I originally wanted to keep my many experiences in order.But have decided it really does not matter.So here is my connection. I was at home one weekend.It was a beautiful night out.The continental divide is higher then my place.But only a short walk away.You can drive up.But the road is not maintained.And is full of deep ruts.And sharp rocks.That can puncture your tires.But I often look up there threw my windows that over looks it.This one night I saw lights up there just flashing.At first I thought it was game wardens or cops.But then noticed the lights flashing were also green yellow orange.Just beautiful.I went outside to that side of the house for a better look.I then wanted a better view.So I walked to the back of my house to a higher point on my property.I now could see the lights were not sitting on the ground.I could see the dark sky underneath it.I am now thinking.Its a craft of some kind.It made no sound.It started moving closer to the side of my house.So I went back to were I originally was.I said in my mind.You must be a ship.Suddenly I felt as if my mind had been clogged my whole life.And it just opened up.It was making me unsteady. To the point I was now losing balance.And staggering to stand up.I wanted so desperately to keep watching it.But was losing control.So I staggered into my house.I could think of nothing but the world.And life.All life big and small.Here and everywhere else.I was deeply saddened of all the suffering. Even feeling bad for insects.Like bees or ants or butterflies.Think how terrible it would be.Having a fire come.Flying insects having there wings burned.Then falling crawling.Looking to find something to hide under to get away from the heat.Slowly burning dieing alone.Or a fish on a hook trying to be free.Feeling its mouth getting ripped.Be dragged out of the water.Seeing a human.Grabbing it tightly and throwing it on the ground.The fish gasping for air dieing.That experience had made me see things from the view of all life.It now made my life mentally more difficult.