Feb 23rd 2015

Within the last 2 weeks 1 out of 2 nights I have been experiencing the Interdimensionals/ETs interacting with me in my real time. (meaning interacting with where I am and in my own time frame). There have been physical signs including a single vein popping up after I feel the sharp prick of the needle go in and the movement of my body where I have no voluntary movement such as my forearm being compressed like a finger or instrument is pressing down on it. These things have happened around 8 times during the day over a two week period.  Then when I go to bed the “floating” begins.

The floating is a feeling I have described before. It is as if the gravity has changed for my physical body. Suddenly I am not as heavy as I was and it creates a floaty sensation. I would say it is similar to having my body at 1/3 of it’s normal weight. This happens gradually over a time frame of about 15 seconds, I just become lighter.  However it takes the same amount of muscle to actually move my body so I know this is a side effect from something and not the actual lessening of my body weight. When it happens I am completely conscious. I then feel “work” being done to my body. More work has been done in the area of my scoop scar. I can also feel the quick stabbing pain I associate with either an injection or a small surgical incision.  Sometimes the next day there will be a small (around 1 inch), straight, white scar which will fade into nothing over a period of several days to a week.

The floating sensation lasts a varied length of time. From a few minutes up to around an hour. It has been occurring right when I go to sleep. It always brings me back to full consciousness.

Tonight however I was asleep for about 3 hours when it began. The sensation woke me from my sleep. It was accompanied by hands moving about on my body in a clinical way and several sharp pains as I described above.  Towards the middle of the experience there was the sensation of being pulled quickly while on my stomach horizontally across something similar to open boxes of files, like business files. There was even a similar swooshing nose like papers stood up in file folders makes if you run your hand across the top. It only lasted about 10 seconds or so and my body did not move but the sensation was very strong.

The last oddity to mention is that during these floating experiences my normally quiet when he sleeps husband begins to move about a lot. Tossing and turning but still asleep and he is wake-able. I have woke him a bit just to see if it is possible twice now. So they are not using any control methods on him during these episodes. Usually anyone nearby during ET interactions is kept in a deep sleep.

The floating  is not an unpleasant experience and I have full movement if I wish. I believe it is a form of pain relief/calming and is given as a human doctor might give a pre-op patient a Valium to calm them the morning of the surgery. The question is what additional work are they carrying out on me? The scoop scar I believe is used for biological samples. However I do not know the reason for the injections. I am past my child bearing years but have continued to have pregnancy type symptoms from time to time. Perhaps I am being used to carry an embryo for a short time.

It would be so nice if we could ask our questions and actually get an answer but until that time happens upon us we will “float and guess” I suppose.

Anyone else have the floating experience? Would be nice to hear about it if you have.