I always wondered if one of my encounters was listed in the UK governments UFO files released. I remember a time, must have been around 1997, I was living in Northern Ireland at the time and although there was a peace process which began in 1995 there was still a lot of activity and a lot of British Forces based there. Anyway, one night I remember being brought back floating through the window of my house after a contact and I was aware that there was a helicopter, I could hear it and I remember smiling to myself thinking they can see me, they were there watching me being brought back in to my bedroom window which overlooked the street. I always wondered what they were thinking at the time and if it is recorded. I was always a little paranoid then that I was being watched. But I got on with my life as normal. Funny, but it was about that time too that I was working in a retail outlet as a manager and as I was leaning over to update a cash register I leaned over a flat bed barcode scanner and I scanned, 999999999 or however many nines could register, everyone just stopped and looked and I remember a man standing watching, he had black hair, that’s all I remember but he stared… but being a busy retail outlet and a manager I had to get on with my job. But that man still sticks out in my mind, there were lots of other people there, but he stood back and just watched. I wonder if we freak the authorities out?
I was thinking too, I will have to scan my drawings in and post them with my posts. I’m still working out how to include images.