As much as I would like to say my family and I are close, it seems just the opposite. As a kid growing up I had a very loving house. My mom and dad were always so sickeningly sweet and VERY open with their sexuality so it came as a shock to me to find out in high school that not every family is so affectionate. I always pictured my self as an Alpha from brave new world tossed into this twisted reality. So it should come as no surprise I was called several slurs in high school. I couldn’t understand why this made me an outcast. And I ended up with some resentment towards my parents. My older sister was several years older so we never really had a chance to click and my younger sister and I were polar opposite, she’s the social butterfly and I am the workaholic. We all lived in the same house but we never all there the same times, even though my mom tried really hard for us to have family dinner together.
It wasn’t until after my enlightenment and my sharing that we all found a common topic. It seemed like to brought us closer together.
My mom was the first I told. She is very spiritual as is and I knew she would believe me. My mom is an herbalist who has studied terrot and reki for several years, believes in the power of the devine universe and has seen several ufos throughout her life. There is one thing that has always made me curious. Every time I go with her to get a reading done, there is a topic that is always brought up. Regardless of the reader, everyone has always mentioned something about her contracted child and that THEY are keeping her safe. Curious.
My older sister is a rock hound and is great at harnessing the energy locked inside a jem. She is super intelligent and tells me all the time of odd stories I would tell her as a kid. Like the time I told her that the lights taught me how to levitate and the dog told me the meaning of life. All of which I don’t remember.
my dad has been in the aviation industry for almost 25 years and he is the opposite of my mom, very conservative, a workaholic and thinKS all of us are paranoid. Slowly he is changing his opinion as he has recently become a witness to a up sighting he has yet to “rationally explain”.
My little sister and I have bonded quite a bit. She is just starting to tell her stories and open up. We are only a 18m apart in age. We always shared a room and we never ever slept alone or in the dark. Even when we were 16, 17 and 18 always we were together after dusk. My little sister has a gift, she can astroproject and she travels every where. She too has seen the meadow. But she has never seen the light beings. She always sees humanoids. In fact she is in love with one that’s been meeting up with her since we were kids. But that is her story to tell. She tells me all kinds of things that she learns from him. assuming all he says is true everyone with blue eyes has genes genetically modified some where in their blood line Or that every starseed has a destined scribe that is introduced into their path. What does that mean? Scribe? My little sis explains it like this a starseed needs a scribe to trigger repressed knowledge and abilities. The scribe is more aware of their goals than the starswe’d but the starseed is the scribes guide to the human experience. They both need eachother for their mission. My sister seems to thing she is my scribe. And by how many memories and conversations she triggers I do believe so. Although she is doing the human experience very well without my input .
All of this still leaves me with more questions than answers. I know they tend to follow bloodlines so I understand why mine is crazy enough to match me. But what are all of our rolls? What more is to come? Will anything ever be clear?
Right before my grandma passed away (my mom’s mom) I was still pregnant with baby and I hadnt told her of any of my experiences. She said something odd. My mom and I were sitting by her chair as we were watching tv. And during a commercial she turned to me and said “that’s not a normal child he is an alien.” Caught off gaurd my mom asks her “why do you think that mama?” My grandma replied “because he just told me, he showed me how special he really is.” She puts her hand on my belly then is quiet. Dropped the conversation. She never remembered saying it and never said anything odd like it again. My mom and I were dumbfounded. After she passed any my mom and I had told that story to some realitives, they to said she would talk about ufos and greys then not remember saying anything.

I’m not trying to connect dots where there arnt any but my odd family deserve a big dot.