Einstein and others have blatantly stated, “there is NO SUCH THING as matter — ALL is energy.”

A greater truth was never spoken and it is especially meaningful in this age where materialism and reductionism has imprisoned creative exploration and discovery — having limited main-stream science to a very restrictive box — as far as the consensus acceptance and understanding of acquired knowledge and understanding of the Universe goes.

Materialist/Realist/Reductionism has become the “Standard Model” of science ever since Descarte, up until now. But more and more this is now becoming seen as not only totally inadequate but just plain ignorant and wrong. It actually came about due to a compromise with the tyrannical Priestcraft of the day who ordered “hands off” anything metaphysical or spritual since the controlling Priesthood considered that to be their realm only.

But, in spite of this glitch, we are now in the exciting process of learning that everything, including you and I, originally emerged from an unfathomable primary Source Field of infinite energy and intelligence. All the other beings in the entire Universe did also. Kirlian photography even shows that so-called “inanimate” objects possess an energy field around them

This Primary Source Field is the answer to what lights up the Galaxies, the Suns, the Planets, the angelic beings, all biological lifeforms, the mysterious “orbs” of light and color — and, of course you and I.

It has been said — and I believe it to be true — that the understanding and creative application of ever increasing amounts of energy flux density is the measure of our evolutionary progress.

This of course represents the old conflict between Prometheus and Zeus over mankind’s discovery of fire. Zeus wanted to suppress it and keep mankind ignorant and enslaved. This anti-life, anti-consciousness, totalitarian philosophy is very very active in today’s world crisis.

Therefore, instead of continued devolution and slavery, it greatly behoves us to benefit ourselves and all other beings by consciously focusing upon this creative expansion with determination. When seen in its potentiality it will become an enthusiastic and joyful vision that focuses us into the natural flow of the Great Creation instead of fighting against it like fools.

The various fields of human inquiry covered by science have, in general, been focusing intently upon the macrocosm and limiting their inquiry of the microcosm to “size” — now aware of the fractal nature of the Universe but mystified by its spiral vortex nature. Nassim Haramein and other creative (and sometimes rebel) physicists have taken a whole different perspective which continually approaches ever increasing understanding of energy flux density.

They declare that it is now known and proven that in a single square centimeter of space exists enough energy to not only supply all the earth’s energy needs for a year — but forever, because this endemic energy field is unlimited and INFINITE. This kind of calculation transcends all mathematics — so mathematicians tend to just ignore it — but this cannot be ignored, for without an appreciation of it nothing can be understood about our Universe.

It is a matter of beings such as us learning how to access it.

We have already had great pioneers in this area who have been suppressed, some of them even murdered. Nikola Tesla, Eugene Maloff and Tom Bearden are only three examples out of literally thousands. This Zuesian spirit (demon) of slavery, oppression and derth is still very much running rampant.

But — it is now becoming more and more understood and accepted that in order to know anything at all about how the Universe works, we must explore within — as well as without. When one begins to go within through meditation, it is not long before they begin the discover their OWN personal energy field — called the Merkaba by the ancients.

In Egypt the Mer-ka-ba was actually three words meaning: 1. Rotating Light, 2. Spirit, 3. Body.

My own meditation upon the Merkaba and growing understanding about it comes not just from outward teaching — although there are experienced and knowledgeable teachers sharing of their knowledge in the world today.

But — I have found that the more one approaches and becomes consciously AWARE of their own energy field (Merkaba) — that light body ITSELF begins to teach you, guide you, and instruct you ACCORDING to the uniqueness of your OWN energy signature. This is necessary because of the uniqueness of each of us. There IS no mass algorithm, formula or recipe in which “one-size-fits-all.” Each individual must discover what works for him.

What this really is, however, is YOU and I remembering innate built-in knowledge which we already have inwardly KNOWN.

This remembering — is a life long process.

Now — in the first “reply” under this post I provide a link to a very useful and practical and creative teaching by a genuine master on the whats, whys and wherefores of the Merkaba.

I am still very much engaged in learning this outward part of the understanding of the Merkaba — and probably will be until Ascension. I share the little which I know with all of you for your upliftment and ever increasing joy. And — at the same time I invite you to share also however and whatever you wish to — for the sake of all.

Thank you for the patience to read all this.

May Peace be upon the earth and among ALL beings!