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Stellarpax is a complete  interactive Social Community for experiencers. The first in interactive UFO communities and ET contact communities we provide a confidential haven for people to relate and share experiences. Alien interactions have been happening for thousands of years but it still taboo to discuss them not here! We offer custom profile, multi-media blog,  music, pics and videos uploads for sharing, socialwall, forum, PMs and more. Share with others in a moderated & safe environment! Join us!  Just fill out the register form at the bottom of this page to become a member and join in!

This site is a safe zone for experiencers. Express yourself through all different types of media and share as much or as little as you like, this site offers choices that no other does.
•Fill out your profile, add an avatar picture, background picture, favorite videos and even your favorite tunes. There is a place for your experiencer Art as well. Share your images or drawings for others to see with NO risk of copying.
•Make a blog post, just text or add an image. Your blog posts will show up under your profile.

Stellarpax translates into Universal Peace  from Latin.  No matter what type of experiences humans have had over the last millennia reaching a state of Universal peace is a goal I believe we would all agree on.   We know we are being visited. We know some come to help and some come to take.  Information about Service to Others (STO) and Service to Self  (STS) entities is welcome here.  At this point there are more questions than answers about the whole topic of our visitors.  What is really going on? Who is visiting and why? What do they want? These things we still do not know. But perhaps in the future if those who are experiencing interaction with non-human sentient Beings come forward and tell their stories the questions that cannot be answered by a few of us can be answered by many of us.   Add your voice!

Love to you and yours

Dana Donlon and the Stellarpax Team

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