Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Over and over again throughout my adventures with “Little Green Men” and “Things that go Bump in the Night” I have been told I am dealing with EVIL… DEMONS I am told….
As I am sure I have said before I believe there are 2 faction (probably many more) but at LEAST 2. This week again has made me question who I am dealing with.

What exactly is a demon or devil? It depends on who you ask, some will say they are the figment of someones keen imagination, others will define them by their religious beliefs, others picture things out of the movies. I guess I would define a demon as a service to self Being who preys on humans physically or psychically, BUT I would say a demon would be of terrestrial origin.

Now that leaves a pretty wise gulf for a lot of different types of Beings to fall into. I would not however call someone of Extra Terrestrial origins a demon. I would also go out on a limb and say that a demon is interested in power and has no compassion., UNLESS the compassion is rewarded in some way.
The last few months not much has changed. Every night hubby and I go to bed, every night they can be felt moving about on the bed. I can feel them. Most of the time hubby feels them. I snuggle up on his shoulder while he watches TV and I go to sleep. I know when his heart rate goes up he can feel them.
I can hear the machines they use and have become more sensitive to their touch over the months, well now years I guess. However unless the bed is covered with them (which it sometimes seems to be) or they are doing something that causes me discomfort in some way I have learned to simply live and co-exist with them. They still respond to my thoughts on occasion in a way that surprises me such as touching me for a yes during an especially loving thought as if to add an exclamation mark to my emotional being and they still take my hand if I hold it out with the emotion of expectation.
I do not have names or a name for them but there is a certain spot in which I place my attention when I am wanting a response of some type. It’s at about 10:30 on a clock if my body is the center of the clock and about 3 feet away from me.
The 2 most important things I hope people walk away from this blog with are that you only get what you ask for and fear destroys, and yes I am coming back to the demon topic 🙂
This last December I was very ill with a horrible flu/cold that lasted for about a month. It managed to linger over into Jan. and I have had a very bad feeling in my left lung ever since. Well on Tuesday for some reason at bedtime after saying my affirmations (This sleep will restore my body to health and some other things) I just added “Oh and a Guys? (focus attention on 10:30) can you fix my left lung? It still isn’t working right I think it’s infected or maybe has a yeast buildup”.
Shortly I heard the suction (like at the dentist office) and the same touching of my nose that they do a lot, nothing hurt, a bit of pressure and some noise. I went on to sleep while they worked. Then again last night the same noise, similar pressure. Today I woke up my lung felt 100 percent better but I had almost no voice. It was like after you have tubes down your throat from surgery, my throat is chaffed but not sore like a sore throat.
Today I thanked them with all my heart, but took care not to “feed” them energy or do or say anything that would make it a reward for healing me.

So how is it that if these things are demons or devils they do the following?

Continue to stay close to me 24/7 even when I am in a constant state of love, peace, helpfulness to others and gratitude.

I do not have any times when I emit negative energy or anger bursts for them to feed on.

They comply with my requests most of the time for them to stop or change work on me if it is uncomfortable.

They reassure me whenever I ask with a gentle touch or a hand to hold (energetically)

They give me positive feedback by adding “yes” if I do something particularly selfless without my even remembering they are with me.

They sometimes heal me when asked.

It does not seem to matter what order I put those things in, I can’t for the life of me get them to equal the definition, at least my definition of a demon or devil. Can I say they are absolutely service to others? No I guess I can’t. But I can say they show service to others behavior. So please don’t put every Being into the arena of NEGATIVE or EVIL let alone demon or devil.
And To those who are experiencing interaction, use your heart but also use your head and your logic to decide what is happening to you. We are taught from day one anything that happens out of the realm of the “normal” is evil unless accompanied by harp music and small white cherubs. Nope.
Try staying out of fear (yes it can be done) and get to know the Beings who are hanging around you a bit. Most importantly, remember a service to others Being will only inflict what you or your higher self has asked for. So don’t assume when you pray to a God they will take the healing request personally and don’t assume they will simply do what needs doing. Ask, be specific, and if it is done assume they did it and thank them.
Service to self Beings take, service to others Beings prepare us and follow our wishes and requests when they are allowed to by the laws of free will.