Hi Stellarpax:

When I first signed up here I was trying to solve the riddle behind my UFO sighting in Los Angeles. I posted my video on my profile and sort of felt that I stuck my toe in the water. I only felt I was an “experiencer” in the sense of having psychic experiences, out of body, etc. The whole UFO thing was very new to me, even though I would love to use the imagery of a flying saucer here and there in some of my art.

Since then, the information that has come to light has been a bit overwhelming. UFOs and UAPs have appeared in more of my videos than I could ever dream possible. While my toe was in the water, someone came behind me and threw me completely in… Time to learn to swim.

But I still need a little help, and I return to Stellarpax with a load of questions.

And I figured at this stage its probably best I take some time to focus on specifically sharing with other experiencers. I doubt even most die hard UFO researchers would take me seriously at this point. This is just too weird.

Trying to explain this is even weird. Tracking how I became aware of all this is like trying to follow the plot of Pulp Fiction.

Don’t expect it to be linear!

Its probably best to have Part 1 be the story around my UFO sighting in Los Angeles.


So my friend and I witnessed this light in the sky when returning to my apartment one day back in March of 2013.

I said the same thing I said to my brother when we discovered the UFO we watched for eight to ten minutes out at Red Rock Canyon in 2010….”Please tell me that’s a balloon, isn’t it?”

Like that time, this object too, obviously wasn’t a balloon. But I wasn’t sure.

I wanted to run inside to get my video camera with an awesome optical zoom, but I had to run down an extremely long hallway to the end to get to my apartment.

“Could you keep your eye on that thing ’til I run and get the camera?”

“I gotta pee…”


The object stayed around long enough for me to run inside and get a camera, and then back out to find it and start filming. I can remember me struggling to just keep the light inside the viewfinder and keep it in focus the best that I could.

But I also remember feeling like I was alone and the only one that noticed it. People were walking around me with doors and gates closing, but I was kind of in a state of tunnel vision because I was so focused on capturing whatever that was. Could they be floating a huge hot air balloon over Pasadena? At one point I heard someone down the street yell, “Oh my God…a UFO!!!”

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who saw it.

It took me several days to review the film. My life was in a state of upheaval that week, as it had been the entire month. My dwelling I had recently moved into on my bad judgment was a complete mess structurally, noisy, bug-ridden and with security issues, and in between accelerated classes in IT, I was trying to find another place.

When I finally did review the videos, there was no doubt that I’d captured something very unusual.

I had no idea who to show it to at that point except for a few close friends. Who do you talk to about this kind of stuff, I thought?

I posted on a few public forums, and to my surprise, did not find much intent to discuss or investigate anything except for how to be the most snide and condescending commenter. That, along with the “its a balloon treatment” was enough to convince me that those forums can be an incredible waste of time. One guy said they launched a Google Balloon that day…which was complete and utter rubbish. There was absolutely no comparison whatsoever to the photo the guy provided either. Such is the way of the forums. Mostly accusations followed by rampant and chronic laziness. A simple search at NUFORC proved I was not the only one to see that object that day.


Four years passed…

It wasn’t until la couple of weeks ago, over four years later, that I found the very first clip that I had never seen or reviewed. For some reason I had completely missed it.

There were six clips of the sighting, not five. I only looked at the last five because the thumbnails featured the blue sky. Thankfully something told me to look at the clip that had the blurry thumbnail.

That blur was me running down the hall to record the first four minutes of the sighting!

Looking at this for the first time after four years also smacked me over the head. I was able to get some pretty incredible closeups showing actual angles, portals and at times the distinct shape of a chevron. The closeups proved beyond a doubt that the “balloon” naysayers were wrong. But my head also just felt so FULL. For a week, everytime I thought about that sighting, my head would throb and I’d feel this energy pulsing through my body. Perhaps I’m imagining things. lol

Here’s an extended cut with all of the captures I got of the object. The sighting lasted for about ten minutes.

Thanks for taking a look.