I have a star fleet following me around the world. I have travel all over the Western Hemisphere and convince many on my travels of people witnessing my star fleet. Last August at Joshua Tree I had James Gililand, Ed Grimsley with conference guests witness a hovering UFO after I said follows me around the world for two nights. The third day a speaker of this contact in the desert told the audience of two thousand that someone brought ufos to this conference. I met James Gililand at many UFO conferences around the country. He said that I was all over the place. James Gililand travels the world and is a great speaker. I have convince a producer of showing him a video of one enormous triangular mothership from this empire that follows me around the world. He wanted me to come to him and film this empire for television. I want to share this with our world for more peace in our world and to seek the truth. God bless you all Julio M. Barriere