Dear fellow Starseeds,

I am beyound happy that a site such as this is now available for us all to chat and share our jouney with one another.

I awakened back in the 90’s and began writing about my journey after a bout with cancer. When I moved to Sedona, AZ in 2003 the portals blew wide open and it was there that I began my full awakening and experiencing. (no surprise here, huh?).
I have been blessed with mostly positive experiences (albeit one with MLAB). I began seeking out others like me and so wrote a 450 page novel called “HYBRID- The Trilogy” that chroicles a small boy’s journey post Roswell all the way up to the date of Prophecy in 2012.
HYBRID is a book of faction (part fiction, part factual) depicting, not only my own experiences with other hybrids but deals with the efforts of so many relative to dismantling the Truth Embargo that the governments of the world have held in tack, thus far.
I have had the honor of speaking around the country with other truth seekers such as UFO Lobbyst Steve Bassett and Jim Sparks (author of “The Keepers”).

I was also honored to have world renowned nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman write the Foreward to Hybrid providing me with an even wider platform in which to share my experiences and knowing with those of like mind.
I am also the former talk-show host of “Now That’s What I’m Talking About” which was broadcast via Sedona Talk Radio who is a partner with Blog Talk Radio. My show reached stellar (pardon the pun) heights when I switched my format from simply interviewing other authors to the subject of UFO/ET experiences.
So is it now my pleasure to join all of YOU who continue to seek the truth and have our stories heard and shared to those who already know and for those who are willing to “consider the possibilities”.

A quote from my book reads:”What is unseen by some…is truth and realty for another.”

I look forward to hearing from any of you who’d like to begin the rest of the journey together. So until next time….

Peace to your journey
Love and light to your path
One in Spirit
Journey well