly and they took him home again, they said it was so I would remember him when I was older, and I did, I travelled half way around the world, back to Ireland for a holiday to where I was born and met him, and I believe it was so we would have our child. I could keep talking for ever about experiences. So good just to write it down and let it out, it’s so refreshing. Thank you for letting me share. x