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George Van Tassel was active in the aviation industry during the 1930s until the late 1970s. He worked for several top aircraft manufacturers during the transition period from propeller-driven craft, to jets and rockets. He was Howard Huges’ safety pilot, making sure that Howard “didn’t kill himself.”

George wrote that, in a free energy society, there can be no money system. This is why the ‘Dark Cabal’ is trying so hard to keep this technology hidden from the world. Progress, as we all know, cannot be stopped, no matter who is “in charge.”

[From the Introduction to George Van Tassel’s book: I Rode a Flying Saucer.] “Born in Jefferson, Ohio, in 1910, raised in a normal home, by middle class parents, he entered aviation after high school in 1927 and served as airline mechanic four years, then worked in aircraft for Douglas eight and one half years, Howard Hughes two and one half years, and Lockheed Aircraft four and one half years. During this twenty year period of flying and flight test work the author’s observations of other craft in the air has been almost continuous and daily. Now at the age of 42 years, he is living with his wife and three daughters, at Giant Rock, 16 miles north of the Twentynine Palms highway, at the Joshua Tree intersection. At present he is operating a commercial airport, resort and guest ranch.

Giant Rock Airport has a background of phony spy stories a mile long. The previous occupant of Giant Rock, a man named Frank Critzer, was unfortunate enough to have a German name while the United States was at war with Germany in World War II. Several individuals who didn’t like the way he parted his hair, caused him to be investigated numerous times and he was killed in 1942 by a blast of dynamite, supposedly by his own hand. The author “grubstaked” this man Critzer in 1930 and spent many week ends with him at Giant Rock. Observing the great physical strength, calm demeanor and peace of mind displayed by Critzer, the author acquired a desire to live at Giant Rock. Through eight months of flight test work with Howard Hughes at Harper Dry Lake near Barstow, California, the author was sold on the clean air, the intense quiet nights and outdoor living in the desert. Having acquired the property at Giant Rock from the government, the author learned to feel the freedom of living with nature. Four and a half years of this natural freedom made it possible for the author to find his true being.”

[Van Tassel, George (2011-04-13). I Rode a Flying Saucer by George W. Van Tassel -Kindle Edition.]

Below is the transcript of Van Tassel’s communications with ETs in 1955. He allowed them to use his vocal cords to impart vital information. The transcript to the audios was typed by Grace Butler, artist, sculptor, philosopher and naturalist. She has her own You Tube channel, and I urge readers to visit there. The You Tube links to the communication are :
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The opening dialog is omitted here, but is well worth listening to on the first You Tube audio link, listed above.


George Van Tassel
ET Communications — 1955
(Transcribed by Grace Butler-2015)

[George Van Tassel is talking to off-planet beings via the Omni-Beam, which isa hollow vortex generated by a device known as a “Adiphon.”Think of it as an extremely long paper towel tube. This is how the ETs communicated with me in 1961, when I was twelve. I was walking home alone from the dentist. How I wish I had known to answer them, when my name was called. I just stopped in the middle of the intersection and looked around to see no one there. The Omni-Beam vortex works both ways. It seemed as if the friendly voice was close to my right ear.]

George: Okay, Natagawea, I’m clear:

Natagawea: I wish to greet you in the name of the Father to us all. It is highly understandable how people confined to the surface of a planet can become very backward in their acceptance of life in form.

We understand you people on the surface of your planet as none of you could ever understand us. Your humanity has assumed that they are the acme of all acmes; they are the perfect form. Surely at many times in your lives you have wished for another arm to hold something or wished you could run faster in order to get somewhere quicker; even wanted to jump higher or further.

Your limits are strictly your own. They are not the limits of man in the Adamic Confederation.

[Note: Adam and Eve are not individual people! The Biblical names, in actuality, signify a highly advanced, other-worldly race of “Adam,” inter-marrying with a race, “Eve,” which is still dominated by fear-based barbaric tendencies. This intermarriage constituted the real “original sin,” or, the “adulteration” of the pure Adamic bloodline. It is not a cultural question, it is a matter of Universal-Scientific Law. The Law in Genesis should really read: “Thou shalt not adulterate thyself.” —  (the diluting of the blood). This also applies to the administering of any vaccines!–yuyo] 

You are confined only because you have confined yourselves.  Your figure (physical body) is not the form of man in the majority.  The human figure is a minority product. It may be recalled to your mind that, in the beginning according to your accepted book, the one you call God said, “Let us make man.”

Have you ever wondered who “us” was. Does this imply that God is more than one to your understanding? 

We have been doing the work of creation  in our Confederation, and especially our people in the  Confederation who originally founded and started the Confederation long, long before your planet was such that it could be occupied. Years mean nothing.

Our figures vary from yours. I will describe our people as I have been requested to do: We are in stature in your measurements anywhere from two feet to thirteen feet in height. We can vary our stature to conform to normal gravities of many planets. We can increase and decrease our density. We are not concerned with our individual weight in relation to gravity, because you see, we do not support ourselves by legs. We maintain levitation at all times; not by an act of intensive mind control, but rather because it is as common for our people to levitate after birth as it is for your people to walk. And our babies do it much sooner than yours.

We are shaped very much like your fruit, the pear, with no legs. We have arms if you wish to term them that. One pair is located as yours are from what you would term the shoulders. The other pair are slightly lower and toward the front more. We do not have what you would call a neck and a head.

Our eyes are many in a ring completely encircling our top portion of the body.
We can watch in all directions at once. There are 32 eyes; not like your eyes, but eyes with many facets in the lens making it possible to look out of many windows rather than two, in limited vision such as you have.  It is too bad that your people term us monsters. It only shows the lack of understanding, for you have many forms of life on your planet besides the human form, none of which you consider monsters. [Note: George mentioned to Natagawea that people of Earth describe entities like him as being “monsters.”]

Form varies with development. It changes with development. If you have no requirement for legs, they would certainly be . . . (unintelligible–sounded like “in your road.”). The human form is the result of cross breeding, so far as we can tell in our history, which we can accurately play back for close to four hundred thousand years of your time.

We were first created in space; we have little use to live on a planet. We have many types of craft both visible and invisible. We understand life. We understand creation, and we counteract destruction at every opportunity. If ever there were wars conducted by our people, they were back beyond our recorded history.

We assimilate our food through an opening you would call a mouth, although we never utter a sound from it. We do not breathe air as you do. Our breathing if you could term it such, is absorption of light in the primary stages. (I think it operates like a chakra-Yu Yo)

We do not have to worry about moving outside of our ships. Neither cold nor heat can touch us, and we generate in our levitation principles a field about us individually that your highest powered rifle could never penetrate.

We have never known the word fear among our people. We have a majority of our ships around your planet. The last convoy to arrive placed our people in our ships in the total of two million, two hundred thousand ships and twenty million six hundred thousand of our people around your planet at a established altitude of your planet of four thousand of your miles.

We do not intend to land. We can do anything from here that is necessary in order to bring about changes in y our civilization. From our ships, we can immediately change any individual’s line of thought, raise or lower their blood pressure, change their rate of breathing, increase or decrease their circulation, and bring about any form of complete healing at any time.

Through the people of Nirbu (Venus–not ‘Nibiru’), we offered to bring about complete elimination of disease upon your planet. The offer was rejected, because the people who made the decision in authority of the nations of your surface did not believe it could be done. In the future it will be done, without any approval from your authority of the nations of the surface.

We are going to make every effort to bring about a survival and revival of your humanity.  It is our plan to instigate, unknowingly to the multitudes, an about face in the ways of doing among your people. We do not intend to infringe upon your rights, to observe you in your privacy, nor to violate the laws, which we understand much more about than your people. It is pleasant to observe from here the effort, the interest and the desire of those who come to the place you occupy (Giant Rock, California).  

We are well pleased with your doings, although you make errors, your intent is right. You could exert a little more effort if you wished. From our point of observation you are certainly in the forefront of your humanity. Please accept our appreciation for your cooperation.

Strangely enough it would appear to you that I am speaking your lingo to your understanding; to your way of expressing. We do not have to study the languages of your surface. What our people and our development know, they have known for a long time.  And we function entirely from the consciousness of the inner mind, not from a gland called the brain.

Although our knowledge is not supreme, it is very complete. From our convoy we shall greet you and make every effort to meet you there, since the one through whom I speak has been able to assimilate the higher frequencies required for us to communicate with you. Yes, yes,

George (to his friend, Payne, an engineer?):
Yeah, Yeah, break back..Thanks a lot. Yeah, I am really awful hot.  What did you say. I am glad you came in there. I wanted to check back on the reading if I could. This has really been  one of the most wonderful sensations or feeling that I have ever had in any of the contacts. Will you transmit to our pear-shaped friends our complete appreciation and understanding and love and everything that goes to their understanding. Yeah, yeah, thanks.  Well it certainly was worth it. Yeah, I can see it. We really got up in the blue field there. O.K. fella we will see you again.

[George, in contact with Lectus] Now that’s coming right on. Yeah, you’re dead center. No, that’s perfect right there. Oh yes, that will be interesting. Well you switch over there. I am ready anytime. Yeah, I will just get clear and you bring them right in.

Lectus: From the Council of the Seven Lights, I am Lectus here. Certain thoughts, questions were projected to us from you there. Let me say our square star body will only orbit around your planet so long as we maintain our position caged in relation to the lines of force. Our craft does not contain a motor unit. We move rather by unbalancing our polarity in one direction or the other.

Your science does not understand that in order to orbit a station around a planet, the station must be caged in the lines of force, or it will return to the surface.

I would like to request that you follow instructions we gave you some time ago. It is essential at this time that you increase your storage of food supplies in underground storage.  

I extend to you the love and greetings from the Council of the Seven Lights. We bid you ever presence.

George: Yeah, Payne Uh, huh . . .
No, Something caused it it to creep up, Will you center–come over to the left some more. I have got a hot feeling in my left arm. Yeah, that is better. Yeah, that’s better. Hello, does that check out all right?

Yeah, well I don’t know. What do you want me to do? Well, I will just keep talking ‘till you get it adjusted, if that will help any. And, no, I cannot see anything, that just seems to be blue or blank space through the scope. The beam seems to be turning a blue tinge now. Is that what it is supposed to . . . Yeah, I am beginning to feel an increase in temperature. O.K. No, it feels pretty hot, but I can stand if if you want to leave it there.  

Well, try it and I will see what happens. So far it’s alright; just like it’s in the hot sun. Yeah, I get a little effect like that. Is that suppose to be there? Yeah, well yes, this is gonna be all right Payne. It’s certainly different, and I know it’s a much higher frequency. You just keep a connection check and go ahead and make the connection, because I will let you know if anything gets too far off. Huh, yeah, I can see a very distinguished looking, very intelligent looking person in the . . . yeah, I see that. Yes, he just seems to radiate, oh, personality and love and compassion. Is that what you want me to keep doing. Oh, it is very clear and this man seems to be very familiar to me. I mean, I feel like I knew him sometime. Well, that will be fine. Well, I will just get clear and you take over, this won’t last too long and let’s get something done with it. Yeah, I will get clear. I am all right:

Entity known as “M”: I speak to you from the council,  Auditorius, at the center of Blaah (Blay-ah). I shall be known as M. The letter M.  While Payne is conducting these increased frequency tests, I will take this occasion to inform you that startling new things will appear in your skies as your planet proceeds into the higher frequencies of the fourth densities, from the arc from which your system now is . . .  

George: No, I am getting a little unpleasant, Payne. You’re watching? I can see it too. It’s gone worse than that sometimes. No, I seem to be a little drowsy. What are you building this frequency up for? Is this for further contact with the inner counselor?

Yeah, I can see that. Well my breath seems to be shortening a little, and I noticed there is definitely tears coming out of my eyes. Is that all right? No it does not seem to be getting any hotter, but is sure is funny. Well, it seems like I am moving back and forth. My right side seems to be (pulled?) back, and my left side seems to go ahead. No, I can’t feel the chair at all except the arms.  Okay, that is all for now. Huh. Yeah, it’s strapping back all right, except I am kind of getting cold. It seems cold now after that heat.  Well . . . yeah, now, it is about standard. Well, okay, fella. You know what you are doing. I can understand that. Well, thanks a lot and you keep running those, because I know that the data that we get from the Blaah counselor is going to be really something. We appreciate the honor and privilege that is being extended to us from there. You extend our grateful love and greeting to Shemshe and Lectus, and the person there, and also the Council of Twelve Lords and the people there at the center of Blaah. Okay, fella, we will be looking for you. . . . Yeah, so long.

Hello, hello. Oh, yeah. Hello Molintoy. I was startled to hear your call direct. I didn’t recognize it.

Yeah, hello Payne. . . . Oh, yeah, you picked that up? . . . Well, that is just fine. Do you want to wait on that a moment? . . . Okay, Payne, now the visual is opening up. Oh yeah, will you bring it over a little? The left side seems to be kind of vague. . . . No, that still hasn’t got it.  My left leg is getting hot.

And now the visual is clear and, yeah, can you bring that temperature down? I can notice that. . . . Yeah, no you are centered now. Very good. Now, you are coming in and I can see you. You’re loud enough and very clear.  Molintoy was calling there, do you want to make that contact, though. . . . Okay, Yeah. Hey wait a minute. . . . No, I got it all right. Is that reading all that, Payne? . . . Okay, but I feel kind of funny. . . . No just a terrific tingling all over; more than usual. Okay, I am clear. Now, wait a minute. . . . Well, I got hung up in my body here somewhere. First time I ever got caught up in myself. Yeah, Okay, I’m clear:

Greetings to you there. I am Molintoy. Over at your time past we informed you that the nuclear and atomic force cannot (?) the surface of your planet would cause earthquakes upon the opposite side of the globe from the test. The recent Philippine and Chinese damages were direct results of results of repercussions  from that conducted in your western state.

Violence shot throughout the Mediterranean and African areas there followed. These bombs will bring about severe draughts in your country following. Surface atmospheric changes will be apparent on your side of the planet. Some of them are of voluntary . . . (discontinue).

George: Yeah, thank you Molintoy. . . . Yes Payne, what did you say?  . . . Well, break through, if you want to. Everything is fine here. Visual is okay. It makes that funny feeling. Does it show anything on the Lavolet? It is sure different, it may be something local. . . . Okay, as long as it’s okay.   

Yeah. To the personnel aboard Altron, will you send our grateful appreciation and love to them?

I’m sitting straight up. . . . Oh, well, I might have been leaning to one side.

Hello Kurtan. . . . Yeah, you can release that Payne. What’s cooking that’s new, Kurtan. . . . Wait a minute you are going too fast, and that stuff is interesting.  Are you set for a break through there. . . . Yeah, I will just hop out at any time. . . . Yeah. That’s right. . . . Yeah, we are recording as you know. . . . Yeah. No, it feels good. Everything is all right. I don’t seem to get that funny tingling. Are you listening Payne? . . . Well, I don’t get it with Kurtan, so you check and see if he knows what it is. . . . Okay, Kurtan, I am clear.

Kurtan: From Q-9 Convoy, I am Kurtan. We have reinforced our fleet on your surface with additional mollifiers.  

George: No, it is getting too hot. Bring it back. Oh, now I can see the steam. . . . I don’t know, maybe I got par boiled. You had better stop it there because it’s too much.  . . . I don’t know what happened. Is that a local condition?  . . . Is it radiation from the blast yesterday? . . . Is there something different here?

I never felt that before. What is that? Who is that calling? . . . Oh, hello Newey. You are running tests there? . . . Well, fella, I would appreciate if you would find out what is going on, because that was awful. . . . No, it seems like I was starting to cook from the inside out. . . . What did you say Payne. . . . Well look, wait a minute Payne, I can only answer one at a time. . . . That’s right Kurtan. . . . Well, break back and then. . . Well, Kurtan caught it under control there before I could hardly say anything.  What does yours show. . . . Well, I can see the Lavolet; everything seems to be normal there. . . . Well, it is about where it normally is. . . . No, I cannot hear any buzzing. Can you? . . . Well, lets go ahead, as long as you got everything in front of you there. Hello Dusket. Yeah, they kind of miss you around here. . . . That will be fine. . . . It’s okay now, Payne. Okay, I’m clear. . . . No, that’s okay. You got me hopping here and I don’t know when I am in and when I am out. I don’t feel anything on it. I’ll yell if anything goes wrong down here.

Malovea Van Dusket:
Malovea Van Dusket, here:  The way we have been operating has not been exactly to my choice, but it was essential, (owing) to instability there. We have been recording much from the latest news on your surface, and I shall advance this information to you in regard to recent further violation of the laws of the Universal . . . you might term this title. You know better, yet you’re are committing adultery.

As most of you know, the Ten Commandments state, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”
In the twisting of words and meanings this has come to be believed as the violation of marriage laws; marriage laws of human civil writings. This law should have read, “Thou shalt not commit delusion.”

The adulteration of anything, is the mixing of anything else with it. Your propaganda machines all have carried headlines and writing upon the new polio vaccine. This is not different than others. Whatever it be that is injected into the bloodstream and is in violation of the commandment, “Thou shalt not  adulterate thyself.” The blood is the life  of the physical body. Abomination of that blood changes the frequency, the vibratory rate, and can be the cause of obsession, mental failure and nerve failure.

The blood is the result of a series of chemical electrical changes in the laboratory of the body. Sudden additions of anything to the blood stream may, in many cases, bring about a prevention of some particular virus or electro-chemical reaction, but every cause has an effect. And the effect of injections of any chemical into the blood stream will sooner or later cause reactions that will be of a more deadly potential than the original disease could have been. If these vaccines could be assimilated very gradually over a long period of time, the body chemistry could adjust itself to them.

These new polio vaccines have not been sufficiently tested for a period of time that would determine conditions that will be apparent in the near future. The ignorance in Medicine upon the earth, is in assuming that every individual responds equally to the same application. This will be proven in many ways. The present formula polio vaccine will cause an increase in heart failure, tuberculosis, spinal meningitis, and dropsy, and other numerous kidney ailments, and in the long run, will bring about an unbalanced mental condition. Little can I add to these words. Little do the scientist and Medicine realize what they are doing. The law reads, “Thou shalt not adulterate thyself.”

I do hope that this message will correct the condition where ignorance prevails. It has been pleasant to return to the Omni-beam to all of you there, my everlasting love. I am (?) now begun.  

George: No, Payne, either I have got used to it, or I it seems to be wearing off, or wearing in or something. Maybe I am being adulterated with it. You can grin, Basset, but it sure feels funny. . . . I don’t know. . . . Hello, yeah. . . . Oh, yeah, Payne. . . . No, I got a call in here that everything was okay. . . . Let’s go through there. . . . As far as I am concerned it is all right. . . . It’s just a funny feeling. . . . Yeah. . . . Well, that will be fine. . . . Yeah. O.K. Yeah, I’m clear.

Holder: Greetings from the “Lavelector (?)” Center. I am Holder. We have increased the number of our ships around Shan (Earth), owing to a critical condition that we shall not tell you about at this time.

George: Hello, hello, I don’t know where he went. That’s all right Payne. Well that’s one of those things, I guess. I don’t know, maybe they think I am talking to myself. No, it’s nice to have Vestur give us the data on that. Yeah, Payne. Okay, break through there again.

George: Yeah. Hello, Holder. I didn’t know what was going on. You stopped and I did not know what you were stopping for. Yeah. Okay.  

Yeah, I will get clear and you come on back.

Holder: Holder here, again. We are moving this station, Altron, over a place where another nation is about to conduct several tests. Our instrumentation indicates that we shall certainly nullify one of them. From the sector center, I am Holder. (Discontinue).

Thanks, Payne. . . . I don’t know; it seems like I am just bouncing around between the stars. . . . Yeah.

Hello. You just came through. . . . Well, l . . . that will be fine. This is Saturday. That will be . . . that will be wonderful ,Payne, Yeah. . . . No, I would like to talk to this fella from Mars again anytime you fix it up. Oh . . .[Further conversation ended on this video.]