I like to remind myself that I am light having a human experience. I feel I’ve opened up more questions. Walk ins are something I never really gave much thought to until I realized it was going on with myself and others around me on a routine basis for some, particularly those with extremes of mood shifts, look changes and even hair coloring and so on.

Then I’ve seen it like the rest of us have with public figures a time or two also. One may ask, ‘What is a walk in?” Charlie Sheen is a great example of a current famous walk in because the orb awareness, the light there now behind the eyes of Charlie is not the same light that was there before according to my eyes. Everyone saw it, even his closest friends among them, Alex Jones, had no idea who he was. They didn’t see the light change per say, but they did really and translated it differently like others did unconsciously and they knew, they didn’t know how, but they knew this is not Charlie!

So the walk in spirit that is in that body now, to me has the same light the old George Carlin had before he died. Until now, I have kept that to myself. So from my perspective, the light that was George is now in Charlies body. Go figure. But I can’t prove it. I can just tell you that whoever it is, it is not the same Charlie Sheen or the same light behind the eyes and that is why his old friends fell off and away and he has completely new people around him now and its not really drugs as we are told at all.

Another top figure is Obama who according to my eye changes light so often that there must be three or more within that vessel that are primary as in most use comes from those three, and his original light is very dim. I knew him before he was a senator. I am sure he would not remember but my best friend was his neighbor for ten and half years until just after he became a senator and moved somewhere else in Chicago.

The man there in the white house is the same body only. What is animating the vessel now is different from the one I met certainly and appears to change some based mission to mission. So we have a lot more help or manipulation of events and other light beings around each of us than we know. Guardians? Yes, but there with contract for the vessel also. They have vested interest. Some were family we knew, some past life, some we have not met in this or the last life. We know them. They are our family. So we all have access to the corporeal vessel to share, or finish experience if the need is there from something undone when they passed.

So when we step out of the body,
to astral project and when we feel as if someone has you by the shoulders and guides you, who is it? Its our guardians. They also get mistaken for aliens. Some of our own partners and children get mistaken for aliens. We need to realize we have amnesia so mothers at times see entities hovering above the bed of their child and they freak not realizing what they see.

I propose that maybe,
just maybe you look like that yourself many times because they look much the same as you being your family and that the child is having and astral travel and is out of his or her body while sleeping never occurs to you.

Many aware beings share experience here using these vessels, and we have guardians that keep us from space invasion so when it occurs it must be consensual on some level. It was always invited in on some level of consciousness.

Getting back to the residual self image tho, people sometimes see their own child and don’t recognize the residual or natural appearance. I used to think people were possessed by these things. And maybe some are, but I think now that discerning this is another science in itself and that these other life forms simply have access and interest in and to the garden and said energies and experiences in the garden just like others.
Just like us.
We don’t always look the same. The truth is when you see a reptile face in a human, or a lion face within a human it may be that they are just another spirit having a contracted experience here in the vessel just like you. They have every right to be here but it just so happens they are so evolved that their light sometimes shows or blocks the view of their face distorting it. These higher evolved beings can occupy the same vessel for thousands of years and some run around here on earth to this day that have been here a long time. You may even know some of them.

But you have to realize the idea of a day to them is not the same day to us. Lets say Enki was one of these supreme beings. Or Hermes, or Thoth, or Francis Bacon. Lets pretend they pop around through time because they can. They can be light, they can be physical, they can be skinwalker, they can be the shadow walker, they can be the wear wolf or several can join and be something else, even a physical object like a ship that morphs and seems alive and changing shape!