Flying Objects in the Kitchen

thrownstrainerFlying Objects In the Kitchen

by Dana Donlon


Will miracles never cease? A new experience happened in our home today. Hubby was downstairs in the office area of our house (about 30 feet from the incident), I was in the living area at my desk (about 18 feet from the incident) when we both heard a loud noise.

It sounded like a metal object was thrown into a hard surface in our kitchen. We arrived from opposite side doors in the kitchen/eating area at almost the same time. He arrived a few seconds before I did.

We both entered the room and stopped a few feet from the doors we had entered and had the silly conversation of; “Did you hear that?” “Yes” “What was it?” “I don’t know”. Then we both began to look around the kitchen.

I then discovered the stainless steal sink strainer across the room from where it had been put. Usually it sits by the faucet on the kitchen sink. It was now laying on the floor 15 feet from where it had been. The picture on the left shows how and where it landed.

No one else was in the house except the two of us. So who or what launched this across the kitchen. For it to have been heard two rooms away it had to have been thrown with some force, it was quite loud when it hit.

So who? What? Why? Do I need to be ready to duck at the slightest noise?   Another mystery…….