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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Above is the back of our house, the back door in the front left of the picture is the one my husband exited where the screen door slammed in the below story and in the far distance are the trash cans he was going to, see the silver can with the white bag sticking out the top? in front of the trees? that’s it.

Our missing time episodes. Missing time is one of those things that can be almost impossible to document. We spend so much time alone or even when we are with others we are not watching the clock, maybe we think we dozed off or just think time passed quickly. There have been many times I have thought time was interacting with my reality incorrectly but three times we have been absolutely sure that we have encountered some type of time warp? bubble? stop? whatever you want to call it….. can ET’s screw with time? In my opinion? obsofreakinglutely!!A quick history of us as a couple, I am trying to keep this non personal but I get that people will want a little info. The other person is my husband of 24 years, he is a C level executive, the accountant type, if he can’t see it touch it and it doesn’t add up right it didn’t happen. We don’t drink except an occasional beer or mixed drink and no drug use.Christmas night 2008. Christmas was at our house, both kids and their spouses were here at our home and 2 grand kids for the afternoon and evening. We live in a very long single story 1950’s ranch. The previous owners converted the garage into a game room and addded another garage and added to the other end as well so our house is over 110 feet long. (the dogs have a blast).

It was just past 10pm at night the kitchen is centered in the house and has a back door right beside it in a small hallway. Hubby had bagged up the kitchen trash to take it outside to the end of the house because the trash cans are at the corner of the garage so it’s about 70 feet from the door to the trash cans and I was making one last swipe of the kitchen counters. We have a wooden screen door that always slams shut…

The screen door slammed shut and instantaneously I turned and Hubby was standing in the kitchen with a new trash bag in his hand. We both froze… there was a glass of Pepsi he had not yet poured but had intended to already poured with ice sitting on the counter. I said “What just happened?” we were both scared to move anything but our eyes, we just stood there. He said “I don’t know”. I said “The door just slammed then you were back here”… he said “Ya”… we still had not moved.

About that point we began to look around… why I don’t know why and for what I don’t know…. Neither of us had any memory of that time whatsoever. The trash was in the can outside. The drink was fresh…. the Pepsi can it had been poured from was in the trash…

Obviously he had taken the trash out, come back in, gotten down a glass fro the shelf over the bar sink in the kitchen, gotten ice from the ice maker, gone down the 3 stairs into the game room gotten a Pepsi from the little pop fridge brought it back up poured it into the glass and opened the cabinet and gotten out a new trash bag in some order during the missing time.

It completely rocked my entire reality base…. there is no way to explain how that can effect you. It’s much easier to be able to think you are wrong, unstable… looked at the clock wrong… fell asleep….. but there was no way… One second he was there the next he was back… did I move? I don’t know.. I wasn’t really moving. I was just slowly wiping off the counter.

The next time was in September of 09. It was a much more mundane thing but just as real and for sure. Our large remote for the TV needed batteries. So I had gotten the Rubbermaid box with the batteries in it and taken the remote to him at his desk chair. I was kneeling in front of his chair on the floor with the box in my lap. I had the box, he had the remote. The new batteries I had bought were the breast cancer batteries or we would never had noticed it (so easy to miss this stuff.. I wonder how often this happens and no one knows?) and they had a lot of pink on them. He opened the remote and then instantaneously the pink batteries were in the remote and I had the old ones in my hand. He actually started to take them out when I stopped him. We went through the normal banter any couple would go through… how did that happen etc…. but it happened. It shook him up that time more than it did me. I had dealt with it the first time… I think for it to happen twice made it more real for him.

The last time was about 3 weeks ago and it was about dinner. Everyone who has ever cooked a chicken knows it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to cook a whole one. It was a Saturday, we got our chickydoo ready put him in the oven, SET THE TIMER… hubby was doing some business reading at the kitchen table I came to the living room to look at something on the computer and the timer went off….. I thought well I set it wrong…. I got up went in… he was resetting it also… THEN I looked in the oven… it was done, the damn chicken was cooked….how does chciken cook in 5 minutes or less?????….We argued over this one.. he insisted we both fell asleep etc etc… well I know damn well I didn’t.

At a meeting of experiencers a friends went to she said this was brought up… it’s not uncommon. What the hell? do they just turn time on and off? One experiencer I have spoken to said yes they do he has seen it….. I just hope they can do a better job with it. I don’t wanna know. I REALLY don’t…… If anyone wants pics of the routes to the trash etc let me know I can post em.