September 19, 2013
Helen’s UFO Experience
This is exactly what I saw late afternoon last Thursday around 3:10 on a beautiful sunny day. I was walking form East High Street up Winter Street almost to Peck’s Flower Shop around the block. I quickly heard a very loud helicopter right over-head, it came out of the blue, from no where. I looked up to check it out as it sounded like it was just above the tree tops and sure enough it was, and t was flying extremely low for this area. I turned around to look backwards up toward the helicopter into the sky, because I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. I saw that the helicopter was just slightly over my village street that was crossing over our village’s end of Randolph Road intersection, it was heading toward our small local airport, which was about two miles away. Then my eyes captured a ball of pale yellow light, flat looking, full moon size, but it twice as big. It was lined up just under the skies ceiling, blending in with the blue sky and the whitish thin skinned clouds. It appeared to be just gliding and speeding along in a smooth straight line. I think that it had been touring our green mountains checking out our seasonal’s fall foliage. I watched it for a few minutes and then it disappeared into the horizon. Just a hand full of people believed my story. The other’s avoided my Fb comments

September 27, 2013
As I lied down that same night to go to sleep I shut my eyes and when I did I felt a shift in my third eye. It felt like when you are in an elevator and the elevator shaft was going down with a smooth and slight jolt. Then, I saw a fast shot of a round and bright yellow symbol with sparkling spokes attached to the flash of light and all became calm.

 Harriet is my older sister and she saw one 1967 just like this one in the video. It was just over the telephone lines and it was following her home toward Raymond, NH. She was on her way home after her midnight shift was over at a place where she worked in Manchester, NH. She was scared to death and at that time she only told her husband and I. Also in that very same week there were sightings around the same area of Exeter, NH, close to where she was living. This was the first time we had heard of UFO and aliens. Not one of us ever spoke of her experience again until in the 90’s I started to tell her story as I was hearing more about UFO’s. Harriet never reported her experience, but I encouraged her to do so. After last year in 2013 concerning all the Washington DC’s disclosures hearings meetings that were going on, she decided to report it.