I had some ‘parts’ of my earliest experience missing for many years. I had a breakthrough as you’d call it. I started just writing it down in the order of the three separate places I was during about 24 hrs missing time, (as others were looking for me) and more memory of the experience just came flowing after all these years.

I had a number of people looking for me. It was only the 2nd or 3rd day after school let out for the summer vacation. I was gone possibly 20-24 hrs or more. I went outside looking for friends I played with and found some gathered in a group but when I asked them if they wanted to play they had said ‘We’ll catch up to you later.’ Usually we played together a lot so I didn’t think anything of it. I said that I would be over by the grassy hill if they wanted to join me (where we would lay down on our sides and roll down the small hill into peels of laughter like kids do.) I layed on my back on the grassy hill and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. I remember the sun making me feel a bit sleepy and thought what a great place to take a nap. I looked off to see if my friends were going to join me but didn’t see them. I looked a little while later and they still weren’t joining so I started dozing off. Before actually sleeping a ‘very familiar voice’ says to me, “Is anyone looking?” I looked around and couldn’t see who was saying that but knew the voice well then still laying down looked around and didn’t see anyone at all adding “Nope there’s no one looking.” I am just answering without questioning anything.

He says to me he needs my help. I am only 5 yrs old why do you need my help? I ask. I do not even question a voice that I know I know so well and trust but cannot see. I ask him what kind of help does he need and he says “I want to keep them from destroying each other.” I wonder what he means by this. Instead of talking he shows me ‘images’ of different views of rockets flying through the air and exploding.The next image he shows me is of a mushroom cloud explosion and tells me in a worried voice that he doesn’t have anyone else to help him that he can trust. I told him he can count on me. There are a few moments where nothing is shown or communicated then he speaks again but in my head ’cause he is no where around. “Ok now is there anyone around, look really careful.” So I look around at the area really careful which is well away from any buildings and tell him ‘No, there isn’t anyone I can see.’

Within what seemed seconds or less I was inside a ship. I am very familiar with this ship and very comfortable. I look to my left and say ‘Oh my gosh its you!… How have you been?’ He smiles brightly with his beautiful large dark brown eyes and says “Very good. But right now we have to get to a couple places.” The first thing he does is tells me he has to ‘set the dial’ and then we can go. The first place we go to, is on flat land for as far as you can see it just looks like brown dirt without a tree or a bush or anything and we are flying around looking at the area. The area is so flat nothing really stands out to tell where I am. It just looks like endless farmland but there’s no plants or animals, just some unidentifiable body of water off in the distance. When I ask him where we are he tells me it’s farmland. He doesn’t tell me where it really was. I don’t question him for a second. Next thing I notice as we circle in the air and slowly get lower to the ground, is a rocket off in the distance and one or two buildings (but I think at that time there was only one building.) As we get closer to the building that was nearer the rocket (than us) there is a sign that is on the right side of an entrance road. We are floating about 6 feet above an entrance road moving forward really slowly. For some reason as we pass the sign the letters are a fuzzy to me. I don’t see it clearly. He looks at the sign as we s-lo-w-l-y pass down this road then looks at me and says “PROHIBITED-DO NOT DEVIATE FROM ROAD” in a deep voice that isn’t like his usual soft voice with a sort of “I-mean-business” look on his face. We both broke out into peels of laughter. We are moving slowly along this road but we are not on the road or in a car yet we are above the road (about 6 feet) like we are pretending to be a car driving very slowly, but we are floating slowly forward in a silver ship so they don’t sense or see us coming in towards this area.

I can only see out the right side of the ship as I lean my shoulder into the right side window the sun is warming the window and me. Now I can see from a front view as he opens the windshield cover there is a chainlink fence in front of us and what looks like a tiny guardhouse on the left side of the road. There appears to be two gates to go through not that far apart from each other, with just enough room say to fit a car in between both gates. I looked at him and asked ‘how are we going to get in there if they have it guarded?’ He smiles at me “That’s no problem, watch.” I see through the window we went straight up slightly forward then back down the same height again and move forward slightly then stop. You can see the rocket up ahead of us but now we are past the guardhouse and on the other side of the two chain-link gates. I started thinking this isn’t much protection for such a big rocket?For some reason they cannot see us at all.

He then said “We are going to have to go down onto the launchpad near the rocket and look official.” He hands me a white outfit to put on and he puts one on too; It looks to me like a white lab coat (but I thought I was wearing white pants as well?) I don’t know where he got them from so I let out a big laugh looking at them and start throwing them on over my clothes. He puts his finger to his mouth to remind me ‘to speak the other way.’ We both went from a height of about 6 or 7 ft. off the ground where the ship appeared to stay floating at (which they still couldn’t see) and are now walking up to the launch pad. He takes something tiny, metallic-blue and mechanical out of his pocket and presses something on it. I can see he is moving the ship. The ship is invisible but we can still see it if you look carefully and it looks kind of like he is staring at something that isn’t there, looking at it as he moves it up in the air above our heads; He then leaves it floating higher up in the air to the left of us and quite a distance away, left of the rocket itself….. as we stood next to the rocket.

The next thing I notice after being out of the ship is a very loud hissing sound that’s constant and we can barely hear each other think above its noise. The air was filled with the smell of fuel of some kind and smelled of farmland (manure.) When he and I speak to each other we aren’t talking out loud just in each others heads. He says “Okay remember move about, look official…” I am ceratin I have some kind of clipboard in my hands. He walks really quickly around what appeared to be large silver vertical pipes and tubes (silver and black separately colored) around the outside of the rocket. I look at my clipboard for a second. Now he steps back towards me and he is wearing a spaceman suit. I looked at him like, ‘hey I thought we were suposed to look official?’ He just smiles as I say ‘I thought we were going to wear the same thing why the spacesuit?’ he says “no time for that, we are running out of time, we don’t want to be right next to this thing (the rocket) when it goes off.” I start pacing / moving about more animated as does he and I start moving my arms this way and that and checking the clipboard. In his head he’s saying ‘come on you have to see us…’ in a worried voice, then looks at me saying ‘there is only a few more seconds!!’ Just like that the constant hissing noise we heard since we arrived is slowly going away. He looks at me and says ‘WE DID IT!’ he is yelling so happy and I start to jump up and down because I am happy I have helped stopped something that can hurt people.

He tells me ‘we have to get out of here now they are coming downstairs and won’t be long before they are on us.’ I turned to my right as he said this and could percieve that they had to get to a door (opposite the window- view of the launchpad and come down stairs before they could get to us. If you are standing back on the entrance road looking toward the two chainlink gates (which rolled to the right; they didn’t swing open nor did they split in the middle type of gates) attached is chainlink fencing (which looked to be on the right of the gates?) I am not sure how far or close but if one is facing the rocket (from the gates & tiny guardhouse) there was a two-story building to the left a distance but not too far from the launchpad. It was a strange looking building. The part with very large windows was on a corner of the building facing the launchpad but ‘katy-corner’ to the launchpad view was higher up by another story or more. The personel who worked there must have realised we didn’t work there or were not suposed to be there and were starting to gather looking through large windows right at us. They start running from the windows (away from us) to get down some stairs or elevator or something. His ship is to the left off in the distance from the rocket and waiting for us up in the air. Although both thier main work building (two-story or more) and his ship are situated to the left of the launchpad, their building is much closer to the rocket than his ship at that moment. We floated in the air up to the ship.

He sits down in front of a panel with one large dial. He used the dial when we first left but now I want to know what he’s doing. I stood behind him looking. He was so happy (like always) and has energy I can’t begin to explain to anyone. [A footnote: I know he’s family and I know that we have loved each other through all lifetimes and have been married to him in the past as well.] Just above the large dial is a small rectangular window with silver letters that would change when he turned the large dial. I asked him what he was doing and he turned to look at me smiling he said ‘when you turn this it sets a date, time and has latitude and longitude ‘see…’ as he has me look in the rectangle window he’s moving the dial and the numbers change going forward or backwards… ‘then you can go forward or backward in time.’ It doesn’t occur to me at the time how really special the machine is. I stand in one place but look around satisfied that we stopped [only postponing] their rocket from hurting people. He is doing something with the dial and gets up out of his seat. he’s going into a small room adjoining (next) to the panel with the wide dial. There is a very narrow small room only large enough to have a cot bed and enough foot room to walk past it to other spaces that were not lit up. Opposite the cot was a wall that looked like small lockers.

[This following paragraph is a part that I had forgotten for many years… in fact I had no recall till Feb. 2015. I wondered why I couldn’t remember ‘parts’, short periods of time in the entire trip. My initial memory at this juncture was marred by needless fear, I know this now. At the time though I became so frightened at his change of voice and tone, talking slower to me, coaxing me to lay down for the next part of the trip. I was paralyzed with fear even trying to remember it. I had blanked out the part about the dial and the next paragraph out of my memory for decades.]

We have gone into this very small adjoining room with a cot and he asks me if I will be comfortable enough for a short rest. I tell him I am too excited about what we did to sleep and he tells me “You have to sleep before we can go to the next place.” I lay down and pull a blanket over me and said ‘It’s comfy.’ He moves closer like he’s going to tuck me in but he is slowly reaching for something that he’s trying to keep me from seeing that looks like a silver metal baton or rod. I am preoccupied for a few seconds then turn to look to see he is raising this baton behind my head. As I catch him in the middle of doing it I thought he meant to strike me with the baton and I asked him ‘What are you doing?’ I was extemely frightened. He is telling me to close my eyes but I dont want to close my eyes. I tell him he is scaring me. He said “Noooo, nooooo I’d never want to scare you'” and he sits with me for a bit. I feel more calm but still scared. He explains that in order for me to go to sleep for the next place we are going to, I need to close my eyes so he can help me ‘sleep.’ I feel that he needs to use the baton if I would just close my eyes first. I am very scared because I am thinking ‘this isn’t like him at all.’ It was the way he wasnt just telling me what we would be doing, he was trying to hide that he was putting me to sleep. He was always open and clear about anything we did so him trying to surprise me with the baton behind my head left me paralyzed with fear. I try my hardest to I close my eyes and he tells me I am safe but then I open my eyes really fast and he’s raised the baton behind my head where I can’t see while looking at me smiling and assuring me (his arm is behind me, I am laying on my side) for a split second I feel an electrical pulse like the baton is magnetized and stuck to the back of my head and I go to sleep.

I awoke at some point (it seemed like minutes but I coulnd’t tell) everything looks kind of hazy but I feel warm and sleepy and don’t move. I can see he is sitting back at the panel with the wide dial that helps us go forward or backward doing something and I can see part of the front window past his shoulder and it’s dark outside and I nod off again.

The next morning is bright sunny. As I open my eyes he asks me how I slept. I tell him I slept REALLY well. I didn’t remember the baton incident…at all. I ask if it’s really morning, as he says “yes” I tell him my mom is gonna be mad, looking for me. He assures me “my mom is fine.” I trust him completely so I don’t ask again and just say ‘Ok.’ We move into the front area of the ship and theres a large windshield. Below the window (windsheild) there is a large silver panel of buttons dials and levers. I can see we are above mountains with very few pine trees and mostly scrub brush. I think to myself it feels like I am back home in California. He says “we are.” I know it is Northern California. I ask him ‘where’s the ocean?’ The ship goes upward a bit and you could see the ocean to our right. As I am remarking that it is the most beautiful place anywhere the ship lowers back to the same height we were above a forestry trail. The trail below us and it seems like we are waiting for something. I start to say something else but forgot what, as he says “Shhhh, they are coming.” I asked who is coming but we are just quietly watching some people on the trail below walking up to a higher point on the trail, where they already have what looks like this big white thing like a camera and some other stuff on the ground. There was a white or light silver cloth of some kind strung over the big white camera thingy. He says “they are hauling more supplies” and it looks like the stuff they haul is covered by brown or green cloth (canvas.)

We are so close to the trail you can see the grain in the fabric. The weather is sunny at times and then some clouds move in and darken the sky for a second or two then the sun shines again.Then I can see to my right in the direction of the ocean that a large flat piece of overcast type cloud is moving slowly in a straight line over part of the mountains and part of the ocean area moving closer to us and the guys on the ground with the equipment. We are both just watching the sky, in the direction of the huge flat overcast coming in.

He tells me that “we are waiting for the guys to be ready.” I ask, ‘so then what?’ He is kind of quiet then says “you will see.” I looked at him suprised because he always tells me what we are doing. He asks “Do you trust me?” I tell him of course I do..always have. Once the men get to the spot with the big white camera looking thing, he says “I really don’t like that they want to help others who want to destroy this place.” So I looked at him and asked if I could spy on them to get a better look at what they are doing. He has a funny kind of look on his face like I don’t know what he knows, so I plead with him to let me spy on them. He agrees to but I have to be very careful and VERY quiet. I disappear from the inside of the ship and am now crouching looking for a place to hide. I have to get off the trail because its out in the open with no bushes right next to the trail. I find a small bush and crouch behind it. One of the guys on the ground comes running towards me yelling “Hey little girl what are you doing out here…WHERE’S YOUR PARENTS!…and starts heading right for me. I look at him and stick my tongue out or something and that’s when my friend ‘transports’ me back up into the ship. Now we watch this guy looking for me, and we’re laughing and the guy was larger than any of the other men down below and he is bellowing at the other guys there’s a kid running around looking at what we are doing!

The other guys go back to the white camera thingy and the bigger guy gives up, but not until after he yells, “What kind of parents walk off and leave there kid on a mountain trail? Some parents they are!” When I get back in the ship I reported how the guy was a meanie and he doesn’t even know my parents! He stops fiddling with something mechanical in front of him he’s building and mumbles something about how the bigger guy needs to calm down. Right then he jumps up and says “They are going to do it” he is really smiling excited now; he has a look on his face like he knew that they would (do it?) I smile because I always wonder how he knows things. He puts what he was building into a cabinet, moves around in the front of the ship really fast this way and that flipping switches and stuff, asks me to take a seat next to him. He says “It might get a little rough so hold on, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

I only blink and we are r above the ocean very high in the clouds. I didn’t feel us move and I was looking right through the window at what was the mountains. The sky looked much different than in the mountains (we were at) right next to the ocean. The sky is no longer blue but complete overcast with a kind of light pale orange color to it. It almost looked like orange ice cream but a little grey. We are sitting WAY above the ocean for a few seconds then we are moving at a high rate of speed (inside you can’t feel the speed or pull on your body you can just tell you’re going much faster.) I am on his right and turn to look to my right, as he’s looking to the right of me and smiling and I see we are right next to a huge rocket! We are REALLY close to it, keeping up with its speed.

I started laughing and yelling ‘this is sooo much fun!’ All he says is “This is where it gets rough HOLD ON” There is a very small railing on the inside at different places and I am holding on tight as I can. First we tip at an angle and he is firing a beam of light that looks kind of red. Then we move really fast at another angle of the rocket, the ship tips at an angle and he fires his beam again. Again another extreme angle and tipping and he fires at the rocket and now I am losing my balance and slid on the floor and grabbed a railing as I slide. He’s worried for my safety and says “hold on!” and again we take an extreme turn tipped at an angle and he fires again. He yells out “There!” He sets some buttons and runs over to see if I am okay. That’s when I turn my right arm upward to look at my elbow and told him ‘I might get a bruise from that one.’ [A note: I had a large bruise down my forearm for a couple weeks, everyone asked where I got it: I couldn’t remember.] Each time the ship swooped and dipped I would lose my right hand grip and the rail kept hitting the outside of my right forearm. It seemed like seconds later, my legs feel really heavy and my stomach feels just like my legs: like cement. I told him ‘I think I need to lay down now..’ and head to the little room with the cot. He looks worried and helps me to the cot but my legs are shaking now and I feel like throwing up. As soon as I lay down I wanted to throw up and he gets a white bucket thing for me to do it in and I feel embarassed and tell him I am so sorry. He keeps checking on me to make sure I am ok. I ask him if he has any crackers but he says he doesn’t.

I fell asleep for awhile but I don’t remember any silver baton this time. I was excited at what we were doing the next moment very sick. I think it was all the dipping back and forth at high speeds that did it. He gave me a little sip of water because I told him the taste in my mouth made me want to get sick again. He looked at me smiling and says loudly (not outloud) “well we don’t want that to happen!” I can’t help myself from laughing too but that made my tummy hurt. I felt sleepy but didn’t sleep I just layed there. He’s right near me at the panel with the large dial. I ask him if he would come sit with me but I can tell the smell made him sick too. He doesn’t say anything though. So I told him ‘I will just watch from here.’

After some time he asks me if I am feeling strong enough to continue and I told him ‘yes.’ He looks at me like he’s waiting for me to feel a bit better. He wants to continue and I know it but my stomach isn’t good yet. I nodded off but I don’t know how long. When I woke he said “your color looks much better are you feeling better?” I said ‘yes, thank god’ and he looks at me with a funny look. [All these years later there was something else I felt that I couldn’t put to words then: there was something odd about the way the cells in my body felt after getting tossed around then getting sick and I still can’t expalin it. It was like they separated in a funny way for a time and added to the nausea. We don’t normally feel the cells in our body, but at the height of the nausea I could feel them separate in a way I can’t explain.]

He tells me “I didn’t want to hurry you but we have to get going again.. I wanted to make sure you would be able to continue the trip.” I am sitting up and feeling a bit better and as he’s standing at the panel with the ‘dial’ near the cot. I am sitting on the edge of the cot. He has his arm reaching out to the panel that has the large dial, smiling at me says “You ready?” I smile back and yell ‘I sure am!’ Almost Instanty the sun is shinning really brightly and I can tell we are somewhere else. How’d we do that? I get up to look out the windshield and I know we are in a different country. I looked at him and then back to the countryside below us with a big lake and trees and cows wandering around and said ‘Where is this, Europe?’ He says “You could say that.” I look at him saying ‘No, tell me.. where are we Europe or somewhere?’ He says back to me smiling again, “that was a good guess” and we both laughed hard. We are lowering really slowly but in a large circular motion and real gradual. As we do, I move to another window to look better and there is a group of cows and some other animals gathering in a group as we lower, they are moving away from the ship. Except for one cow. It was taking forever to move away so we could land. Him and I are quietly looking at the trees and lake and beauty under a nice blue sky as we slowly get closer to the ground in circles and this one cow is taking its sweet time so I break the silence and say ‘come on cow, get a move on…’ I said this outloud and my voice sounded really strange inside the ship. Then something comes over me and I sense the animals are stressed at the ship’ presence, I was worried something was hurting them. I haven’t really voiced that yet when he says ” they arent being hurt they are gonna be fine, they just don’t like the machine.”

Finally the cow moves away enough that he can land. I look out a window in another direction and I can see a car way off in the distance. I cannot tell if there is one or two people in the car men or women just a dark figure behind the steering wheel. Then just like that, I can see up close: it’s a woman in the car knitting. But I haven’t moved any closer. And she doesn’t see us. There was someone else standing outside the car a little ways away I think they were together.

He pulls back some metal shades of sorts on all the windows and I can see from an almost panoramic view. I move to an opposite window and from where the ship is on the grass there are some people coming our directon. He is digging around in cabinets for something and says “now where’d I put that..” and I said all excited, ‘there are people coming they are going to see us!’ He keeps looking around and now in an overhead compartment and without even looking at me or seeming very concerned says “they can’t see us” I started laughig about how ‘neat’ that was to be invisible… then look at the people outside again. They are right near us and they have a little girl that looks my same age. think there are another two: a woman and another girl but I can’t see them well because of a rise in the grass. The girl is sitting in the grass with her back to us (who’s very close to my age) and now I see her dad has a camera in his hand and he is facing us. I panic and yell ‘He’s got a camera in his hand..’ He doesn’t seem a bit panicked and says I will be right back. He comes right back and he is wearing a spacesuit. He opens a hatch to go out and without looking at me steps out unto the grass. I started to yell to him that ‘they will SEE you’ and he is already halfway between the ship and the girl and says without turning around “That’s the idea.” He is walking up behind her. I am waiting inside and saying to myself, ‘what’s the idea?’ Now I see him standing right behind her and the dad is about to take pictures and he’s just standing there with his hands on his waist sticking his elbows way out and I hear him say ‘what a nice day it is… what a grand day for the park.. isn’t it a nice day today’ like it was nothing. I am watching this inside the ship and I am laughing so hard I can’t stop laughing that is in between saying ‘oh my god they are going to see you’..then laughing, then looking at him heading back saying hurry they will see you and back to laughing again. I am still laughing when he gets back in the ship and now we are both laughing very hard. He throws the helmet off and it hits the floor and neither one of us can stop laughing. After we stop laughing enough to be serious he tells me “I had a great time.” I told him I had a great time too.

That’s when it sinks in that I have been gone awhile, I ask ‘I wonder if my mom is mad at me for being gone so long?’ He says, “We better get you back then.” It sinks in that the girl he was standing behind “invisibly” was my age. I didn’t know what to make of that. I didn’t feel inside I was her age but I knew outside I was her age and now I really don’t know what to make of that. He said the trip back was long, that maybe I should lay down for a rest.

I woke up on the grassy hill that I had gone to sleep on. I was laying there for about 5-10 minutes, just looking at the sky and having felt like I had the best nap ever. About that time my childhood sweetheart and about 5-6 other guys came running up to me yelling and screaming “where have you been?” and then yells “I didn’t think I’d ever see you alive again!” They are all really angry at me and I can’t figure out why they are so mad for taking a nap. I was still really groggy and said ‘I was right here’ and pointed to the grass. One of the guys says in a mean voice “No you were’nt, we looked here already.” He walked away to tell my dad I was found safe. I am wondering why they are mad at me, all I did was take a nap so I think they are being rude I snap back, ‘I have been here the whole time.’ My childhood buddy yells “That’s impossible…we have looked here a number of times!’ I looked at them and said ‘You COULDN’T HAVE, I have been here the whole time… all I did was take a nap, I fell asleep, that’s all.’

Finally he yells at me like I have never heard and says “We have been looking all over the reservation for you for two days!” I start crying, so they started asking me if someone had hurt me… I told them that I had run into friends earlier and asked them if they wanted to play but they said they would catch up to me later, pointing in the direction they were last… so that proves I was right here the whole time. My childhood friend came closer to me and said “We ran into them too..THEY were the ones that told us to look here for you. We must have looked here I don’t know how many times!” He tells me my dad and others were looking along the river thinking maybe I had accidentally fallen in and walks off to tell my father. I just sat there crying unable to understand why they were so mad. Unable to remember what had really happened. Except ‘bits and pieces.’ And even as I started to remember some of what happened almost right away, much of it I couldn’t remember so how could I explain that? I honestly thought I had just taken a nap and was dreaming. We don’t usually turn up missing in dreams.

What is even harder to wrap my head around is the fact that of the three different places we went to, the “official” time span was approximately 5-6 months. I was only gone about 20-24 hrs. How is that even possible? How do I explain this to others? I am at a complete loss… Have you heard of cases like mine?

The following (numbered 1-3) is what I believe to have happened in that 20-24 hr span of time I was found missing:
3.) May 23, 1964: Elizabeth Templeton, 5-6 yrs old, on Solway Firth / ‘Solway firth Man’ appears in one of 3 pics taken by her father; her father a fireman, reported incident, after developed film revealed a man standing behind (Elizabeth). Elizabeth, her father & no body else in vicinity had seen anyone there, ‘Solway Firth Man’ is CLEARLY on the film, in space helmet & suit. (His) appearance in what would have been the middle picture, of a total of three pictures taken, consecutively, by the little girls father.

1.) May 24, 1964: On a Blue Streak missile platform (In Woomru, Austrailia) (security video) of two ‘unidentified people milling around the launch area in white (lab?) coats to look “official” but were not part of testing/ firing of the missle. As a result of their sudden apperance, the launch was cancelled only two or three seconds before its schedualed launch time.

2.) June 10, 1964: (unsealed MUFON case file# 112464) Big Sur, Calif./ Lt.Col. Robert Jacobs who was there flying near missle to film “success” of launch & its stages, instead describes “fail” of rocket in final stage (as he and another AF pilot flew along side of or near the Atlas to watch) the successful stages of rocket. Jacobs never saw from his jet what was really happening, he simply saw the final stage ‘fail.’ Film was made of entire process, Jacobs brought film back to base to be developed. Thats when “other personel”(other than military and in dark suits) came to question him, asking “What the hell happened; he tells them all he saw, They in turn say nothing but instead show the film to him. The film shows a UFO repeatedly firing a beam of light into the head of the Atlas, finally the last beam of light causes the missle to fall apart and fall out of the sky.
The dates above are only approximations. There appears to be a discrepancy of the exact dates (with possibly the exception of Elizabeth Templeton’ fathers dated report) but concerning both of the incidents involving the military even Mr Jacobs says @ UFO casebook files that the date is Sept. 2nd, 3rd, or 15th, 1964. Mr Jacobs adds “based on sketchy records that the (above) date(s) are to the best of his recollection.” Lt.Col. Robert Jacobs and the Templeton’ experiences are both documented at:

( The above link has a chronological by year casebook studies, Mr Jacobs case under Sept. 1964; Solway Firth Man on May 1964)

(The above link is the best that I could find on the Woomera Blue Streak Missle ‘incident’ of 1964; the blog has verifiable names of military officials and and British National Archive information on the film of the June 5.1964. The Woomera incident is the sketchiest of the three. What is note worthy is that the film of the Woomera launchpad incident of “two people dressed in white, one looking like a spaceman” had been long missing from the British National Archives and only surfaced in 2010. Also according to Wikipedia (I personally am not fond of them but…), was that the Blue Streak was actually cancelled in 1960, and the UK went with U.S.-led “Skybolt” program. Apparently embarrassed at the cancellation the UK tried to use the Blue Streak for other purposes (second stage rocket, etc.) but that ovrall Blue Streak was to expensive and too vulnerable for a “pre-emptive strike” from other (possible) missles, then was finally completely cancelled in 1972. It’s only a hunch on my part: given the U.S. secrecy over UFO’s for decades if in fact the U.S. was onsite at Woomera with Skybolt it sort of explains the missing canister of security film from of the “incident” I know to be true, missing for years from the British National Archives

I titled this a “Part I” because when I have some more time, I would like to post some photo’s in a sort of pictorial essay, in support of what I saw those two days.

If all that was a dream why was I missing?… it would be the first time EVER that dozens of people have documented someone else’ dream, with photographs, military reports and the lot.

Love Light & Peace to all…

© B.L.P. 2015