I had this dream? I have dictated here this morning, January 8th, 2018. I voice dictated it to my iPhone and saved it in my notes so I would not forget the details, which go faint after a few hours..


I was in my vehicle (my Kia Soul) and I was told that there was a storm coming so I got out of my vehicle and I had to go somewhere else with somebody else, then the next thing that I know I’m being told by someone I didn’t see that I “can’t be around other people because my stomach makes noises and it bothers people” (and really my stomach doesn’t make noises) but anyway I was taken to this solid looking cement structure that looked a little bit like a pyramid except at the top of it was flat and it wasn’t big like a pyramid – there was a door in it. It was in an orange grove.

I remember that there were also wolves or coyotes in the area where we were in the orange Grove, I could feel them, and at one point I was looking around for the wolves or coyotes because I like to hear them sing, (howl) but I didn’t see any of them, but I knew they were there.

I then remember I was then inside the pyramid and it was like a medical facility inside, there was a table in the middle of it and other people? Were busy working going by outside the area I was in. But I don’t remember what else was in there.

Then the next thing I remember is I was outside of the building, but then I had to go, I was told I had to go back in the pyramid so a door opened in the pyramid and I remember crawling back into it down a narrow passageway and I remember thinking to myself “wow this is very narrow” and I was surprised that I was doing it because I am in reality somewhat claustrophobic. And this space was tight.

So I woke up, lying in bed, and I suddenly realized that the pyramid was actually a UFO and it kind of made me remember the story that my mom had told me about UFOs and how she believes that she was a generational abductee and I thought well my mom had passed away September 1 (84 years old) so that really left me as being the only one that could get picked up and examined at this point unless they’re looking at my brother which I don’t know if they do or not because he doesn’t talk to me, he doesn’t even like me, but back to what happened.

So here I am lying in bed thinking about this dream that more than likely wasn’t really a dream and I’m kind of feeling around on myself wondering well you know they do something to me, they always fix something in me because a lot of times they are fixing something that is wrong with me but I started thinking about the wolves and the coyotes again *and then it suddenly hit me* or maybe I remember being told, that those wolves and those coyotes that people see, the “Dogmen,” I’ve even, I’ve even seen one of those, they are not what they really appear to be those are not really Dogmen those are actually aliens that are trying to look like something else and it makes sense to me now because if you see a Dogman -and I’ve seen one, they’re just standing there or they’re milling about in a little group and they are trying to be menacing but yet they don’t do anything they just put off this menacing air about them.

Although I will add that the one time that I saw a Dogman it did not appear menacing to me it was just watching me from about 200′ away it didn’t appear to bother me at that time. So I think I’ve been given some information regarding what Dogmen are. They are actually these aliens just appearing as something else, masquerading to be something else that they’re not in order to try to scare people but yet still be able to watch people.

People need to realize this. That Dogmen are not a separate entity, cryptid or thing they are actually the same old aliens just trying to appear to be something else that they’re not in order to affect us in a different way to not let us think that “Oh they’re Aliens.”

I don’t know what aliens actually are or where they are from I just know that they are around and for me they make their presence more known in winter here in my area of South Florida.



I am a generational “abductee,” my mother was too. I am a Spiritualist, I channel and I see shadow people and I photograph Orbs. I am also an Empath. I am here for the Privacy and ability to share my life as an Experiencer. Feel free to ask me questions via contact on this site.

I am a long time Experiencer of alien(?) visitations, as well as paranormal phenomena. Thank you or stopping by to read my personal blog. My blog is NOT for “entertainment” purposes as it details things that actually have happened to me. I want to point out that I am NOT on any type of medication or other altering substances, I do not do “drugs” even recreationally. I watch very little TV, and certainly not any UFO or other type scripted shows etc. *in order* to keep my experiences free of potential external stimulus from the things that I experience. I do not belong to any Bigfoot Groups. NO PART of my experiences or Photography may be reproduced without MY permission.

I appreciate your respect.