First Id Like to say hello to everyone and to thank you for being here..Id also like to give a special thanks to Dana for making this place for us..**Thank You Dana!

In most cases I guess its best to start at the beginning..but I didn’t realize that many events prior to 2004 (when I began to put together pieces to know something very bizarre and out of the ordinary was happening) had anything to do with the crazy twists & turns my life would take up until this very day, and that my early childhood was actually the beginning. I will be 60 years old next month and I still find it difficult to understand what has happened and is happening because it defies the logic of all (supposedly sane?) minds around me. I have to tell my story in little bits & pieces because I cannot remember it in chronological order..and there is a very complicated back story that involves an abusive childhood, life in the streets and NASA. I believe that there is an element of Mind Control to this story as well and this is what makes it difficult to get people to want to discuss it. I have found that because the subject of Paranormal experience is so vast and varied..that those anomalous things that happen to us personally are the things we tend to want to talk about or stories we want to hear because it legitimizes our own experiences..I have been reading & listening to others mostly online, not just famous cases, but everyday people with connections to Ghosts, Shadow Beings UFOs, ET’s, & Mind Control and find not only common threads between the subject matter..but synchronicities that weave through my life and from the lives of other experiencers. When talking to others I find that they too have, along with ET or UFO experiences, fringe to high strangeness associated with that experience as well. I am also aware that some experiencers have changed how they view their experiences in a big way over time. Both Dr. Steven Greer & Whitley Strieber have changed their views on the nature of ET’s , both now believing that the basic nature of ET as benevolent and abductee Leah Haley now states that her abduction never happened. She says she was mind controlled by humans, even after writing a book about her abduction and also a book for children to acclimate them to the inevitability that ET was going to be here interacting with us.
My Apologies, I think I’m getting off track a bit..What I’m trying to say is that in writing my experiences here in this blog, I can only tell you the actual things that have happened. My feelings sometimes change as far as how I feel about it. Some things I say may seem irrelevant but may serve to connect dots in a later writings. My Views on the whole subject are not static…so I hope I dont confuse..

Thanks for listening…