Had hybrid child contact last night in dreamtime! Have to share. Sorry if it’s all over the place I jotted what I could remember down as soon as I woke up. I was greeted with a video like hologram of my child in my window, he had a large head and looked almost exactly like the hybrid child in arcturus ra’s youtube video except this one had more green blue tint and was more irredescent looking. A human looking young boy in a yellow suit came and hooked up an air pressure like …hose to my arm with red lights on it. He also was in a yellow car that he controlled with his mind. He said the ship was parked two doors down and there was a barking dog with a noose (a leash). I told him I don’t know why I was so scared I had been reading books about ETs recently and was reading about the “negative” grays. When I first was approached I called out to Archangel Michael and told him if this was for my highest good I would allow it because it felt like my head was being sucked out of a vacuum and it was terrifying at first. I received a print out from the little human looking boy that had lots of different symbols on it and a picture of michelle tanner from full house? Anyways also 5 separate species names and one of them was repto-something So I took that as I have a reptilian/human child as well. I had been guided to this in my conscious life as well. That was the only one I could rememeber, but there were 5 of them so I take that as I have 5 hybrid children. I kept trying to remember my child name to call him but couldn’t recall “Ka-EL” in the dream. Before falling asleep I saw a starship kind of winking at me through my blinds in my window and ive seen this many times before. I have been working closely with the arcturians and figured that was the reason, but this is my kids! Also I hear a tone when they are connecting with me and its like a faint beeping song so I knew that was what was going on. When I awoke I was amazed and in a different level of consciousness for sure! I ran to get my journal to write some of this down so I didn’t forget it.lt was so magical and beautiful and I just had to share! It was difficult to put into words the feelings I felt while this was happening. I’ve included a channeled drawing of my son Ka-EL Who is of the Kalibrese nation. He is the first child to make contact with me.