Definitions & Foundations for Articles

by Dana Donlon

On this site there may be some unfamiliar terms and some words which may be used in a more precise way or in a different way than they are used on other sites. Hopefully this information will clarify the articles written here.


STS & STO take the place of the words positive and negative. They stand for service to self and service to others. This allows me to “tighten” the meaning of positive and negative at least in my way of thinking. Good or bad, positive or negative, benevolent or malevolent are all very subjective terms. STO and STS are used a LOT on this site. I use them to define what I believe the base orientation of ETs and IDs is.


On this site I am very specific in my writing. When I use the terms ET and or ID they mean specific things. An ET is a sentient Beings who is not indigenous to earth who is sometimes physically present in our 3d world. This does not mean the Beings is always a three dimensional physical entity but can be by the use of will or technology.

The term ID is describing a sentient Being who can travel through the dimensions. An ID may or may not be able to become physical in our three dimensional world but can observe and perhaps interact in our reality using will or technology. Ghosts or Astral Beings fall under this category as well as some ETs. ID simply means a Being with will who can in some way interact with us (from their perspective) but who we may or may not perceive.


There are many species of what we commonly know as Greys. The most common is the small smooth skinned Beings with large black eyes, a tiny mouth and a flattened nose. But there are many many other types reported by people. Personally I have interacted with three different types.

The human vision is very limited in many ways. We do not see all the colors that are possible we do not see into other light spectrums. We only see about 15 percent of what is possible to see. Colors that we cannot define show up as a neutral such as grey. It is my belief that the different races of ET Beings that we perceive as grey are not grey at all but another color that we cannot yet interpret.

On this site I do not label the ET Races I have encountered. I do not know what they call themselves or where they have come from. I do describe them or use art to reflect the physical aspects of them. When you see the term “Grey” used please note the description/art since there are many races that fall under this broad category.


There is much controversy about the Reptilian races. I have encountered only one race. This race is interdimensional and lives in a realm of it’s own. I do NOT refer to any three dimensional physical Reptilians or indigenous Reptilians. My reference on this site when the term Reptilian is used refers to the one ID race I have had contact with. I believe this is the same race that many researchers such as David Icke refer to in their work. They are a STS race with an agenda that is very destructive to the Human race.


We have many bodies. Depending on which belief system you consult you will get numbers that range from one to infinite. I simplify this for the discussions here. I use three terms for the bodies that we “have”. Physical, this one is obvious.

The energy or etheric body this refers to the body that is the energetic double of our physical body. When it is harmed or healed it will alter the physical body. Without our energy body we cannot exist. It is what leave/dissipates when we die and accounts for the weight loss at the time of death. 

I count our consciousness as the third body although it has no shape unless we wish it to. It is what we are, the base energy, what survives forever. It can inhabit different bodies and can inhabit just our energy body or just our physical body. It has no limits and is what leaves when we astral travel.


Realms are the most difficult to define. There are infinite dimensions and realms since there can be realms inside of dimensions and realms inside of realms. Our science has no idea how it all works or how deep it all goes. When I use the term realm it means a place where we can exist on some level that is not “here”. A place unknown and not definable, it may be describable but not definable in the sense of where it exists, how it exists or why it exists.

The astral realm is slightly different. It is not really definable since where we go in the seemingly unlimited astral realm is determined by where we are taken, where we chose to go or where our energetic vibration naturally takes us.

I suppose I use “realm” to define another dimension and astral plane or realm to mean an realm that is attached to our three dimensional world in some way.

Abductee- Experiencer- Contactee- Interacter

Abductee is one who has been taken against their will.

Experiencer is one who has experienced some type of interaction with. The experience may not really be definable.

Contactee is one who has been allowed to receive information.

Interacter is one who has interactions by choice.

These interactions may come from technology (a ship, AI or other types) or sentient Beings of any type that are non-human.