In Part I, I describe this sign… this is the actual sign at the Blue Streak missile site at Woomera in Australia. I described how we are sneaking down a road (a dirt road in 1964) floating about 6 feet off the ground going forward slowly (as if we are using a car on a road, but are definitely NOT in a car) and the He (the very human looking off-world being) starts reading the sign in “different voice” a really deep voice (not his own sounding) and says “Prohibited~! DO NOT DEVIATE!” and that’s when we both started laughing so darn hard we almost couldn’t stop laughing… Even given as serious as the situation was (and still is) and I would never want to give the impression that any of this is taken lightly or a laughing matter by me or off-world Beings that are trying to send a very grave and pertinent overall message to humanity at large. It’s just that in midst of all this experience… He showed a very human side of trying to lighten-up a tense moment, relaxing both of us. I am not trying to make any biblical or religious reference per se, but when I ponder this humorous and “human” side I can’t help but think about the phrase, “Created in our image.” Things that make you go….”Hmmmmm.”