I live on a mountain in Montana now.Move here in 1998.There is alot of ET activity as well as this is after all the years of ET visits.I finally made a total connection to my contact .What some would call a tall grey.But for me personally I find that a insulting way to call someone.But that is me.I drove truck for work so having a cellphone bis important.But moimportant is my CDL license. I go threw check stations.Many times I get on the scale and they just let me go threw.But also once in a while you are called into the building to show your log book.Which id how many hours you drive.How far ect.And of coarse the license. When I get home.I always have my key to my gate to go up to my home on the top of the glove compartment.There is a tray up there.My cellphone in a top zipped pocket on my coveralls. And my license zipped in the other top pocket.So I will not lose them when I am unloading the truck.I got home reached for my keys on the dash.Not there.So I figure .They must have fallen on the floor.It is a bumpy road going up the 6000 feet to my mountain home.I get out rip the car apart.Front seats back seats again looking on top of the dash at least 5 times nothing.I finally say the hell with it.I will just walk the 600 feet left to the house.Then tomorrow buy a new lock and cut this one off.I walk up to my house.I have my house keys.There separate from the gate key.I go to sleep.Wake up the next day put on my suit.Want to plug my phone in the hour it will take me to get to work in the cigarette lighter.No phone in my pocket.Its was zipped because I just unzipped it.Then I go in my other pocket no license. I am in a panick. Gate key no big deal.Phone go buy a new one.CDL license. Two forms of ID
to get a copy .I do not have two.On my way to go drive.This day two scales to go over not good.I just walked down to my gate and went to work.First scale heart pounding.Ok waved threw.Second scale closed.Hated the anxiety. I get home forgetting to even buy a lock.It did not hit me till I saw my gate.I for the hell of it reached up on top of the glove box.There is the key.I thought at least something is not screwed up now.Then drove up to my place.Opened my door to the house.Took off my coveralls. Put them over the chair.Heard something in the pocket.There was the cellphone. I then said looking up at the ceiling ok you guys.How about the license. Reached in the other pocket there was the license. When I looked up and asked for the license. I was not really thinking I was talking to anyone.I was just happy two out of the three problems were solved. But there everything was.And a day later gate key gone.This time.I just said nice try.Walked up to my house around the gate.And buy morning the gate key was back in that tray over my dash.