In my first experience (described in Forbidden Weapons….Part I) three very significant UFO incidents happened that to this very day controversy surrounds. In my opinion two of the three (incidents) only appear to be controversial because: 1) Military / civilian evidence was stored improperly concerning the Blue Streak missile and UFO incident of 1964 (either by omission or commission) by sending the text / papers to one location (The British National Archives) while sending the film evidence to a completely different location and possible agency (a war museum?) 2) Military / civilian evidence was “confiscated” while witnesses to these events watched it being “confiscated” and then were told “It never happened” (as it did actually happen in the 1964 Vandenberg / Big Sur, California UFO incident) while the third event, The Solway-Firth Man is a little less controversial in that shortly after this third event the Kodak company responsible for the type of film used had the film / negatives examined and determined the film of the Solway-Firth Man to not be faulty film and upon close examination the film was not altered or modified in anyway to create the image. My very first experience in 1964 (in May after school let out) occurred in the sequence order I originally said (in Part I) 1)The Woomera UFO incident 1964; 2) the Vandenberg UFO incident 1964; 3) The Solway-Firth Man 1964. Now for amendment for the second event (which goes with the picture provided) was the Vandenberg UFO incident. While we waited in the mountains at Big Sur, California hovering in one place about 15-20 feet above the hiking trail (which I believe was a Forestry Division Firefighters trail) the ship / UFO we were in was “cloaked” or in stealth mode so to speak because for the duration that we hovered over the trail none of the men involved with the huge white camera ‘thingy’ could see us at all. We though could clearly see them. And as said at one point I ask why we were waiting or what we were waiting for, the Being says to me “I don’t like that they are assisting the ones who want to destroy this place.” (I at this juncture need to say I am not passing judgment on them or anyone at this point I am simply conveying what He said.) I asked him if I could “spy” on the men on the ground to see what I could find out. He transports me down and I can feel my feet on the surface of the trail before I actually seemed to see my body there…as strange & sci-fi as that sounds. I realize I need cover to hide and watch so I get in a crouch-walk trying to ease down the slope where the trail drops off. While facing the white camera thingy and the men gathered, the trail I am on rises like a wall of dirt/ mountain on the left while to the right of the trail the land slopes steeply into a bowl shaped recess, and is pretty steep but not anything that can’t be hiked carefully. Crouching in a squatting-walk I am looking for a bush of any kind to hide behind. The men don’t seem to see me as long as I am crouching. Take a look at the picture I provided for this post of the scope crew: there is a man that is dressed in white shirt and pointing right at the camera that took the scope-crew picture. His name is Kingston George and he was an Air Force Civil Service Operations Research Analyst for the 1st Strategic Aerospace Division at Vandenberg AFB, in 1964.
As I crouched the men talked very little. To get one’s bearings the site (which was in the Los Padres mountains which eventually merges at Big Sur, Calif.) if one was standing next to the huge white camera / scope looking at the forestry trail, the trail itself descended down the mountain area they were at. The trail we hovered over was on the right of a gully. The gully was in front of the camera / scope. The trail we hovered over by about 20 feet above seemed awfully narrow for the enormous size of the camera / scope (not knowing the terrain at all except for the “experience”, I cannot be sure the trail we hovered over was the same one the camera / scope was hauled up the mountain to it’s position where it sat. The camera / scope was sort of in the middle on a more level area of ground, sitting on machinery to be able to move it back to whence it came from. The area for the en to walk on level ground was rather narrow and made kind of a cul-de-sac along the edge of the gully I refer to here. You could walk to the right side of the gully and the trail led downward or if you went to the left of the gully the trail / walking area narrowed to the point that it no longer was easy to walk along the (left) side of the gully. I notice that Kingston is taller and bigger than the rest of the men there. At some point Kingston George sees me and starts yelling, “Hey you.. what are you doing?” Kingston then starts walking to the left of the gully yelling really loudly “HEY!…HEY! YOU!…What are you DOING spying on us?” As he gets closer he see me fully and yells, “Hey little girl what are you doing spying on us?” I don’t answer him. At first I have my head down towards my knees in a crouch, but then Kingston is trying to get to me in the gully and is pacing a couple times at the left edge before descending into the gully yelling even louder, “Hey little girl!!… where are your parents?!!?” Kingston does a sort of zig-zag down the steep edge of the left of the camera / scope running downward to get to where I was. Now three other men are running over to the left edge of the gully in front of the camera to see what he was yelling about, then immediately one man runs back to the camera / scope realizing someone has to listen for “orders.” The two other men are asking, “What is it…what is it?” Then as they watch Kingston try to make his way into the slightly steep gully, one man stays near the top edge waiting to see what is happening and why Kingston is yelling “Hey little girl…” and now one of the two men checking what is up (both of which looked younger and smaller than Kingston) walks quickly back to the camera / scope, as one man stayed to ask Kingston what happened. I then realized I couldn’t hide anymore, that he seemed overly angry and I really didn’t know what the man would try to do…so in defense, I stood up and stuck my tongue at him and called to “Him” (the Being) to transport me up, saying “He is coming at me…I don’t know what he will do, hurry!” At that point I just disappear back into the ship. Eventually the Being and I are laughing hard (mostly at a sweaty, exasperated Kingston) who is trying now to get back up the left side of the gully (the way he came down) because of his weight is having difficulty getting out of the gully. Kingston can’t stop yelling “Where is that little girls PARENTS?!!!”……. “What kind of parents lets a kid wander around in the mountains?!!!!!!”…… “Some parents THEY ARE!!!!” He is still yelling this as he gets up the edge of the gully. A much more slight in build man is still waiting at the edge and Kingston goes past him after “whispering something to him” but it’s quite apparent Kingston won’t consoled and keeps ranting for another 5-10 minutes about my parents… “They are probably DRUNKS!!” At the time of this incident my dad was an enlisted Naval Intelligence Officer; Neither of my parents drank nor were ever drunks. And unbeknownst to him (Kingston) they were actively engaged in a search party back in S.E. Montana, looking for me. The search lasted two days (from the time of my disappearance) before I was ‘brought back to the exact spot from where I was taken.’ At least twenty or more were involved in the two-day search for me. Again unbeknownst to Kingston, my parents loved me very much and I was only out laying on a grassy hill near our house when it all started. In hindsight he seemed very ill-mannered to a child he didn’t know, ill-tempered and impertinent and probably had a propensity towards violence given the way he acted to a stranger’ child. He is also a “self-proclaimed debunker” of the entire 1964 Vandenberg UFO incident, here is the link to his blog:

And the only time he was actually published concerning his UFO skepticism was “outted” by the very reputable Robert Hastings, who has done extensive UFO research (and I believe was also a speaker at the Citizens Press Club Hearings on disclosure. Hastings has been attacked numerous times by him (Kingston) and Hastings came back in a scathingly accurate and extensive report to counter (Kingston’) libelous accusations, here: