July 28, and into July 29 Overnight hours:

I realized that as I had been lying down sleeping that I had begun to spin around and around as if I was on a Merry Go Round. I was “spinning.” I had the distinct impression the whole room was moving about me very rapidly. It was rotating rapidly, I cannot stress enough how fast it was flowing around me. Not being particularly bothered by being made “dizzy” I thought I would enjoy the “ride” that sensation of dizziness so I let it try to wash over me. This was a very interesting thing that I had *never* experienced before in *my dreams,* assuming of course that I was dreaming.

I began to notice at some point that everything was grey or in shades of grey scale.. much like the spiral graphic I have used here (I mainly dream in colors, and at times lucidly.) THEN I suddenly realized I was in a vehicle that was also grey colored. A Monochromatic sort of grey.. I was either in it, or near it.. I could *not* make out anything specific *In* the vehicle, just that it was some type of vehicle near me or that I was in? I wanted to really call it an old Ford type truck but maybe that is how my mind wanted to perceive it.

There was nothing else around but a distinct, unusual lack of colors and this vehicle of some sort. I had ceased the spinning, or the attempt at making me dizzy (it didn’t work.)

Then, as I was standing? wherever I was.. I could not make out where, as there were no colors, no surfaces.. I was shown, at about my upper body area, I was shown or had an envelope pushed at me. You know the kind of small, square letter reserved for placing a small square card in or a folded note paper.. The letter was pushed toward me. I was looking at it, when I noticed on it was written “Your Benefactor” in grey pencil.

I saw then that it was a hand offering the letter out to me. I just looked at the letter. I’d never had this in a dream or experience before. I did not reach for the letter, I did not try to get it to open it.. I can only assume it perhaps had a name in it? Or it was telling me possibly that I had a benefactor? I’m not sure. The hand that handed it to me was again monochromatic. No I did not see or feel there were any aliens, other “people” etc in this place.

So I am left this evening wondering what was in the letter, and what the whole meaning of this dream is. It’s not the first time I have been TOLD things, or threatened in my dreams/other states while at rest.

I appreciate your input regarding this dream? or place I went.. What of the Benefactor? I work a job like everyone else.. I make $10/hr. I do not have a lot of friends, I do not party, and no one “gives” me money. I work for it.

I woke up remembering all of this, I am writing it down here as a place to keep track of what happens to me either in dreams, waking, or daily.

I look forward to your comments.

I am a long time experiencer of alien(?) visitations, as well as paranormal phenomena. Thank you or stopping by to read my personal blog. My blog is not for “entertainment” purposes as it details things that actually have happened to me, and that are on going. I am not a professional writer or author.

I want to point out that I am NOT on any type of medication or other altering substances. I watch very little TV, and certainly not any UFO or Spiritual type scripted shows etc. *in order* to keep my experiences free of potential external stimulus from the things that I experience.