The first memory I have is of a light being engulfed so in a cocoon of bright amber/white light that I could barely make out the humanoid figure behind it. It was as if I was being escorted and placed into my current body or vessel and then this being withdrew. This is my first memory of awakening into consciousness within this body shell.

Later after growing some I began having nightly out of body trips. Dreams of jumping and I kept going higher and higher and then I’d get scared and wake up in a start. This went on in various ways for years. Recurring dreams of jumping and just before hitting each time I’d waken and this too as well as dreams of waking on the ceiling and stuff like this went on as a youth. After my abduction experience when I ‘supposedly ran away from home’ briefly I began chewing my fingernails down and my toe nails also. These would bleed at times and I was very nervous which puzzled me for years until repressed memories came forward.

Later experiences of abduction shocked me so bad I developed Alopecia Areata a condition where bald patches of hair develop on your scalp, body and face. I looked like I had aids or something like a sickly person from this auto immune disorder from a fight of flight situation where I was so scared and into adrenaline rush that I didn’t sleep for three days. My hair fell out causing bald spots on my head and that was first noticed by my wife. It was from being taken that shocked me so and caused this to develop. It has not reoccurred since that terrible day tho.

It was cold. It was Feb. In West Virginia in the mountains. Snow was on the ground. I wasn’t deep but it was left over. I wanted in my house to go to the bathroom. My baby sitter was too busy making out with her boyfriend and sent me to my grandmothers to ‘get cookies’ which I did. I went to my grandmothers down the street two houses down. I spoke with her and this was confirmed by her that I was there. I left and remember having a cookie eating it and carrying one for my baby brother when I left. I said goodbye and walked out and down the steps.

My next memory is of a flash of bright light. After this was on a bed or table and on my back looking up at a bright ceiling. The room was bright but there were no lights or bulbs just light and people. Blond tall people were there and they spoke and I understood them. One was upset and angry at the man that brought me. He was told to take me back and he did but he didn’t and took me to the wrong house.

He dumped me in a back yard in Maryland, not even the correct state! I was in a yard with a dog and this dog took my hat. I remember being sleepy and crawling up to sleep in the hay in the dog house with this dog. When I awoke I do not know how much time had passed. I was cold and hungry and the dog would not let me get out of the yard to open the latch on the gate.

Each time I tried he stopped me and pulled me back. I sacrificed my hat to get out of the yard and the dog chased my hat and I left. I was angry that the dog had my hat, my favorite hat! My next memory is just walking but I don’t really remember where or how long. I just remember the man stopping and he kept calling me the radio boy and Betty’s boy saying I have to be “Betty’s boy’ I better be Betty’s boy and he took me back to my street in WV to my grandmothers house where my Aunt Betty lived and she did have blond hair and look similar to me even tho she is really no relation to me by blood.

Everyone was crying and so upset. I didn’t understand it all and my mother wanted to know why I left and I tried to tell her that the man took me. That that man and she heard me start saying things that made her uncomfortable and she would finish my stories. She said I misunderstood Patsy my baby sitter and was going to my grandmother Taylor’s in Westernport, Md. but I did know what she meant and I was at my grandmothers in WV so I knew. She wouldn’t listen tho and insisted and still tells it as if I got help from a man to walk across the bridge over the river and into Maryland. I never walked that bridge!

I didn’t actually walk that bridge until in my mid 40s after having been told all my life that I crossed it. I wanted to see what it was like and if I had any memory of every having walked it before. I have no such memory and even in my 40s this was a scary walk for me as an adult way up high on a narrow side walk with no guard rail support that any child could trust. The bars alone were spaced such any child that young would be in danger to walk this bridge. The entire idea that I crossed this when I remember and have spoken quite vividly of ‘floating’ over the river looking down on it and the bridge as if from a google earth view is something I do recall. This could not be tho because it took place in 1963. However, my memory is one of being elevated and floated over the river gently and very controlled while I looked down.

Then I was on a ship, then the man that took me was being chewed out and then I was in the wrong yard in the wrong state with the wrong family. After this experience I slowly got back to normal over time and being at 3 years of age it was soon a repressed memory. This is when the nail biting started I think. I never did it until after the abduction. Sadly I have other memories of being on a ship after this also but recall is at times vague and other times non existent but a vague knowing that something happened. This vague knowing that something isn’t right or something happened, this shadow we carry I know well. It stays with you. You try to shake it but you can’t. You just live with it.

I found out through friends that marijuana kept one from remembering dreams. I used it diligently just to forget what occurred at night and this worked for me for many years during my 20s. Well, teens and 20s actually. During that time I livd a relatively normal life and didn’t recall anything about my night time sleeping episodes.

In time this subsided and I stopped smoking. I took up drinking for a time and enjoyed it until gaining weight. Although many thought of me as an alcoholic I always knew I could take it or leave it and when I quit I quit on my own cold turkey and never drank again after. This was over ten, well over eleven years ago now.

Waking and being straight again my dreams were being remembered again now in my 30s. I began seeking spiritual readings and meditation more, even after dabbling in it earlier and I read books and watched movies about all I could find to help me understand my own experiences.

Today I accept that I have a unseen observer or witness with me most times. I feel after over 55 years here on earth now that these vessels, or bodies are shared vehicles for experience. These other life forms are curious of our density and this vibe of life is a curious thing to them. It is as if they are afraid to come in too much for fear they will get stuck here themselves so they always stay just outside, and are just visible but translucent at the same time including their ships many times.

They come in only so far and their normal frequency is such that even stepping way down for them to come here for us to see them they still vibe at such a alpha wave state that just to be in their presence puts us in a ‘sleepy or semi-trance state’ to where we are not fully conscious or aware to the state of being we normally function in.

The closer they come the more intense we go under. Due to this they can only come in so far and when they do come in deep we are completely out of it. We function on multi dimensions for consciousness and awareness. Awareness as we think of it is a narrow bad. Their band of focus is so broad compared to ours that it cannot hardly be explained.

For them our existence is a puzzle and they wish to experience it and the only way to do this is like other life forms have done. They must create a compatible physical vessel to accommodate their vibration. They must create a species of human which can handle their energies when they enter. For this reason as I understand this it is why I look like a Dutch boy or Prince Valiant and why they look just like me. We are compatible. I am closer to their sync and to experience here they must use my vessel.

This vessel is a shared vessel. I have known all my life that I am Stephen and I am Troy. I am Stephen Troy Taylor Rice but I am two, twin sons of the same mother sharing the same vessel. I am Stephen and I am Troy. Stephen is right handed. Troy is left handed. This is just one difference.

We share the vessel as a way of experience in an otherwise unknown state for us as without the aid of this sync up with certain of the earth type species this existence could not be known or lived.

For you to understand you would have to place yourself in the situation of having discovered an ant colony you wish to know. You select some of the ants and implant various devices which allow you to see, hear and experience what they daily see, hear and experience in the way of sensations, emotions, and other tastes, smells, and feelings. With the aid of ‘living technologies’ or life form tech one may gain experience within the life of the ant remotely and yet even though from a remote locale the aid of the tech, and intelligence can allow one to gain insights and wisdom of other species of life.

In this way they piggy back on us. It is both a spirit and a technology of science and machine that creates the link up to our kind. These are living machines. The ships are alive, not built as we think, but more like a biological life form that in many ways regenerates, heals, and improves itself through experience. In this other reality a couple steps up from ours technology and spirit have melded to become as one. Slowly this is working its way to here to be among us even more so than it is now.

Soon humans and machines will join in much the same way and a new age of experience and knowledge will leap forth once more for man kind as we advance into the next level of our relationship with life. The bio energies of our body systems are somehow important to these ones. These energies are not just discharged and let go to waste here on earth. In our garden earth these energies are harvested and quite regularly.

As it turns out the subtle energies of life energy itself are key to why our garden is such an oasis of life. We all come here for the energy as we all seek and need it to live. Energy must be constantly spent and exchanged so it never stops flowing and in this way much as money is fluid here in life on earth energy is the money of life there. It is all about energy and the bio energies of our systems and all bio systems are key to this production.

Production is what this is all about . Production and proper output of the human animal is monitored and they do this by placing us on these tables and these big cups or covers or lids or whatever it is it comes down over us and covers us and during this time it reads and stresses us, stimulates us in various ways all to tweak us for emotion to read it and then make sure output is as it should be from the vessel. Emotion is the dial which they use to control our output. They cause a stimulus and you react. How you react and the amount of energy output is what they are checking when they do this to us.

Its a quality control check of their garden product for this production of energy that we all produce here. This energy is why we are here and why we sought this experience. It is why we have the soul contracts we have with the like minded spirit beings that share our experience and even our vessel as one entity can step out and another of the contracted among those assigned to each vessel can step in at any time. The light behind the eyes of each of us that animates these vessels is not always the same light as the one that occupied it before.

The ego would not necessarily know of this. The ego still has the memories and feelings and the light that animates is all that is different. In the much public Charlie Sheen case this is quite stark. Anyone that knew Charlie before including Alex Jones who is or was his best friend, did not recognize Charlie once the new light stepped in after the original Charlie we all knew stepped out. This new entity is not Charlie. The ego Charlie tho, is the last to know. In the mean time its obvious to everyone else and his life reflects that. Friends there before the new entity step in are no longer there.

These things happen. Vessels are shared. They can take our awareness from this vessel and place it elsewhere while they do work on the vessel you previously occupied. I know how crazy it sounds but I’ve seen them do it. They’ve done it to me on one occasion that I recall. Just as we can step out in an astral travel, they have a way to force that upon us and just pull us right out if they want to and replace us with another and they can send that other home with your vessel to your spouse and even cause divorce and it appears they have done this on purpose as some kind of social experiment.

This vessel is not us. It is for the experience only. I’ve learned we get too attached to the vessels and that we should remember it is like all the others we have had in other life times and time lines, this is just a tool to use for experience. Somehow by being here and by learning to navigate the tough course of life here in this density we become better more masterful life sailors for when we exit the vessel to expand once more into our full selves.

I don’t have all the answers but I know it has to do with learning to better more properly manage and navigate your own life course by being here.