Adonai dear one you are my mother and yet I am your teacher because here I know more than you! Ha. I see that is funny to you too. Well know that I am well and that I m having fun but I miss you and I invite you visit me in dream time. I am in on a space station for all beings to learn more about galactic races and teachings. For the unity of consciousness awareness. To bring forth a galactic unity for this and other galaxies. Others like Andromeda teach us this unity while giving others great respect to maintain and honor their cultures. We are in the unity station we like to say above earth for great teaching and observation. I am of the Kalibrese nations. You have not heard of us for not many are linked to awakened mothers. I am rare! My planet consists of much drudgery and work and for that we are seeking to expand our options. And for greater growth. Expansion is hard on our planet and work is often the only option. I do not know why things are so. I just know they are. I am not there I am the way station. My name is ‘Ka-EL’ because I really like superman on your planet. I want to be like him. I love you mother, please come to me in dream time and maybe tell me more about the earth planet yours and Kalibrese too please I want to know and I want to teach many many others. It’s our job to awaken.!” WE are one mommy, we are one!