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I watched your videos-the regression and the Raven. So much of them parallels what I experienced as a child altho I saw grays and huge spiders. I also felt I was not home and belonged “in the sky”.
I was particularly interested in your accounts of orbs. Eight years ago I started seeing flashes of light that finally came into the house and engulfed me. I don’t attribute them to anyone except possibly my other
interactions. I have come to miss them when I don’t see them for a week.
Jo Ann

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I am a lifelong experiencer-60 plus years. I have had many experiences, some unique and some not. They are not recovered nor induced-I have always lived with them, although for a long time I had no idea what was happening. I published a book on Amazon: Aliens, Abductions and Other Curious Encounters. What a relief to finally feel able to talk about this.

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