A few years ago I was heading to work in Helena Montana. I live about 60 miles away.It had been snowing .So as I usually doI left real early .I did not care I could take my time.And if it took two hours who cares.I decided to take Lincoln rd.Its a two lane road.You go around several corners and up of a pass. There are no street lights.And you really need to drive slow because elk or deer some times are in the road.I was heading down the road.Was in 4 wheel drive with my pick up.I was only going 25 miles a hour.I took the first turn.It was black ice under the snow.I was sliding going straight.My contact Botl says turn wheel to the right and hold it.My mind is racing .I am now yelling out loud.Thats the quard rail.My contact says louder turn the wheel completly right.I am thinking being in a panick that is stupid I am going to destroy my truck.There is no cellphone range here..I will freeze to death before someone comes down this road.It was like a near death experience with your mind going so fast.I finally in a second said out loud fine.All of a sudden my truck caught.I shot to the right.Hitting the flat front of the beginning of the gaurd rail.Bang the truck goes.Lights were still on.I got out.And exactly in the middle of my bumper I creased my bumper.Nothing else.So I put it in reverse and drove to work.I drove truck.So left before anyone would arrive. When I got back.I told one of the guys I hit a guard rail on the way in.I showed him the crease in the bumber.He said why did your air bag not go off.I thought thats strange.Turns out I hit the bumper with a crease directly in the middle and not straight on the guard rail.Or the now 600 dollar replaciing it would have cost.So that afternoon I drove back to the scene of my accident.I got out .If I had not turned the wheel which I did not want to do.But went with my contacts more then suggestion.My truck would have dropped about 10 feet then hit a tree totalling my truck.Do not think I would have died.But totalled truck.Thousands of dollars buying a new one.Mine was old.Would have not been able to trade it in for anything.Or get it fixed.And not being able to go to work for who knows how long.All of it not good.That night I saw my contact hologramming me.I said hi Botl.I said why did you not just not let me hit anything.He said.I cannot stop every inconvienance from happening to you down there.But I have saved your life many times.I then feel like I often do when he talks to me.Like a spoiled child.