Have You Been Marked? How to Use a Blacklight

by Dana Donlon

Physical evidence of abduction and interactions with ETs and IDs is often overlooked. People assume it is not possible but the blacklight is a tool that will allow us to gather some physical evidence. It is one of the best tools to help reinforce the fact that yes you are sane and yes alien interaction is possible.

The first question most abductees and experiencers ask themselves is “Am I insane”. We are not supposed to remember things that are impossible so are we imagining them? Were they a dream? Did they happen?

So what is a blacklight, where do you get one, what kind should you get, do they work and how do you use one?

The first thing I did when told to buy a blacklight was to go and buy a black light bulb. I discovered the hard way they don’t work. Finally a friend actually bought me one and showed me how to use it.

Here is what you are looking for;


This one is on amazon and it around 20 dollars. Mine is a cheaper version purchased from walmart. I suggest this long one because when examining your own body it will illuminate your limbs better and when checking a bed or walls of a room it gives good light coverage.

The bulbs seem to last quite awhile. The only issue I have had with mine is the short cord. So you may want to purchase an extension cord if you don’t have one on hand.

So what do you do with this light? First you need to decide what you want to check. Your rooms? Floors? Pets? Kids? Yourself?  I suggest starting with the most accessible, your body. Strip down, find a full length mirror, plugin the black light and then  turn out the lights and start looking.

You are looking for bright blue, I mean glow in the dark blue, a greenish white and an off shade of green. The green is like a fluorescent moss green. The most common places to be marked are the upper arms and the hips, the places you would be touched when turned or carried. The face is also common be sure and check your ears, neck, inside your nostrils and inside your mouth. Lastly check your nether regions.

When you find markings the first thing to do is try and trace them to a mundane product. There are some things that will give you false positives. analgesic creams, some cosmetics and sunscreen will show a positive. If in doubt add some of the lotion or potion and check to see if it shows. You want to be looking for reasonable explanations FIRST. The same goes with markings on walls. The first time you check the walls floor etc. of a room you may pick up old mundane markings. It’s best to check your room daily or at least twice a week. That way you can go through a checklist. Is it animal urine or a spilled cosmetic? The true skin markings do not wipe off, they must wear off over a period of several days to a week. If you find faint markings they are probably old. If you can wash or scrub the marking away completely without taking off a layer of skin then the marking definitely falls into the possibly ET category. I have never been able to scrub a mark completely off my skin.

To check children I suggest making a game of it. Play the “make weird faces” games. Tumble around a bit. You should be able to check limbs and faces at least.

There are different theories as to what the substances are. I believe that the blue indicates areas that we were handled. The green and whitish green seem to be healing substances of some kind.

If you do find markings take photos. No flash and a digital camera should work. I have discovered it’s impossible to take a picture of your ear though. Juggling the blacklight and the camera while trying to get a shot of the ear canal just doesn’t work.

I have been told that many people cannot check themselves, they are programmed to not look for evidence. I disagree. I think we either want to know or we do not. So if you find yourself NOT checking yourself and have made the choice to do so just go do it!.

On a final note there seem to be scars that show up under the black light that cannot be seen under normal light. When you first get your blacklight check yourself for these. Especially note and perfectly straight scars. These are common among experiencers. They tend to appear and  disappear  within days. They are normally 2-3 inches long, perfectly straight and look like a red line.

Here are some of my blacklight pics.

1) This was when I was marked under my throat and chin area.


2) Clean and bleached sheets, clean me. Woke up the next days with markings all over

the sheets and me and a bloody pillowcase. (there is commonly blood on the pillowcase as well)


3) A fingerprint on my bathroom door.





On a final note I suggest that when you are marked you take a skin scraping. I used a knife out of my flatware set. Not too sharp, not too dull. Tape a baggy to the skin below the area you are going to scrape and scrape your skin over it. If done correctly the blacklight will show glowing skin cells in the bag. As of right now we don’t have a place to have these analyzed but hopefully in the near future we will have. So just hide your samples away for now at some point they may give us real answers about those who visit.


Love to You and Yours,

Dana Donlon