Pharaoh was a European!? King Tut’s DNA when checked turned out some interesting facts. As fate would have it his haplogroup is R1B1B and that is basically Indo-European or more specifically in this case it was “Western European” or one could say he was Gaelic/Irish! Wait, what? You read it right, it does appear to be the case but this does not automatically mean Tut had red hair. It just means he was one of the hybrid Denisovan/Neanderthal/HomoSapiens that later became Egyptian royals. (Videos below after the write up. )

This is how it looks currently to many researchers. Pharaoh was a white European, likely with fair skin, freckles and red or blond hair and he had RH- type blood. Pharaoh came to be a royal due to a set of circumstances on earth that caused two species of hominids to meet one day after a terrible event in our history. This meeting took place somewhere in what is today Turkey!

It appears we are the end result of two bottle necked species coming together to save themselves. Some cataclysm of mega proportion caused the DNA to bottle neck reducing genetic diversity to such an extent that without this kind of drastic action it is possible both species could have met their extinction! One of these bottle necked hominids, a rather dense, already mixed Neanderthal/HomoSapien, no lets just call it like it was, a rather primitive dumb man animal existed, and the other a superior cultured being, a hominid of larger size, larger brain capacity overall than the smaller less intelligent hominid and based on the tombs of these superior larger framed ones, they had royal standings both during and after the course of this meeting with the other hominid.

The end result of this meeting, as described in great detail in the writings of Mauro Biglino, a biblical and Vatican scholar, is the being Homo Sapien Sapien that we know today as ourselves which is a hybrid being of at least three hominid mixes! This is not just hominids according to some experts. Radical geneticists have stated the human animal is a porcine and reptile and monkey being, and this from genetics experts! This info is out in official papers now published by one of them with one geneticist going so far as to call the human animal a pig, monkey, lizard reptile being, citing all three markers or ties to these other beings as evidence in our own DNA strings! We have a reptilian brain, we have skin, and vocal cord similarity to pig, we have freckles as do pigs, pigs skin can be used to heal and cover human tissue replacement, and pig has blue eyes as do humans. Also our ear canal and shape is thought to be related to porky! Monkey or ape is obvious in our make up as well. This is congruent with stories such as those described for us by the ancient Sumerians in clay cylinder seals of the horrible Dolly Sheep clone type experiments they describe these ones doing in ancient times after a cataclysm. .

The beings created became us. So if correct, what this means is that research claiming Homo Sapien Sapien did this, or did that, or had this tool or that is incorrect. It was Homo Sapien, not Homo Sapien Sapien as we are today! We branched out from there at this meeting in Turkey or what is today Turkey. From here it grew and dynastic and powerful families formed from this spot in modern day Turkey around what scholars call “Gobekli Tepe”. At or around this same time as some groups moved and grew into Hittite and Egyptian culture others migrated on to become great Bavarian and what is modern day Bolivia finds of a once great culture there also. There are also other reported secret sites and secret skull and giant finds being rumored out of the Ukraine real time.

While nothing is much known of these yet we do have solid evidence from other parts of the world. These Egyptian Royals found in tombs exhibit what some refer to as ‘remnant cone heads’ meaning they have a other than ’round skull shape’ to their skull anatomy if you bother to look! This is natural, it is not something from binding but simply put they have different skull anatomy if the person you are looking at is a pure blue blood directly related to these lines. Some circles call the typical “Pharaoh skull” morphology. While I can talk tech terms and make this sound scientific I would prefer to keep it for anyone to understand. So bear with me here to try to tone this down from the genetics lingo.

This does not mean they are always in power positions if they stem from a royal line as piracy rules over who sits in key places of power today not blood so much anymore although that certainly going on with bloodline families but all these families tie together and one usually rules over the other based on who was the more successful pirate in the past you see? However, anatomy differences of the royal dynastic families cannot always be hidden very well or very easily. Start studying skull shapes of people as my wife and I do in dentistry and you will see the world is full of various skulls and shapes not all of which are round shapes on humans! This is a truth little talked about outside of professions with need to know. Not only were the skull shapes different on these royals but so was their ancestry and their blood type!

Egyptians did use head dress, just as the church still does so skull differences, while known were not discussed much then or now, and they did use wigs a lot so we have to watch jumping to conclusions until x-rays and exacting duplicate mummies have been created for exhibit since it is illegal to show or exhibit any real skulls or skeletons at least in the USA. So until it is proven to be the real hair of these mummies found we have to watch but it appears this Pharaoh, “TUT” did have red hair for real.. Tut and his father, his mother, and sisters all have remnant cone heads just as Eric Clapton has a slight remnant cone leftover due to his being a royal.

This is also evident in some of his children, and its evident in the royal family if you bother to look! See pics below at the end. Skull shapes of Polynesians as an example are octagonal from behind. If you find a skull and the skull rocks on the table cause it has a ‘rocking jaw’ it is usually Polynesian. This is a trait seen only there. So these carry over into other areas and in other ways and in other nerves and cranial plate differences and so forth. We see them, they do exist. No one talks about it much! As in days of old, head dress made it hard to see shapes often. Then of course wigs, thick hair and so on all add to the fact it is little noticed.

Egypt did have a thing for red hair and had a thriving trade for hair just for wigs for royals and priest classes of peoples and ‘Scarlet’ or ‘Sacred’ woman that provided menstrual blood to priests for Pharaoh were also used. Egypt had a love hate relationship with red hair. There were more than one of these priestesses of course and these priestesses always had red hair, blue eyes, fair skin and freckles and the priests often married them into other tribes of peoples, and they often sacrificed them according to the late Laurence Gardener. In other cases the priests used these woman for their menstrual blood and made wafers of this blood to feed Pharaoh for hormone therapy.

This practice is thought to be related to blood disorders due to inbreeding and being a hybrid species. Hormone and therapy treatments for these various ways of health and enlightenment are covered quite well in all of Laurence Gardener’s books. Priest classes also practiced the art of extracting living substances from people and animals to extend life. These substances must be drained from glands and animals or slaves while they are alive. This is always done so they were still alive when these substances were extracted! This is very much like Kosher methods for gland and body fluids in general with these sacrifices when eating but it was for the gland secretions and living substances which according to tradition must be ingested when still living fluid. This because like all others with the red hair genes they were hybrids of the once great ruling class of oh, lets just call them ‘Denisovans’!

Many suggest modern day cattle mutilations are examples of this science still being practiced or needed for someone. Whatever clan these hominids were from they were not Homo Sapien lets just agree there. Whether or not they were Denisovan has yet to be proven but it appears this is the case because a third donor to our genetic make up has been found in our DNA and scholars call it Denisovan. These ones, whoever they were, had a culture of worship all their own also or so it appears based on the records left for us to examine.

These long head peoples had lighter skin color than the dark haired hunter groups they came to meet but it isn’t known for sure what they looked like exactly only to say the group that, ‘came down’, these ones had long heads and were larger framed individuals than Homo Sapien and as specified they like others also existing on earth at the time. They were a different sub species of hominid among others on the earth. They apparently lived different lives and different life styles over their more primitive brothers of hunters they sometimes came into contact with. These Denisovan peoples with blood and immune system differences than Homo Sapien, and Neanderthal also had other differences in their biology and skulls. It appears that Denisovan and Neanderthal both can be traced back to Homo Hydelbergensis.

As a result this hominid has different characteristics to it’s anatomy over Homo Sapien and Neanderthal. These differences stem from cranial plate and nerve center branch differences not seen in humans to the number of teeth and the size. It also has to do with life span differences and more and they were also very intelligent believed to have a vast sailing culture that created many detailed maps of their travels. It is apparent from finds in the Americas that these long head clans were also here as well as in Turkey.. Some scholars believe now that the Denisovan people may be these long heads that Homo Sapien Sapien was mimicking to make themselves look similar by cranial deformation techniques.

It appears the Denisovans were even feared later by the Homo Sapiens that wrote about them. Long after the man animal slave was created in Puma Punku and the first and then a second cataclysm followed by a third that wiped out Puma Punku and other mega sites in the final event some thousands of years had passed to complete the destruction but once done all sailing cultures suffered. Once it happened then the great and invincible god figure Denisovans once worshiped were now blamed for much of the suffering. In some cultures these giants were hunted for trophies and for sacrifice. Many believe today that legends and myth of dragon or serpent slaying, serpent or snake priests or clans and giant slayings all stem from the way these ones looked and/or dressed in their time.

In other cultures they were helped and hidden away still worshiped to some degree. In others the clans of Denisovans had enough power to sustain separation from those that dare try to trespass. It was here near what was once Sumeria that they did experiments that caused the Homo Sapien man animals to fear them and write down what they were up to. These tales all occur in various places on the planet. The ones we are concerned with are those of the Sumerian culture that cover all these details and more in a library of clay cylinder seals found many years ago.

So although the hybrid clans of mixed breeds met, there was a dominant character in each species. One of the dominant characters or traits that the Denisovans left us is the red hair gene and blue eyes according to more than one genetics expert I have discussed this with privately. This and RH- blood seem to begin here for Homo Sapien. So this meeting brought this into the homo sapien line which was about to come in from the Denisovan clan in what is today modern day Turkey thanks to this meeting of Denisovans and a clan of Homo Sapiens commemorated in stone north of Gobekli Tepe..

I have read that researchers have tried to follow blood types to find a historical trail or placement of these various races and peoples. This has failed to provide any clear pathway and leads to frustration. This is just as frustrating to try to find a pathway with skin color, or other type groupings of like individuals of similar type. It is a false assumption therefore to conclude that humans can be unabiguously placed into races on just the traits such as hair color, eye color, body type based on researchers conclusions. However, think about this this way. It is much too complex to allow this I agree, but suppose there was two groups of hominids not one as supposed? Suppose one group, smarter, more mobile, more capable of long term travels around the world in boats was around at or about the same time as the primitives!

If we look at the spreading and distribution and the randomness and confusion of the trail this confusion in and of itself becomes the evidence of that third party right in front of us all along. Looking at it objectively it is very hard to deny the evidence of a third party involvement in the distribution and placement of specific groups as well as specific traits which leads many to conclude we are a created being! That is to say we humans are an artificial creation put together mostly in one spot, or in one ‘GARDEN’ lets say! If we look into Diego blood groups it gets even more confusing. The only conclusion to this is a third hand involvement in our creation. Someone was at the wheel directing things, experimenting, placing and redistributing and this is what happened..

So at or about the time of the Vela Supernova or when the wave of the event would have been seen and felt here in conjunction with flood and ice melt these ones who saw themselves as superior came down from their walled cities up high after such events! Then and after surviving through a great cataclysm they did what they had to do to survive. Either these couple hundred Denisovan that came to the man animal were shunned by other surviving Denisovans disagreeing with their plan forcing them to mate into the man animal clan and stay there or they intended this from the start. We really can’t know all this. We only know the DNA trail and the ancient stories detailed for us by the Sumerians. Study that Biglino video archive at the bottom. It tells all!

They were forced due to how few were left of them, either from the cataclysm or the shunning on the earth after this event to now not only mate and reproduce with those man animal slaves they once looked down on, but they had to stay with them now! This, attitude toward lesser peoples is much as Royals today look down on commoners, by no accident I might add! It was believed these Denisovans that came down from their lofty separatist abode (with objection from others of their kind) and were forced through events of cataclysmic proportions to accept that they lost genetic diversity in their people were kind of snobbish! Geneticists inform me that we humans are 7% different today than we were in biblical times. 7%!

Their genetic diversity had bottle necked if the coastal cultures were wiped in this final of a three stage event over time otherwise they’d never stoop to associate with this primitive! The real evidence of this attitude of superior status, strangely enough, is evident today in the way the royals and elitists behave toward the masses. Marrying traditions of royals are also an evidence of this ‘different culture’ as the way the royals reproduce today is much the same as that described in our bibles for Abraham and Sarah and how things were then for how they married. For the masses however, this is not the case. So this distinction or divide once again is also evidence of two groups not one!

This great coastal event change wiped out most coastal cultures and pirate hold outs of the times and many more land based cultures also setting man back to a state of amnesia by the time it happened! Through this acceptance these few aware Denisovans realized they were in fact becoming extinct as a species after this event! The man animal, thought to be primitive and beneath them and of a different species of hominid than them was now very important to their survival! They must now find a way to mate and reproduce with them to carry on their clans.

Soon after accepting this inevitable extinction if they did nothing some 200 of these fallen scientists of their peoples came down to the man animal and after meeting and through various experiments, later described in detail for us by the Sumerians, they discovered how to overcome the obstacle of producing a mule when mating with the man animal! The babies produced were at first as described by the Sumerians, deformed, with various disorders from crooked spines, to not being able to move, ugly horrid looking creatures not being able to open or close their eyes, not being able to hold back urine, not being able to have a bowel movement and so on. Those created successfully grew to be sterile.

Then one day the break through came! The first “Nephilim was created at this time in a lab. The experiment was reproduced again and again and the Nephilim existed in that time and after because it was after the success of the experiment the remainder came down and took all that they chose of the slave animal and made mates of them. Now imagine, human as in the man animal slave is out there. These ones are coming and they are highly mobile, highly intelligent and horny and needing to make babies fast. So what did they do? They went out around the world and confused the trail just as we find.

Nearly immediately after this experiment written about on clay cylinder seals for us by the Sumerians that tells us of the success of this lab experiment children were being born that grew to be much larger and much smarter than their parents all over the planet! Humans wrote all about it! They started to fear their own children! These children learned from their pure creators the arts and various skills and of course history shows they were much smarter and much more capable than their parents and that the single greatest art Homo Sapien Sapien was taught was sailing and more specifically piracy! I contend that Homo Sapien Sapien is no where near as old as we have been led to believe. We are a relatively new addition to this line of hominids on the earth! I do not think the time lines presented by establishment is anywhere near accurate at all!

This new race, Homo Sapien Sapien, formed from the mating of masses of Homo Sapiens with Denisovan or whatever superior being it was went on to become the master of the planet from that place in modern day Turkey apparently forming great sailing cultures that went out from all points creating a culture that equaled Egypt to begin this cycle. In the last cycle before this one apparently the civilization originated out of what is today Ohio USA going out from all parts from there. This was commemorated in Ohio and West Virginia in the way of mounds and earth works just as we find now for another site, in Turkey commemorated in stone in Gobekli Tepe and another not yet divulged place being investigated real time, also in Turkey that is even older!

Original sin as it turns out was this Denisovan people coming down to the primitive man animal Homo Sapien and giving them culture. These cultured Denisovans taught the man animal how to gather harvest from crops of wild plants growing in the optimum zone area they lived in. At first as shown in Gobekli Tepe they gathered from wild things that grew on their own learning to simply store things away for a rainy day later. In time through teaching and exposure to the Denisovan clans the Homo Sapiens grew and maintained gardens of their own!

Then the Denisovans taught the man animals and later their children animal husbandry and more, the mysteries! The tree of life, as it turns out is nothing other than a tree or a plant that you yourself plant in the ground, maintain and grow to maturity and then harvest produce from to survive! Teaching the hunter gatherer this when all they knew was how to barely get by day to day compared to the far advanced cultured Denisovans was not an easy pill to swallow for all Denisovans. Then teaching grafting to make olive oil and later how to domesticate animals was the last straw for many of them! That is why those that went to the man animal were shunned and cast out by the leaders of their peoples!

It stands to reason the rest of the Denisovan clan that objected to this mating still run the show if they survived, however being that cattle mutilation is rampant and that it appears related to the science of living substances extracted for hormone therapy it appears some hybrids still exist and need this treatment. But their objecting did nothing to stop the new species from adopting and going out to become successful pirates. All royals and all elitists today are yesteryears most successful pirates! They did this gaining great power and wealth forming armies, navies, secret societies and learning the art of weaponry leading to the great Egyptian culture and more. Later in history these pure ones once more show themselves to be present and watching the new species grow. I mean after all someone came down and spoke on the mountain with Moses later in time if this all really happened now didn’t he? So although now they have a new man animal to deal with that is actually related to them other than this make no mistake these ones that started this are still around! I believe we see them on occasion but that is another story.

This illegal mating of their clan with the slave is the event that changed the way they do things here. Regardless of the names given it appears clans met here to discuss terms and perform ceremony. We know that no one lived in Gobekli Tepe. It was a gathering site, a holy site for something very special. The T shaped figures are the anthropomorphic gods of these peoples represented in stone. They have blood in us now and the blood relation for them is important. It means some among the slave animals are marked just as the records claim. The mark appears to be the blue/green/hazel, red hair/blond or golden hair/ freckles/ and perhaps even the intro of RH negative blood to the Homo Sapien lines which all originated according to the DNA trail right here in what is modern day Turkey! Some think this site is a harvest area where people gathered at certain times of the year only.

If this theory is correct this explains the as yet unexplained event that brought red hair genes, blond hair genes, white skin, or even whiter skin maybe, blue eyes and most importantly RH negative blood into the new hybrid line of dark haired hunter gatherer groups now equipped with better tools for survival on this rock over their competitors. Remember, the Genome project proved Neanderthal did not have the red hair gene. We Homo Sapien Sapien man animals got these red genes from this other Hominid. This new blood line with red hair genes and all that goes with it came from this mating, and this very special and very elite blood line went right into Egyptian Royals and Priests all that had gained great power from many years of development.

These powerful priest and leader class families each had children of their own since that time of Enoch and before! To this day they as well as we occupy this earth. They track their lineage and they marry within their own families never losing their wealth to this day all taught to them also by this clan they mated with. These customs maintained by the Royals today are not thought to be Homo Sapien customs by all researchers. Some cannot help but wonder if these are Denisovan customs to marry in this way and brochure marriages between families even before children are old enough to talk yet?

These events really happened. You really are a hybrid and especially so if you have white skin, red hair genes, blue and or blue green hazel eye genes, RH negative blood either active or recessive and freckles! And you really should keep reading while this info is up. These traits mentioned above end up in royals no matter the race across the board throughout the planet. Prince Harry is just one example. If anyone is in line for a throne in any culture regardless of skin color that person will have these traits in their markers in their DNA each time every time no exceptions! They are all related to each other you see? !

You or peoples of this line will also have a bigger head than most! You also may exhibit remnant cone head features in your skull anatomy because all the long head royals of old that have been found are your ancestors. If of this line you are not the typical round head in a lot of cases and you may also compulsively dominate or be compulsive in other ways. ( see pictures below) You may have overcrowding for your teeth due to being a hybrid, and you could like many royals be quite inbred due to this as well as most all Western Europeans are anyway. Your IQ is mostly higher also than others in the general population.

Even with the problems of two different blood types and one being positive and one being negative RH the very intelligent of this group figured it out according to the writings! Everything we have learned up to now seems to say that the reason all the long heads found in ancient digs are always royals is simply because they are directly related to these original once ruling and worshiped god beings called today the Denisovans!

The facts are startling even if we do not have access to all of it and they are opening up a whole can of worms as the old saying goes! So sit down, enjoy and if you are Irish you certainly want to continue reading here I assure you. Pharaoh had red hair, like most others before and after him and he was a white person! He was a long head white person of royal descent from the north and was considered a descendant of god in Egyptian culture! DNA doesn’t lie! Tut could not have haplogroup R1B1 unless he is/was my cousin! Tut and I do have the same blood type also and hair color, eye color and more. Everywhere we find these long head skulls they have our haplogroup, our hair color, our eye color, freckles, extremely good looks, wisdom and more. This remant cone head or long head as opposed to round head skull family is that which still runs the show to this day.

This all spells one thing and we’re figuring it out here step by step. The Royal family is a direct descendant to these Denesovan leaders that were once worshiped as the Elohim that came down from their lofty heights to take wives all they chose. After this mating things changed didn’t they? We find the earliest signs of culture here with these first long heads also. For the first time man was herding and keeping Miladons which are 2 meter tall Sloth creatures now believed to be extinct. Just 12,000 years ago tho, primitive man was keeping them! They did this in what is modern day Chile today! We know also now, thanks to finds at Gobekli Tepe that man was also in the beginning stages of culture and gathering up of wild nuts, tubors, roots, grains and so on which was the beginning steps to growing their own. While no evidence of them growing their own food has been found what has been found is quite revealing. Man for the first time conquered the elements and celebrated it! Royals seem to have formed in noble and powerful priesthood families and it appears religion took a new role in man’s life.

It appears that all these traits including larger heads among whites have all come from the ancient long head long eared clans contributions to our DNA through interbreeding with some Homo Sapien Sapiens. It may or may not be coincidental that the finds of skulls in these first stage cultures are larger! So this one of another time that once lived on the planet and fathered us is what the Sumerians inform us about if my guess is correct. Much of the stone work not even dug up yet at Gobekli Tepe is even older than the 13,500 year mark which takes us right up to the end of the last ice age. So it appears a tall, ruddy clan of long head or bigger head and stature peoples once lived in this area of Turkey which is also where blue eyes originate!

What is more it appears Irish or “Arish” as its said in a town north of Egypt is one of the biggest world cultures to have ever existed after we came into being and the DNA also backs this up becasue of the genetic impact the Irish have had in the genome project, the shear number of descendants and the fact that their DNA is now being found in royal tombs all over the world! The Gaelic clan of Celts and Irish peoples have the most red hair on the planet it seems and for good reason. They are the most closely related to these ones that mated and anyone with at least one allele of the red gene can say they have this ancestry at least in one place in their DNA sequencing. Most Scotish and Irish as you proabably know are associated greatly with red, orange, strawberry and blond hair, as well as great beauty and blue eyes and green eyes don’t forget those!

Key to this meeting is the events taking place after.
Pigs and sheep and goats were now domestic animals and again thanks to the dumb man animal being taught how to do it, not because he figured it out for himself.. In no time geologically speaking, thanks to this interference and influx of new genes, man made the leap to growing his own food for harvesting them and storing them. It may be that Gobekli Tepe and other sites that were obvioulsy not lived in were places where peoples gathered during harvest tines of the year. It appears to have all started in Turkey or what is today Turkey. This group later became what is today modern whites or any of the dominant royal clans basically that have the RH- blood.

That is to say, all white peoples are these ‘hybrids’ that changed it all for man! Further, it appears the royal blood has all branched out to infiltrate the others on the planet from this original point and we can bascially follow that now almost as a time trail by the red gene markers as this Haplogroup moved on across the planet. This was the “White” base or where the glowing ones depicted as described by these mating of different peoples. This site apparently was a holy spot not a living area. The reason the people the primitives worshiped is with a beard and very tall is likely due to being a Nephilim hybrid or Royal from a time when they were still all very tall much like the Dutch people today.

Fact one: Flood myths exist all over the planet. Over 150 cultures world wide believe or have myth of such an event.

It is said that geology supports the claims that the coast lines changed significantly on earth and in short order at some time in the ancient past. All can agree this occurred. Some argue over how many times and where, but its generally thought that over 150 cultures worldwide believe or have myth of a flood. Coasts submerged at some point in our past causing a mass trauma. Most agree on this as well.

If you are comfortable so far, stay with me. This supposed flood event took place anywhere in time frame in from 2 weeks time to 2 years time! Several Geologists now will privately and even some, like Dr. Robert Shock, will say publicly that this is so. Knowing this, it allows us to see a desperate world pushed to the limits of its ability to bounce back. So, this event gave little prep time for peoples on the coasts. Perhaps these long head ones lived on the coasts and even with their advanced smarts the tales of Snake Priests that sailed the seas being decimated are true mostly and perhaps many of them were decimated by this flood event?

Fact two: The flood and coast changes were very sudden and the geological record supports this. We could speculate all year on how or what caused this event.

Speculating some here.
Maybe the survivors of these once great rulers are the ones the Sumerians tell us about. They realized being the smart dudes they were, that the only way for them to survive with enough genetic diversity to be viable to continue to go on was to clone into a surviving species or mate with them to survive that way. Could it be the hybrids they created eventually enslaved their smarter but fewer in number creator and now hold them hostage on some remote places in key areas still very few in number but enough to start a breeding program of sorts? This we are not privy to knowing but interesting topics for sure. I believe this line of peoples being created or modified, spoken of and written of by ancient peoples was referring to much more than a slave.

I believe the facts in evidence prove that the slave was already present. Perhaps slave was the original intent tho that later led to needing to up the development so they could reproduce to save their own kind and who knows how long it was when this took place after the slave was created? I mean to say, maybe the slave was already here in the form of us but we could not reproduce with them. We instead apparently did their bidding, worshiped them as a God or something and were considered their property. Maybe this mention in the bible by us refers to another event more emergency life support related, and survivor related to cataclysm and if so, it is still quite possible that the slave created, which later became the mate, in time through shear numbers simply enslaved the very ones that made it or just killed the remaining ones off?!

Lets consider some unverified but sensible theories. Many say it is these cone heads and the way they dressed in their time that led to giant and dragon slaying myths being so prevalent into historic times leading to present. Indeed it appears these ancient ones were often referred to as “Snake Priests” and apparently they wore skins and were fond of reptiles and if pictographs are accurate they looked serpentine in appearance. I can imagine if a strange culture unfamiliar with them caught glimpse of them should the snake priests actually be on the run in a foreign land, its very feasible they’d be hunted down as some snake giant or lizard dragon something or other! In the bible they are referred to even as Maggi or “Wise Men” tho as in, “The Three Wise Men” , A.K.A., those depicted in our bible which saw the birth star of the supposed Christ. These ‘wise men’ could not have been Jews. What I am suggesting is that these were cone head or long head hybrid Nephilim descendants with much more star knowledge than the average joe riding a camel in those times.

Believe me had they been Jews, the Jewish people would have made that more than known. These priests and their clan of peoples are also said to be responsible for introducing negative blood into the human line and that came from a geneticist not some fly by night nobody. (Read that biblical verse again). Once introduced those “blue bloods’ with partial cone heads referred to now as hybrids? Well, they took over. This mating made hybrids with bigger cranial capacity than common round heads, and many of them had red or blond hair or blue eyes, and various blood disorders and negative blood type. Many if not all the long head Pharaohs including Tut were RH – blood type.

Fact three: Giant and dragon slaying myth exists in about as many cultures as the flood. There is a long history of red hair and red hair and fair skin being in Egypt.

Egyptians used what they termed. “Scarlet Woman” also written and later turned to Sacred but the term for both stems from the same root. All these ‘sacred’ woman had red hair!. Most had freckles and they made wafers from their dried menstrual blood to feed Pharaoh various hormones and such from this rich blood of these woman! Red hair and cone heads were put on a pedestal in many cultures tho, not just Egypt but what is interesting is that in about as many it was condemned and these peoples were sacrifice! In Egyptian culture the priests used glandular substances from animals and knew the science of living substances and many regard what goes on real time with animal mutilations to be related to this very science still being used by someone today!

Fact four: Royals have blood disorder issues and negative blood and throughout history have been referred to as blue bloods.

This is just what we see and hear about in blue bloods. Blue blood, the term came from a couple origins. India had record and still maintains picture and written old scripts that describe a ‘Blue Race’ of people. These ‘blue people’ could very well be related to the ones mixing their various DNA into us today. We could very well be related to these ones as a yet unidentified branch of yet another hominid that has been kept from us in history. Blue bloods were those when you ripped the shirt off of one if blue veins could be seen under their skin they were the in-cast and of a higher acceptance and respect, if not, then you were out and of the lesser class, hence less respect! What does that tell you? It tells me that is what led to various racial tensions to this day!

I lived among the Zuni and Navajo and Hopi for some time when we worked in the Indian Health Service for the US and one of the elders in Zuni Pueblo during Shalako told me a story of the tall clans of royals that some tribes maintained which were related to these other long head or big ear clans as he called them. So even in Native populations there were casts. They had long ears, and short ears back then according to this one. The long ears ruled. These are the figures in stone on Rapa Nui and other islands he tells me and also the early ones, or ancient ones.

Fact five: The exacting replica of Pharaoh skulls shown below prove the royals were hybridized skull shapes showing at least two distinct influences to the forming of the skull shape due to relation to the pure cone head ancient clans. The Pharaoh royal clan also had negative type blood. There is no reasonable explanation by science for how or why negative blood exists among humans.

Fact six: Finds of these skulls and anything to do with them systematically vanish on a regular basis once revealed. Museums do not display them and when asked they give any manner of reasons as to why they are locked in a basement.

Fact seven: University of Illinois has documented long head digs, pictures and all of the skulls, the mounds, the pots, the tools, the lay out of the earth works, and the measurements and more from digs all up and down the Mississippi river as documented in the 1931 through 1939 and into the mid 40’s in the Illinois State Blue Book. This covers where the money was spent for the state. One dig in particular from the 1931-32 Blue Book describes in great detail the finds east of Chicago, and even into other areas around there to the south and into Wisconsin.

All of the long head, the PHD’s words not mine, they refer to them in this write up as “long heads”. All finds were found very deep below the sur