I have experiences at the oddest times, this one though without meaning to I believe I created. I don’t remember the date, I had an article about it posted but it was lost when the old site was taken down. So I will guess.

It was late at night, my favorite time of day, when the energies are quiet and the people less demanding. I was in the kitchen at the table working. I took a break and as I sometimes do encircled the earth with love and sent a beam of light straight up. I didn’t think much about it until I noticed one of the plants in front of the window move. But it was impossible for it to move the way it WAS moving. Only ONE little branch was waving around, moving 2 inches or so and bobbing around. On this plant if you move one branch the entire plant moves.
pictures 206
So I stopped and watched for a minute or so. Suddenly there was a flash of light like the picture at the top of the page but straight and straight across. It was about as tall as a person and almost as wide. It flashed like a camera flash long enough for me to see it plainly then it was gone. (so I though).

No more than a minute or two later I felt something touching me on my shoulder. It did not feel threatening so I held still. It slowly touched me all over, from ankle to head. It was as if it was curious to see what I am. Like a child touching a new thing simply to find out about it.

Then for about 2 weeks afterwards the same branch on the plant would move. I tried several times to duplicate the movement but never could. Here is a youtube video that is similar to what I saw. It came down like this but there was not as much flash or light to it. I do hope whoever it was comes to visit again.